View Full Version : The REAL question to be asked . . .

21-03-2005, 14:57
Are we all back together because Portent is such of a strong community . . .or is it more like crack? You just can't get away that easily.

I would hope for the first, but seem inclined to the second.
Portent--the cure for the common shakes.

21-03-2005, 15:02
hmmz, at least thee aren't so many clone accounts anymore :P

21-03-2005, 15:04
Funny you mention that. I didn't want to reveal things so *brutally*, and so publicly, but I guess I should come clean. I'm actually a clone account of you.

Ha ha.

21-03-2005, 15:22
I'm here because, well, it's the people that keeps me coming back. There are some really great people here.

[Confession time]

When i learned portent died, i was all like, "oh. That sucks. But you know what? I won't miss most of the people there."

Now that it's back and i'm back, i keep seeing people and keep remembering 'Hey, oh yeah, that dude is cool. How could i forget about [poster name here]? *feels like a jerk*"

So, yeah, while i don't really contribute to the core reason of Portent's existence any more, it's the community of people that come and unwind after a heavy duty discussion about the merits of missile cannons over lascannons (or vice versa) that i enjoy. :)

21-03-2005, 15:46
For me it's the people. Portent's got one of the greatest comunities I've ever seen on a forum. There's people that make me laugh out loud (like Nid05), some people with stories that make me feel sad, people with info on GW products that get me excited and others that stir up interesting debates in the P&R that really make me think about my own political ideas and beliefs. Portent truely has got one of the greatest online communities.

21-03-2005, 16:27
The people, definately the people.
When Portent went down I was quite sad because I thought that I would never be able to talk to any of you guys again. Eventhough basically nobody knows eachother in real life, it still feels like the people on Portent are, for the lack of a better term for it, family.

Lord Balor
22-03-2005, 20:39
Because Uni started up, i've had less and less time to surf the net. WHen Portent...died...i thought bah, its not that bad, i've got plenty of things to do. How Wrong i was :p

Portent = Internet crack
Crack = More fun when others are around

Thus, its both the people and the specific monitar radiation that seeps through our screens as we surf portent that makes it so enjoyable!

New Cult King
22-03-2005, 22:06
The people. For sure. Most of you guys are tres cool, and I always enjoy catching up with the weird crap that goes on in everyone's lives, and as such is shared in RM ;)

I'm glad Portent is up again, after a fashion, even if it's just for a little while.

Here's to a long and glorious future :D

Delicious Soy
24-03-2005, 22:47
Defintely the characters that dwell in this forum. Other forums just dont have the same approach to the hobby. I've tried a few and most are either too young (Gw Forums) or take it far too seriously (Dakka).

25-03-2005, 00:08
the variety of people keeps bringing me back, after portent died i tried a couple of other forums but none were the same, it was like going from drinking a fine wine then after you run out, going and drinking goon:(

Crazy Harborc
25-03-2005, 01:18
Most of the "other" sites do not measure up to Portent's level. Intelligence abounds on Portent. Lack of it abounds on some of the other sites.

For myself, I like the idea of not just giving up. I enjoyed Portent and still want to go for the distance.

25-03-2005, 08:32
I'm not sure why Portent is the only forum I've kept visiting over so many years, but I suspect it mainly has to do with size and community spirit. There may be a certain sense of 'one big family' at Portent, but it isn't prominent. You can post here as a complete newbie without feeling out of place, you don't have to integrate into a solid group of regulars, there aren't any in-jokes and such that you have to know to do your regular posting.

I don't like forums where members are constantly talking on a personal level among themselves. There's a place for that of course, but the main reason I visit a forum is to talk about its particular subject (GW games in this case), with minimum 'social' clutter. And Portent had a fair share of members that were very good at such discussion.