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02-06-2006, 21:27
Who will win the June WBBL monthly? Vote in the poll and discuss the tournament progress here. We'll leave the main thread for submissions etc.

02-06-2006, 22:59
Hint - Don't put money on me...

03-06-2006, 14:25
His match yesterday during the meeting was going well and i think he may ahve a chance but RaveningWh0re could be the newcomer champ it will be dificult becuase the compition is realy intense. Good luck to every one.

Ravening Wh0re
04-06-2006, 16:20
Ha, my first game must have been due to beginner's luck. Those XP'd dwarves were terrifying! Hope I don't come across them again too soon.
Hard fought game and hard drawn :)
Seriously, I'm slow and rubbish (not talkin' about Khemri either)

04-06-2006, 21:10
Hey, now I definitely have most of my money on Skinnydookie. No other votes for him? You fools.

04-06-2006, 21:36
Only if his luck is in. He was playing against a 10 man team for most of our match today and I couldn't even KO a gutter runner. Bit of bad luck and it'll be interesting to watch. Can't wait for our next match.

04-06-2006, 21:40
Im going to have to go with Skinnydookie aswell. I had a rock solid defense against him in my game but all it takes is one bad dice roll and those Gutters WILL score. They can pick a mobbed ball up and dodge in and out of cages all day long. Couple that with the warp speed movement and youve got an unstoppable offence. Especially the ones that are picking up Block.

04-06-2006, 22:03
All it takes is a knockdown gutter and a brave person to stick their foot in him. That's the only real way you can deal with 4 gutters. Really surprised they got around the dwarves that easily, especially with all that tackle.

Get tackle!

I don't know if its a blessing or a curse that I face the skavens last. Will the team be too skilled to stop, or will I have built up enough skills to stop them. Only time will tell.

04-06-2006, 22:29
I have tackle up the gazoo and it still didn't help with crappy dice.

04-06-2006, 22:32
I have been very lucky so far.

I reckon Benninstein will take home the title personally.

04-06-2006, 22:46
The elves are looking very formidable.

Go Lizzies :)

05-06-2006, 15:05
A very tense and tight game between the elves and the lizards ended in a 1-1 draw, leaving the elves with some work to catch up the rats.

05-06-2006, 15:12
Marnus failed me.

The Dwarves will have to show how well tackle and dodge go together. *crosses fingers*

05-06-2006, 19:44
Im tried but there nimble fellows and as legoless of the wood elves has proven time and time again you cant keep a good elf down. But good luck i doubt you will come up with casualties but im sure you can inflict some lol.

Ravening Wh0re
05-06-2006, 22:55
Voted Benninstein btw. Lookin' strong from the start

ps, shows how close it is/scared we are that the votes are so spread :D

06-06-2006, 10:14
I agree entirely with Marnus' comments on his recent game with Skinny.

Kill the gutters :)

10-06-2006, 13:13
Just something to flag up. I'm on holiday in two weeks and we seem to have come to a halt again waiting for certain matches to be played.

11-06-2006, 12:46
Just something to flag up. I'm on holiday in two weeks and we seem to have come to a halt again waiting for certain matches to be played.
And I'm itching for a game - come on people!

Ravening Wh0re
11-06-2006, 14:30
Just something to flag up. I'm on holiday in two weeks and we seem to have come to a halt again waiting for certain matches to be played.

I DO apologise. I can't for the life of me find Karlon for the game to be played. It makes me cry :cries:

11-06-2006, 19:54
Yeah im so bored iv joined other tournaments, but i want to continue with this one and put my all in it as its the most fun iv had while being on fumbbl. Its just mainly karlon and r.v.n.w.h.r. so have you tried contacting him through pm ravening W.?

11-06-2006, 20:33
I can't get Benninstein to even respond to pms.

11-06-2006, 20:53
Maby there all on holiday it is the season. or maby they just dont want to play in the tourny any more. Every one has at least a week to play a game so when was there last matches? and we can send them a warning and becuase its the holidays we shall give them two weeks i think thats reasonable. We should prob hold another meeting in the warseer channel? Its an idea plus i think we should organise a meeting every 2 weeks or something to make sure every one has a proper say.

Ravening Wh0re
11-06-2006, 20:58
so have you tried contacting him through pm ravening W.?

Yeah, I've sent a fair few already :(. Iscariot said he'd have a word with him for me, but still no response. Pity really

11-06-2006, 21:06
Well Benninstein has definitely been on the site as you can see when they were last active.

Ravening Wh0re
11-06-2006, 22:01
So has Karlon, yesterday. Maybe he was checking for me? :)
What happens if there's a no-show? Does the tourny grind to a halt, or someone gets a bye? Dunno

11-06-2006, 22:10
I just prefer not to rush ahead, so to speak when a match in the previous round hasn't been played yet. It works better in the long run.

12-06-2006, 08:52
Well as I said from the 22nd I am out the country until the 10th so getting a bit ahead would also help in the long run.

It'd be nice to at least have an acknowledgement as well.

12-06-2006, 19:47
Yeah sorry about not being around much. New job started out with me working long shifts on 7 consecutive days, leaving very little besides. I finally get days off on Thursday and Friday, so it would be great to arrange some games then if needs be.

12-06-2006, 19:51
I'm around Friday day as I'm waiting in for post and the Gas man so if we can play then that'd work.

16-06-2006, 19:15
I take it Karlon simply can't be found so his game has been defaulted? That's really unfortunate, surely he must just have a PC problem.

With the recent problems on Warseer, how about we setup a backup thread on the FUMBBL forums. That way at least we have somewhere to post about things, since if FUMBBL is down there's no way anyone can play games so there's no problem thus of deliberate tournament stagnation.

This is, of course, only if this hasn't been set up already. I'll be sitting in the warseer channel on FUMBBL IRC for a while if anyone wants to chat about this.

16-06-2006, 23:13
Well the elves held onto their win so the Medics will pick on the humans to try and get back their winning streak.

Autobot HQ
20-06-2006, 17:14
what crazy man voted for me??

Karlon is experiencing real bad connection problems, it's been 10days now since he came on last so I had to award his previous two matches to his last two players. It is a shame as I considered him a force to be honest, and he's one of my real life friends so didn't want to sting him out but them be the breaks.

20-06-2006, 18:17
If Ravening and Gres can play on or before Thursday then I may be able to get my match in with Gres before my hols. Otherwise I'm out of it until 10 July.

20-06-2006, 22:57
So how long does he have till the next match i would love to play him and it would be upsetting to win from a technicality i would rather lose in a way iv never liked cheating it makes me feel bad even though this is isnt cheating i still wish to go through fairly. I want a chance to take this league and im still in it i can still win if i can just get some more wins under my belt and i dont whant to this way. Can we have him play the matches any way if he dosnt make it to the rest of the tournament? I bet ravening and iscariot would apreciate a match with him too.

On another note those any one want to change there bets? I would...... to skiniedookie although ravening is still a good contender!

Ravening Wh0re
21-06-2006, 14:58
I can't fathom why anyone would vote for lil ol' me, considering I've only managed to play one game (a draw, no less), I'm a noobie and gots no xp in my team :/

I'll just attribute it to fear of mummies rather than the coaching then :)

21-06-2006, 15:00
You did draw with me and put some major league hurt on.

So really they are all just scared of me :) *Wanders off slowly becoming a dwarf talking of their glory days winning the championship*

Autobot HQ
21-06-2006, 15:20
I wanna change bets - Whoever voted for me I wanna change their bet to skinniedookie too ... Its for their own good, really.

21-06-2006, 15:56
All those playing Skinnie - just kill his Gutters. You know it's the way forward :)

21-06-2006, 23:53
I'm thinking that my match vs. Ravening will be for 2nd place. I'll need some immense luck to still be in contention with skinny going into the final match.

22-06-2006, 19:56
As soon as Ravening and I are actualy online at the same time we might be able to see his form a little better.

22-06-2006, 22:29
Kill my Gutter Runners? I have already had SIX(!) deaths in the Warseer competition so far- more then the rest of the teams combined!

Lets have nice peaceful games where the fastest team wins! ;)

22-06-2006, 23:49
I think we should base it on casualties caused :)

22-06-2006, 23:56
Another win for Gres- no-one seems to mention him for the title despite three wins already.

Dark Horse for the championship.......?

Ravening Wh0re
23-06-2006, 13:18
urgh. got slaughtered on the field. Gres plays an excellent game (even exc my newbie mistakes). well done!

24-06-2006, 14:36
I think the eventual winner will likely have to stay undefeated for the duration, as I have already lost a game then I will probably have to win the rest of my games to stay in contention which will be something of a challenge as I am playing the free scoring Skinnydookie next. I am however happy to bask in the glory of my top of the league position for as long as it takes Skinnydookie to play his next game.

Autobot HQ
25-06-2006, 20:42
thanks for the vote of confidence there gres :P

25-06-2006, 23:25
thanks for the vote of confidence there gres :P
He gets a point for turning up, no prediction as to the result!

Autobot HQ
26-06-2006, 10:00
I lost anyway lol, but I am the first team to score against him! w00t! Go dixies! lol

26-06-2006, 16:57
Dixies are up against me next. Good thing they have a while to recuperate.

Still think we should play for casualties :)

Autobot HQ
26-06-2006, 18:25
ermmmmmmm lets not play for casulties I've seen what dwarves do ty very much lol :P

27-06-2006, 19:14
Is there any news about Karlon? Its the only match holding up the next round getting under way, but we are likely to have to be patient with Keravin taking a break for a couple of weeks. Once he returns the league should hopefully get finished soon and we can decide how we can proceed next season.

Ravening Wh0re
28-06-2006, 14:34
Hm, seems there is a new version of JavaBbowl out now (8.6).
Do I dl it? or keep the old one? Any suggestions?

Autobot HQ
28-06-2006, 17:34
download it, the games arnt backwards compatable so if you play someone who isnt't 8.5 ie upgraded, then your games wont load. Get 8.6 and it's newer, dudier piccis lol :D


28-06-2006, 22:07
Just got thumped by Skinny (Curses block dice and Gutter runners ;) ). Its looking like the championship will be decided by the benninstein/skinny final round match, nothing like a league going down to the wire.

28-06-2006, 22:24
Gah someone needs to run Skinny close. Full team vs. full team I don't think I would get too close, but the Rats have to come up against some Khemri in their penultimate game. Oh all that armour 7 and all that mighty blow, I may have a chance :D.

29-06-2006, 02:10
Those Khemri need tackle. A few gutter runners failing to dodge and it could get messy.

Ravening Wh0re
29-06-2006, 10:18
Unfortunately, I've missed out on spp AND money on my bye so my team still looks rather noobyish :)

29-06-2006, 16:38
I have skills. Keep getting 10,000 or 0 in terms of cash though.

12-07-2006, 21:36
Time to cash in on your bets as the deciding league match takes place on Thursday 10:00pm British time.

Spectators welcome!

12-07-2006, 22:48
The rats to win they have too there the only team in the league who smaked me down i tied with benny so i have to say the rats but then again in the tourny keravin won the whole thing and didnt win one more after it so who can say? i dont mind who wins now becuase i only got to 3rd :( ahh well lets just hope for a good honest fun game and hope we can all be there.

13-07-2006, 08:02
Yep my wife's gonna be impressed by the 10pm start time tonight.

I think Benny as the Skaven are potentially more beaten up.

I voted for Ravening to win this after our first match. Now I'm just glad I drew more than him :)

Ravening Wh0re
13-07-2006, 13:19
Come on Jet! Don't let me down now!

Autobot HQ
14-07-2006, 15:37
Iscariot rolls for Aging:
(6+6) +0 (0+0)
Iscariot AGES!
Iscariot Niggles and DIES!

Ravening Wh0re
14-07-2006, 19:17
They both let me down :(

14-07-2006, 19:33
Who won in the end?

14-07-2006, 21:57
Skinny wins overall. Ah well, at least my vote was well placed ;) . Wasn't there going to be some discussion about the next season?

14-07-2006, 23:06
Yeah where were you lot? It was supposed to be 9 tonight.

15-07-2006, 09:37
I kinda forgot and fell asleep

15-07-2006, 15:11
I take it the discussion will be delayed until sunday evening where I should be able to attend?