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16-07-2013, 20:07
Hi all,

I am creating rules for a Skaven Assassin character for one of my players.

Could you guys give me feedback how balanced the following is? If it's too powerful as a starting character, I'm thinking of not adding Dodge as a default skill..



16-07-2013, 21:10
It's hard to tell without playtesting, but he seems reasonably balanced. Quite powerful but limited in the armour and equipment he can get so similar to the Ogre, I imagine he would be nails to start off but soon get passed by the other warriors.

What about settlements? As he wouldn't be allowed in towns, etc are you going to make up some Skaven district he can visit or just some sort of black market where anyone or anything is welcome as long as they have coin?

17-07-2013, 06:00
I'm still finishing Settlements and Skills.. The Settlement things are mostly based on 'The Skaven Undercity' rules. (Some fanrules that can be found on the interweb.)

I made my own rules how the Skaven interacts with settlements though. I didn't add them to the Google Doc yet because I first wanted feedback on just the character rules. :)

Skaven in general are not looked too kindly upon by most other races; the only
place they truly find themselves at home above ground is on the busy streets
of the more over-populated cities of the Old World. These are places where all
races are mixed together, and one particular person would not even be singled
out, regardless of their race. Even then they have to hide in their cloaks or else
be chased out. When arriving at a Settlement, first roll 1D6 to see if there is a
Skaven Undercity below the Settlement. If successful, see the rules for Undercity
Settlement Activities. If failed, you can only stay Above Ground. Every day an
Assassin spends in a settlement above ground, roll 1D6. If successful, see the
rules for Above Ground Settlement Activities. If failed, you are chased out of the
Settlement and canít do anything until the next adventure.

Settlement | Undercity | Stay hidden when above ground
Village - 4+
Town 5+ 5+
City 2+ 6+

17-07-2013, 06:36
I'm also thinking of adding a Clan Skryre Weaponsmith that can reforge magical swords into dagger/knifes:
1-3: Failure, the weapon is destroyed
4: Warpforged: The sword loses its own magical properties. It turns into a warpforged dagger.
5: Succes! The sword now counts as a warpforged dagger, but keeps it's magical properties. Instead of adding Strength to the damage roll however, you only add 1.
6: Succes! The sword now counts as a warpforged dagger, but keeps it's magical properties. Instead of adding Strength to the damage roll however, you only add 2.

Warpforged weapon: A weapon that is warpforged does 1 extra additional wound of Fatal Damage (resolved after the Monster's Phase) on a succesful hit. A warpforged weapon counts as magical.

17-07-2013, 13:55
I made a character card for the Skaven Assassin. Worked out quite well I think. :)

18-07-2013, 08:05
IMO make the knife into a short sword with normal strength for his starting weapon. It still fits the theme but makes him a bit more survivable. Otheriwse I like it.

I think a look st the Halfling Thief, Assassin, and Outlaw rules would be beneficial. They are all in the Citadel Journal and on the web. The Halfling and Outlaw rules include black markets, selling stolen goods, etc, etc. The Assassin rules could give you some of the skills and equipment for your character.

The idea about making life difficult for skaven in settlements is an interesting and fluffy one. I'll be following this.