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warsmith si
01-06-2006, 08:32
Whilst looking around the net at miniatures I came across some absolutely amazing figures for a game called Dark Age. Have now been to their website and downloaded the rules and it seems like it could be a great fun game, so does anyone here play Dark Age?

The Dragyri look awesome and mostly about 40-50mm (by the looks of things) and the rest of the range has some bizarre freakyness to it which is equally cool....

Any advice or reviews out there much appreciated

thanks guys


02-06-2006, 02:56
I swore we had a post about this a while back but it appears to have gone missing

I did enjoy the game and the miniatures are quite impressive and large sculpting is pretty good althroughout with stuff by some of the more famous guys out there (Kev white and Werner Klocke did some iirc) currently they are a bit stalled out with the not yet released exodus book which is a shame as some very cool minis are a comin

They are selling rulebooks that are combined with a set of two forcelists the forces are more or less opposing each other in the fluff ex. St. mark and Dragyri in Genesis (Mark being the first human to encounter dragyri)

Die rolls are d20 based and have low rolls being good (1s auto pass stuff 20s fail and with some weapons malfunction and such) it has alternate activation rules and fairly balanced forcelists (though the QS lists arent quite as good as the old pre book incarnations [they changed the lists a bit after genesis and shortened the in progress ones])

Id definitely suggest trying it out the biggest problem I had was opponents but that seems to be a rather universal problem in all games I play

02-06-2006, 05:08
hello warsmith si!

your in luck, i happen to be a playtester and demo team member for dark age, and i can definatly say, it is worth your investment.

dark age is a D20 game, the lower you roll the better, with alternate activation. so you won't have to deal with that tedious 'my opponent moves/shoots assaults' his entire army, then i do the same. you'll never have to watch a deamon prince rip through your lines without being abel to do something about it;) . With the alternate activation, dark age keeps you engaged and tactical.

now onto the rules. this is always the shaky part. now the humans, or forsaken, are lead by self-proclaimed saints who actually are merely military leaders. So in each book you will have a saint and his force against one of the other forces, ususally there is some fluff involved.

now if you play 40k, you'll know how tedious and irritating the movement and shooting rules are. you can move 6 inches and shoot half your range, or move 12 and shoot your full range only on tuesdays when the moon is full and your army has 3 or more colors on it. Dark age isnt like this at all. Dark age works with ap, or action points. each character and unit has a number of action points that they use when activated. these can be spent to move, shoot, assault, or do it all over again in ANY order. you will never see a solider in real combat run behind a building only to tell is sgt that he can't fire because he moved.

now the current book is genesis, this has all the core rules plus forsaken saint mark and dragyri ice caste
the exodus book, despite what people say, is on its way out! there was a copy at kublacon last weekend and it looks damn good.

now, im sure your interested int he factions, and of course how much itd cost you to start

the dragyri are actually two seperate races ( trueborn and slave) that overtime have been bred into 1 semi-similar race and mooshed together culture. the slaves of course have been lead to beleive that the trueborn, or ktarl as they were originally known, are their gods. Now in a trueborn army, you will need at least 3 slaves for every trueborn, because dragyri trueborn dont just fight anybody. you're only worthy to die at the hands of the trueborn if you can fight your way throught he slaves :D

the dragyri army is loads of fun, its what i started with. they are samurai in both their look and style. The dragyri divide their culture into castes, much like tau. unlike tau, the caste doesnt dictate your place in society, rather the caste dictates who the dragyri is. Each caste is specific to an element, and they learn to harnes and use that element. what you see released now is only the ice caste. there will be many more

the forsaken are the poor unfortunate humans who were left on this planet, being called samaria, and are now struggling to survive. mid-way through their abbandonement, a religious reformation picked up as "religious texts" were found. Now, andrew mark realized that he shared a name with one of these religious figures, put two and two together, and proclaimed himself a reincarnated saint. Saint mark was the first, but many many many military generals followed after him, but in decieving, they gave the broken human civilization hope.
now forsaken are the ultimate in customability because each saint has some specific elite units that you can only take with that saint, but all the core units remain the same. so buy the core units, pick up a few saints, and mix and match!!

the skarrd are an interesting bunch. They are the leftovers from a psychotic saints experiments plus a lost exploration party into the deserts. the are sadistic massochistic barbarians lead in shamanistic like societies that worship grafting, or fusing flesh with metal.

the brood story wise are great. The brood started as 3 biological weapons created by the human company that landed on samaria. The hxl, mjb, and broodmere project were all intended to make mining the planet easier. yet as the humans left( and abbandoned the future forsaken) they left the weapons ont he planet too, figuring they would die...right? wrong. The affectionatly nicknamed helexa, meanjellybean, and broodmere creatures did survive. the broodmere drove herself insane keeping helexa and meanjellybean alive, but alive they stayed. the broodmere now sits spawning all sorts fo bizzare creatures out of pure biological matter and anything else she can find, and in here insanity, she refuses to stop, or have any rhyme or reasont o her creations. helexa and meankellybean lead these beasts into war of course.

drop by the forums, ask some questions, I'm spawnovchaos on that forum. they are nice people!

now if your in the bay area id be more than happy to run a demo for you! if not, see which of our dedicated demo team members live near you. as for starting a new game, remember it only takes 1 person to take the initiatve. my game store had 0 dark age players, i mentioned getting into and found 1, then roped inb a few more, now we have 5 hard core players :D

its a wonderful game


02-06-2006, 16:28
That is an excellent write up TanithScout. I have been playing Dark Age for a few months now and it is a very enjoyable game. I particularly like the d20 system and how the combat is brutal and fast paced.

The background is interesting but I am just starting to get into it. The company doesn't really have a firm release schedule so there are long waits but there are more and more cool things coming out.

02-06-2006, 17:23
hey persephone, glad to see another dark age player. it really is a great game. really fun too. Pretty soon, once a few more things come out that will revolutionaize gameplay, then it will be an amazing game :D

that was just a brief touch on the backstory, it really is some of the best!

hope you all enjoy dark age


warsmith si
02-06-2006, 20:32
Hi Tanithscout,

thanks for the background info on dark age - sounds cool :D

Thanks too for the offer of a demo game but I don't think the missus would appreciate me taking a trip to the US just to try out a game! :cries:

I'm currently looking at Dark Age and/or Infinity, but the background for Dark Age just seems to have grabbed me more.........

Someone at my local shop recently got me onto Wamachine and Hordes (which I love btw) by offering to give me a demo game, so perhaps I should just get the rules and 2 basic forces and go down and get people to play it with me.........:p

02-06-2006, 22:11
hey there warsmith,
im glad you liked the backround, and no don't take a trip all the way to the US for a game haha.
hoardes is a great game, lots of fun.

anyhoo, about getting the demo forces: you can easily get two demo forces and a rulebook for under 150 bucks, which is pretty nice considering adding a few more units(being characters) or squads(being squads) will bring those demo forces up to full fledged armies real quick and easy

remember, it only takes one person to get a game going, though 2 people help. rope in some friends :D

warsmith si
02-06-2006, 22:32
hi again,

been looking around and I quite like the look of:


it's 17 (about 32$) for the warband which looks like it would give me a nice starting force to play with.........

St John
Bane leader
2 Banes
Ltd edition Bane
2 Haniels

03-06-2006, 02:44
johns a great saint, hes a real close combat monster. that starter is a great investment. soon enough we will have dragyri ones like that as well, sometime this summer.

04-06-2006, 17:48
i agree i had to make a decision to introduce either dark age or infinity to the group i game with. I was in a deadlock till my friend said he liked the look of Dark Age, so we started playing. We have been having a blast with the game! Alternate Activation makes sure that both players are in the game at all times. So far we have 4 players and might recruit another, and it's only been 2 months of gaming so far.

05-06-2006, 18:13
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post.

Because of this thread I went and checked out the Dark Age Website and read the rules.

I am hooked! The rules seem very Chronopia and Warzone -esque. I was a huge promoter at Conventions for Chronopia and Warzone when Excelsior was supporting it. I read up on the history of DA and found that it was created by the same guys who had a hand in Chronopia and Warzone when Target owned the rights.

Anyways, I was just wondering how I should go about getting my local gaming store to play it. They do have a dusty little rack with about twenty or so blisters of DA. What should I buy to demo? What are some nice balanced army lists? Also, what is going on with the rules? Is there a new edition coming out? Should I get people started now or wait?

Thanks, Sean

05-06-2006, 18:44
Brood vs. St. John were a classic demo match from back in the day and still are pretty good
St. john 130pts
Field Medic 51pts
2x Haniels 100pts
4x Bane 160 pts
total: 441 pts

Mutros 140pts
2x Pud throwers 154pts
2x Sawblades 154pts
total 448pts

these two lists should do pretty well versus each other
problem being they arent supported in book form yet Ill hook ya up with a Mark/Dragyri list in a while

05-06-2006, 22:29
I'm thinking of starting starting a Dragyri warband when their sets come out. Could anyone give me an idea of their background?

06-06-2006, 13:30
If you go to there Web site www.dark-age.com you will find some basic fluff on the armies.

Also, they have a forum set up that seems to include many employees and playtestors who are more than willing to give you thorough answers.

06-06-2006, 13:32
Can somebody explain to me how spells/psychic powers work in the rule system?

I read the quick rules on their site and it says that the spells use TS or TA, and I don't see such a characteristic on the Spell's profile.

Thanks, Sean

06-06-2006, 18:21
Hmm this is odd but Id assume youd go with the TN stat written in the Aircaste QS for spells and in the Genesis book the have the more up to date where under the TN stat for the spell if PS is there you use the casting units PS stat as the target number if followed by a number in parentheses you subtract that from the units PS
ex. Soul wardens have a PS of 16 when trying to cast Ice wall youd roll against the target number of 16 as its TN is PS. (wow these abbreviations make it seem more confusing than it already is)
this has modified stats