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12-08-2013, 04:36
A time traveller, a muscle man, batman and a hippie walk into a dungeon and...

Time to start up my Warhammer Quest campaign so first off let's introduce our heroes! We use a highly modified version of the game with a larger emphasis on the long run campaign than the original had and a ton of balance changes. You can find the rules here:


Or you can just check my sig. Please note that as of posting the sewer rules being used are not yet available as they are still in the works a bit so be patient for that!

Up first for our heroes is the mighty batman, er witch hunter. Seriously though with the amount of situational one use items he has he might as well be batman. He does have a utility belt FULL of amulets!

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-odXlFl0g4EE/UghbSNUbR3I/AAAAAAAAATI/tDPKjPlTeZ4/s320/DSCF0320.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-odXlFl0g4EE/UghbSNUbR3I/AAAAAAAAATI/tDPKjPlTeZ4/s1600/DSCF0320.JPG)

Next up is a custom warrior type the Norscan Berserker. This slab of man meat comes with a double handed axe and claymore and delights in using either one! With no ability to wear armor outside of furs this is our melee glass cannon!

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2jjUgY7llvs/UghbSJ2Dz1I/AAAAAAAAATM/9RIF9jMotcc/s320/DSCF0321.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2jjUgY7llvs/UghbSJ2Dz1I/AAAAAAAAATM/9RIF9jMotcc/s1600/DSCF0321.JPG)

Our weirdest party member is another custom class the Chainsaw Warrior. Being a time traveler from the future she is of course equipped with a chainsaw and boomstick like any self respecting modern day adventurer would have.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-r__Omo_bngI/UghbWOeOpjI/AAAAAAAAATc/NZSwC4blPl8/s320/chainsaw+warrior.jpg (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-r__Omo_bngI/UghbWOeOpjI/AAAAAAAAATc/NZSwC4blPl8/s1600/chainsaw+warrior.jpg)

Last but not least is our Druid the spell caster of the group. Being the tree hugging hippie that he is he tends to cast more supportive magic but can also summon the trees themselves to crush and or annoy his foes.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iSm41VQOvyo/UghbR9Lc92I/AAAAAAAAATE/iTx2pub1edo/s320/DSCF0319.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-iSm41VQOvyo/UghbR9Lc92I/AAAAAAAAATE/iTx2pub1edo/s1600/DSCF0319.JPG)

You might have noticed that our warriors have no names. This is simply because they have not earned a name as our house rules prevent this until BL 2. At that point they are given names and attachments are allowed.

With the party gathered all they needed was a quest. Well turns out that some beast has been killing hapless beggars in the sewers. Not a big deal but once the city watch went down and didn't come out now there's a price on that monster's head! Time to start on a low point with the sewer level...

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FNSJfP74gfU/Ughc-zJ6FrI/AAAAAAAAAT4/hoNItBZXdKI/s320/DSCF0277.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-FNSJfP74gfU/Ughc-zJ6FrI/AAAAAAAAAT4/hoNItBZXdKI/s1600/DSCF0277.JPG)

The sewer entrance was a nice corner with a relaxing pool. Unfortunately there were no potted plants to fill the voids within the room and help it flow a little more so we hurried onwards. Our prey within the sewers is a giant killer crocodile so our batman knew well what to do in this situation.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EHX1zZ8m2L4/Ughc-iVqOYI/AAAAAAAAATw/6EQCQIDK2CM/s320/DSCF0278.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EHX1zZ8m2L4/Ughc-iVqOYI/AAAAAAAAATw/6EQCQIDK2CM/s1600/DSCF0278.JPG)

The festering Pit was up first after the nice pool corner. The water here seemed more slimy and less inviting therefore we decided not to jump in. Unfortunately due to this rooms special rules each time a doorway is explored (magically or otherwise) it will trigger an event.

As our hippie cast scry he was able to see into the next hallway and from it a snottling appears.The little bugger decided to follow us around and even guide us though the witch hunter eyed him with suspicion...

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pO3VqSMEIt8/Ughc-2wO-PI/AAAAAAAAAT0/wvSxlZcomO0/s320/DSCF0279.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-pO3VqSMEIt8/Ughc-2wO-PI/AAAAAAAAAT0/wvSxlZcomO0/s1600/DSCF0279.JPG)

Using his magical wizard eye of scrying spell throwing the druid once again explored another doorway leading to the very lair of the beast: The Under Warrens. At this point you would think our luck had run out since we were able to find the lair so quickly but you might be surprised.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dK8R-vzfuJU/UghdEfYuXAI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/uZXYYF8uZeo/s320/DSCF0280.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dK8R-vzfuJU/UghdEfYuXAI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/uZXYYF8uZeo/s1600/DSCF0280.JPG)

We merrily strolled into the lair, stacked up on the door, threw flash bangs and proceeded to assault the room. Or some fantasy equivalent of that. Either way the crocodile charged out of the darkness, took a sampling of our hippie (who cast pan's impenetrable pelt to save himself) and quickly got a double helping of sword, sword and CHAINSAW! Needless to say the beast was stunned.

At this point the snottling realizes that turning traitor on this group would be bad for his health and scurries off down the dungeon corridors. Our prize for felling the beast is a botched gold roll (also known as nothing) and a ring of shielding giving our witch hunter 6+ dispel, +1 armor or +3 against daemon. Batman is happy with his new prize.

12-08-2013, 04:38
http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wt-SS-FUrRU/UghdDoQG9pI/AAAAAAAAAUI/CDH_hFJE0W0/s320/DSCF0281.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-wt-SS-FUrRU/UghdDoQG9pI/AAAAAAAAAUI/CDH_hFJE0W0/s1600/DSCF0281.JPG)

Of course our berserker decided to all out on the croc and entered RAGE MODE which gave him not only hatred but a need to find more victims and as such decided to charge into the next room. Oddly enough the cool polluted sewage water was all he found.

Odd though since we rolled a monster... Wait how to crocodiles spawn again?

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Dk6K_nqvOh8/UghdKBRKlmI/AAAAAAAAAUk/oxlo-hYtUZc/s320/DSCF0285.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Dk6K_nqvOh8/UghdKBRKlmI/AAAAAAAAAUk/oxlo-hYtUZc/s1600/DSCF0285.JPG)

Oh right just a ways away charging in and attempting to eat batman! Unfortunately he only got to the berserker and took a nice chunk out of him giving the hippie someone to heal up. Of course we are already crocodile slayers at this point and make short work of the beast yet again.

The beasts drops a nice helm of encompassing protection when slain which grants +1 armor to whoever wears it and +1 armor to a single adjacent friend as well!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Ldf1LZbY_N8/UghdJ3pnsnI/AAAAAAAAAUg/Uv05l9ioBps/s320/DSCF0286.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Ldf1LZbY_N8/UghdJ3pnsnI/AAAAAAAAAUg/Uv05l9ioBps/s1600/DSCF0286.JPG)

After a quick bonfire and hippie healing we are free to explore whats left of the dungeon assured in our awesome might by having already completed the main goal. Upon scrying the next room in the festering pit a goblin boss, goblin spearman and goblin bowman jump out from the darkness. Since this is a starter dungeon there are only half the number of monsters (rounding up) and since our rolls are terrible for them the monsters quickly realize how bad of an idea this was...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_xiT4bPibsQ/UghdNhT38dI/AAAAAAAAAUw/cDz3aK4rPkg/s320/DSCF0287.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_xiT4bPibsQ/UghdNhT38dI/AAAAAAAAAUw/cDz3aK4rPkg/s1600/DSCF0287.JPG)

The bowman was at least smart enough to be further away from the murder machines and for his reward his life was lengthened by a few precious seconds. After stepping through the tiny helpless goblins the warriors shuffled onward to more 'glory'.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bPp5uQzKcN0/UghdO1SVevI/AAAAAAAAAU8/U0KTqFjbeEw/s320/DSCF0289.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bPp5uQzKcN0/UghdO1SVevI/AAAAAAAAAU8/U0KTqFjbeEw/s1600/DSCF0289.JPG)

Their next 'obstacle' was a small group of giant spiders. Its true that they were more scared of us than we were of them so we squashed their helpless eight legs and looted the corpses.

The berserker finds a nice pouch of gold after the battle but quickly fumbles it down the sewer drain...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-B73CTT300l0/UghdOwRJzGI/AAAAAAAAAVA/2uXS0ikV8T4/s320/DSCF0293.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-B73CTT300l0/UghdOwRJzGI/AAAAAAAAAVA/2uXS0ikV8T4/s1600/DSCF0293.JPG)

The warriors explore one final room in the sewers finding an underground natural river. They are tempted to settle down here and put up a few potted plants to make the space more inviting, it appears the dark elves have already taken up residence here.

After two more counts of aggravated assault with a chainsaw the warriors decide that its time to leave before the authorities arrive.

Back in town batman gets a few amulets and then hangs out with another hunter who may be a bit crazy as he keeps whispering strange tales into his ear...

The berserker goes to the tavern to quell his rage and thirst finding out about a haunted mansion in the town that may contain some loot and communing with a norscan brother to learn a battle cry for the next dungeon that makes him terrifying to monsters! To bad he's going up against undead who fear not the shouting.

The chainsaw warrior wishes she could shop smart as S-Mart but there is only a market place where she buys a helm in case the chainsaw misses in a most horrible way...

Stay tuned for more tales of insanity, danger and rampant stupidity in the next installment when we renovate a happily haunted mansion in the name of looting!

12-08-2013, 18:54
Cheers for the report Bob, looking forward to the next instalment. Lots of good pics and interesting characters. Have been reading through your quest revisions and been enjoying them too, thanks for all the effort.

14-08-2013, 15:18
Part the second:

After cleaning off from the sewers and spending/wasting most of our loot our intrepid adventurers heard about a deceased wealthy family and their haunted treasure. Being the good Samaritans that they are they decided it was high time someone liberated their belongings.

The dungeon has become much more friendly now due to kitty card sleeves. This has a profound effect in increasing party morale and decreasing party moral responsibility (though to be fair most anything does that!).

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Mok5Zw5cKIg/UgsllruFekI/AAAAAAAAAWQ/aYqOIu-gDaA/s400/DSCF0294.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Mok5Zw5cKIg/UgsllruFekI/AAAAAAAAAWQ/aYqOIu-gDaA/s1600/DSCF0294.JPG)

This particular sidequest involves two floors the first one has five directions with only one leading down to the cellar and its precious loot! Of course each time a direction is revealed it will trigger any events associated with the revealed board so our druid promptly uses a scry spell to spawn a few pesky skeletons. The berserker and hunter make short work McMurdering everything before the other half of the party even gets a chance...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rAgHttyKXjE/Ugsly_nqpOI/AAAAAAAAAWc/nHqsj28NWbo/s400/DSCF0297.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rAgHttyKXjE/Ugsly_nqpOI/AAAAAAAAAWc/nHqsj28NWbo/s1600/DSCF0297.JPG)

After the not so climactic battle the party finds the staircase and heads down to the cellar. The former residents seemed to be less keen on safety and more on home security as the stairs end up leading to a giant pit for no discernible reason. They did at least have several ghouls poised to welcome us so that was a nice touch.

Sadly our new friends were a bit skidish as after the druid killed one by standing next to it with a silver sickle they all decided to run off and leave us confused and lonely again. So we wandered down a few more empty corridors until....

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-prWCbeDaPX8/Ugslys_ljUI/AAAAAAAAAWY/ITWxytWwWGY/s400/DSCF0302.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-prWCbeDaPX8/Ugslys_ljUI/AAAAAAAAAWY/ITWxytWwWGY/s1600/DSCF0302.JPG)

We found the surprise party! A pile of skeletons and zombies were just waiting for us to arrive at the tomb chamber (still not sure why they had this built in the cellar). Unfortunately it would seem that our party is not good with surprises as we immediately enter some kind of combined wartime flashback and start hacking away at our new friends.

That is the only way I can interpret this as the walking dead continuously missed and or failed to do damage. They did not do Romero proud this day.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0xPw3Bg8Cz4/Ugsl-fzOdgI/AAAAAAAAAWw/fxNOdZ-uIqk/s400/DSCF0307.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-0xPw3Bg8Cz4/Ugsl-fzOdgI/AAAAAAAAAWw/fxNOdZ-uIqk/s1600/DSCF0307.JPG)

Eventually the flashbacks subsided but only after pounding the last skeleton into fine dust through a combined if not manic effort. After a quick top off on health we looted the chamber of 1500 gold (yay!) and 75 gold worth of fine clothes (wait what? crap!).

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kwL7gbwfK2g/UgsmBcnOroI/AAAAAAAAAW4/f0Ul1tTr0K4/s400/DSCF0311.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-kwL7gbwfK2g/UgsmBcnOroI/AAAAAAAAAW4/f0Ul1tTr0K4/s1600/DSCF0311.JPG)

Well now it was time to leave with our (ill gotten) loot in hand. Unfortunately the late arrivals would have none of this as an unexpected event hit us with a few more skeletons. Apparently these were the elite bouncers of the house as they actually managed to bring the berserker to 4 wounds (out of 15) and hacking bits an pieces out of the rest of the party. Of course they too eventually fell to our undead smiting ways ans blades, chainsaws and sickles tore through the ranks. So with our treasures secured we exited the manor whistling innocently...

Back in town the berserker found a few adventure leads but sadly one turned out to be a false lead. In addition he managed to train with the watch for +1 toughness in the next adventure, find a treasure map in an old shop and generally get wasted in the tavern.

Our witch hunter (batman) enjoyed a bit of aid from the hunter guild gaining a few rare items before getting mugged in a strange house for 60 gold and buying shot and powder that turned out to be fake (he returned the next day to a more reputable dealer).

The chainsaw warrior, priorities firmly in hand, purchased a few casks of beer and some armor to protect herself from danger after drinking it. Of course this went hand in hand with deciding to blow an extra 50 gold on the best room and board (and wine) for no good reason whatsoever!

After a lack of failure our party has the choice of two different adventure leads for next time:

1) a sidequest (old world side quest number 29) where in a relic was stolen from a dwarven guild hall and they are even willing to part with some gold to gain it back!


2) An EPIC (sewers epic quest BL1) quest in which a local wizard has been experimenting with various slimes and after realizing how dangerous they are dumped them into the sewers.

Obviously our party should risk life and limb in the more dangerous epic quest however I'll leave it up to the forums and comments to decided our fate...

17-08-2013, 00:54
Well, I would have said the epic quest, but seeing as it's a Dwarven artefact, it needs to be reclaimed for the guild and struck from their Damnaz Kron!

19-08-2013, 13:36
I vote for the slimes, if left unchecked the sewers themselves could get blocked, and from experience that's not nice. Great to see WHQ Batreps.

19-08-2013, 23:55
Well that puts us at a tie currently. Think we'll get a chance to play next week so hopefully a tie breaker comes along...

20-08-2013, 10:47
i vote for slime as if not cleaned look what happened in London the other week....


maybe once they clear the slime they could fine a map showing the location of the dwarven treasure???

22-08-2013, 19:28
Its got to be the slimes for me; always best to clean up thoroughly before venturing on I recon.

Shas'El Tael
24-08-2013, 03:06
Slimes! Just so one of the players can do a Bill Murray scene from Ghostbusters..

Great read by the way - fantasy flashbacks, terrible affliction that - best solution is copious amounts of beer and more hack n slash.

24-08-2013, 16:02
Well then slimes it is! We'll try to get through the adventure in one day however its a long one so no promises. We'll be attempting it tomorrow and its high time someone met with an unfortunate accident...

27-08-2013, 16:23
Part the Third!

So our intrepid party washes off in town from their robbery of the dusty old manor just to find out they are going back into the much to hunt slimes. It seems that yet another moronic wizard has toyed with the very fabric of life itself to try and control weaponized slime. Spoiler: he failed on the control part!

Thankfully wizards are able to pay for our services (what do we look like goody two shoes heroes?) so we agree to rid his home of these sentient garbage piles. Apparently his 'house' is really just a hut as the first room leads right into the spiral staircase leading into the least hospitable home we have ever seen!

Also we are now at our FLGS lending us better lighting and thus better photos!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vuBNqvEaCw8/UhzFJUc1cmI/AAAAAAAAAZ8/Dxe8CFn2RcU/s640/DSCF0388.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-vuBNqvEaCw8/UhzFJUc1cmI/AAAAAAAAAZ8/Dxe8CFn2RcU/s1600/DSCF0388.JPG)

Right off the bat we are attacked by a slime who is easily beaten into a pile of non sentient goo. Little did we know that a 50% chance of encounters becoming slimes would turn into more and more of an inevitability during this quest...

We are also playing with the optional room features rules and we roll up a cupboard in this room. Batman being the greatest detective has to search it resulting in 30 gold being found. After slaying the slime the berserker's eyes light up at the sight of a gleaming sword which increases his strength and attacks!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BbzCEiumJ_s/UhzFIeOvGLI/AAAAAAAAAZ0/UVt5MAfMsQc/s640/DSCF0391.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BbzCEiumJ_s/UhzFIeOvGLI/AAAAAAAAAZ0/UVt5MAfMsQc/s1600/DSCF0391.JPG)

Of course our job isn't done since we still haven't found this madman's laboratory so we literally round the corner.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_bXoih8e9WQ/UhzFJZ2OTSI/AAAAAAAAAaA/QNpuiVSXQUI/s640/DSCF0392.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_bXoih8e9WQ/UhzFJZ2OTSI/AAAAAAAAAaA/QNpuiVSXQUI/s1600/DSCF0392.JPG)

Only to find the jail connected to the crossroads which great us with more sentient goo monsters! Since the spiral staircase was so early the rest of this dungeon is considered BL2 which is bad enough however this also means that the slimes now have gang up. Combine that with their Paralyze ability which leads to -1 movement (death at zero movement) and suddenly the slimes are TERRIFYING!

The man of many muscles gets slimed here but survives with only moderate damage.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-I04HPz_8IXQ/UhzFVsQsDmI/AAAAAAAAAaM/vYvI_LyONvg/s640/DSCF0393.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-I04HPz_8IXQ/UhzFVsQsDmI/AAAAAAAAAaM/vYvI_LyONvg/s1600/DSCF0393.JPG)

Batman might be our best detective but McMuscles is certainly not. He runs to the open jail cell to investigate the body finding, what else, slimes! He pays for his curiosity only moderately again before dispatching the messy creatures like a master janitor.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lfYKDbLh7sc/UhzFZm51imI/AAAAAAAAAaU/ZC8lUtbMeOo/s640/DSCF0395.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lfYKDbLh7sc/UhzFZm51imI/AAAAAAAAAaU/ZC8lUtbMeOo/s1600/DSCF0395.JPG)

The hippy manages to save us plenty of time by s crying every which way and eventually finding the Generator room (or in this case laboratory).

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kgC6AOV4-r0/UhzRxLMVBMI/AAAAAAAAAbk/WG8GD_2oegE/s640/DSCF0396.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-kgC6AOV4-r0/UhzRxLMVBMI/AAAAAAAAAbk/WG8GD_2oegE/s1600/DSCF0396.JPG)

The start of a theme for the rest of the adventure has surfaced in the form of Slimes and Rats! The battle is fairly nasty with the slimes having gang up and as such the chainsaw warrior is forced to retreat fearing for her movement! everyone gets a bit of slimming passed around to them but eventually the slimes are dealt with and the rats impale themselves on our shiny blades!

The chainsaw warrior manages to find a cloak of shadows which re-assigns missile attacks randomly protecting her from the random archers and such. The berserker finds a Death sword and promptly ignores it as his earlier shiny blade is better. The visionary Glass Eye goes to our hunter which gives him a chance to reveal dungeon cards and finally the hippie finds some warp stone bombs to use in enforcing his peaceful nature on others.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-E3MUiAnS5z8/UhzFjDrRZBI/AAAAAAAAAak/3hVA8nvGvKo/s640/DSCF0398.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-E3MUiAnS5z8/UhzFjDrRZBI/AAAAAAAAAak/3hVA8nvGvKo/s1600/DSCF0398.JPG)

27-08-2013, 16:25
So triumphant we head back to town to wash up but are met by the wizard before hand claiming that his assistant is the cause of the slimes running amok. Better yet he has escaped to the sewers to create an army of slimes to, what else, take over the old world...

So we say goodbye to hot showers and just jump head long into the sewers.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sIrE7qJhK-8/UhzFoGRfTuI/AAAAAAAAAas/gEW8PLHSy1s/s640/DSCF0400.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sIrE7qJhK-8/UhzFoGRfTuI/AAAAAAAAAas/gEW8PLHSy1s/s1600/DSCF0400.JPG)

Trudging through the non sentient goo we encounter some familiar 'faces' and smash them to bits resulting in the chainsaw warrior gaining a shiny pair of leaping boots allowing her to move up the ledges in the sewers with ease!

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7ASqaBN9rAQ/UhzFqd1GBmI/AAAAAAAAAa0/9BpCtsf-5Ck/s640/DSCF0402.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-7ASqaBN9rAQ/UhzFqd1GBmI/AAAAAAAAAa0/9BpCtsf-5Ck/s1600/DSCF0402.JPG)

Our next room is the rather large and slow to cross (due to water taking 2 movement to cross) Leaky Room. The theme of rats and slimes re-emerges here only the berserker takes any real damage and from rats no less that he seems unable to hit with his shiny new sword. After the battle however he finds boots of water walking making his wounds disappear in a haze of treasure induced happiness.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-P2FDO5o8nOA/UhzFwtAR99I/AAAAAAAAAa8/IcM0PhpXqt4/s640/DSCF0404.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-P2FDO5o8nOA/UhzFwtAR99I/AAAAAAAAAa8/IcM0PhpXqt4/s1600/DSCF0404.JPG)

Of course we had to choose the difficult direction as the next room is the bridge of peril. Gutter runners, skaven clanrats, a champion and a few orcs greet us heartily. The druid counters with a carnival of death scroll found earlier...

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LIOEuZA74bA/UhzF5LCpHmI/AAAAAAAAAbE/tcl7Xo92J_M/s640/DSCF0405.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-LIOEuZA74bA/UhzF5LCpHmI/AAAAAAAAAbE/tcl7Xo92J_M/s1600/DSCF0405.JPG)

This leads to the monsters happily beating each other to death making the room far less dangerous!

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EEEcbvu3aTU/UhzF8uShjSI/AAAAAAAAAbM/BAldBOJZKQE/s640/DSCF0406.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-EEEcbvu3aTU/UhzF8uShjSI/AAAAAAAAAbM/BAldBOJZKQE/s1600/DSCF0406.JPG)

Obviously not content with just one room of death we head further into the sewers to find a crocodile pit! This room has the potential to kill lost of party members as monsters will throw us onto the ropes which often leads to falling into the pit of doom itself.

However the only thing guarding the room are a handful of plague monks that we manage to make short work of.

As nasty as this path was eat least we choose the correct path as it lead us directly to the spiral staircase.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Koi-EAm_nFM/UhzF-7GAlTI/AAAAAAAAAbU/AUOFQVnhtVY/s640/DSCF0408.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Koi-EAm_nFM/UhzF-7GAlTI/AAAAAAAAAbU/AUOFQVnhtVY/s1600/DSCF0408.JPG)

One more level awaits the party in this adventure. Soon we shall find greater spoils and with any luck earn names for our meat sacks so attachments can be made and real warriors can die!

Shas'El Tael
28-08-2013, 00:03
Great stuff, loving the slimes - eagerly awaiting the showdown :)

31-08-2013, 21:38
Thanks we're hitting up the finale to the quest tomorrow so I'll get that posted along with the next set of quest choices next week. going to try to talk the group into trying out the whq 40k rules that are in early early form so I might post that up too.

02-09-2013, 02:04
Part 4: Let Them Come

Today we learn an important lesson that some times you don't go to the dungeon, the dungeon comes to you. We start our lesson in the Grate room here on the final level of our epic quest.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2PTRCQsQ4lk/UiPmlaWb01I/AAAAAAAAAcE/VeMYtpLl1W8/s640/DSCF0424.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-2PTRCQsQ4lk/UiPmlaWb01I/AAAAAAAAAcE/VeMYtpLl1W8/s1600/DSCF0424.JPG)

Moving forward the hippie scries doors early and often to reveal the dungeon without use of the usual encounter phase.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-55d_EFVUIiQ/UiPmljajIBI/AAAAAAAAAcI/kPVbF_7SWKQ/s640/DSCF0425.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-55d_EFVUIiQ/UiPmljajIBI/AAAAAAAAAcI/kPVbF_7SWKQ/s1600/DSCF0425.JPG)

Unfortunately the hippies inpatients leads to the festering pits which trigger events every time a doorway is explored. Being a rather impetuous hippie he scries the far door revealing the smuggler's den and triggering a cave in! We all make it out of the corridor before being crushed however it is obvious that the only way out is through the objective room now...

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zw5G13_ecU8/UiPmpGqK5OI/AAAAAAAAAcc/xu19lYBAST4/s640/DSCF0429.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-zw5G13_ecU8/UiPmpGqK5OI/AAAAAAAAAcc/xu19lYBAST4/s1600/DSCF0429.JPG)

The smuggler's den is a special room that when found creates a special side quest much like the jail. In this smuggler's den is the undermarket a sort of underground black market filled with outlaw NPCs (which sadly are not painted). If we decide to enter we risk being attacked however we can also find some good deals on items and equipment.

Knowing the parties lack of people skills however we decide to not massacre, er interrupt, the outlaws unless absolutely required to go that way.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yL5uT3KX3E4/UiPmpajRZiI/AAAAAAAAAcg/0Wdga9IBwOI/s640/DSCF0430.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-yL5uT3KX3E4/UiPmpajRZiI/AAAAAAAAAcg/0Wdga9IBwOI/s1600/DSCF0430.JPG)

Once again our hippie activates his hippie eye to explore another room in the festering pits bringing another dungeon event our way. This one happens to open the flood gates in the dungeon reveal the next 2 cards in a random direction which just so happens to be the objective room!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DXtzl_RRlaI/UiPmqAHTkPI/AAAAAAAAAcs/JGaMpmoqGJM/s640/DSCF0431.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-DXtzl_RRlaI/UiPmqAHTkPI/AAAAAAAAAcs/JGaMpmoqGJM/s1600/DSCF0431.JPG)

Unfortunately because of this the flooding waters also send all of the rooms contents into our room meaning that we have to fight the objective room monsters on far less stable ground!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zkkWnA1r_sQ/UiPmtQ4G5UI/AAAAAAAAAc0/4wGTtP6Xuik/s640/DSCF0433.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-zkkWnA1r_sQ/UiPmtQ4G5UI/AAAAAAAAAc0/4wGTtP6Xuik/s1600/DSCF0433.JPG)

The evil wizard that stole the foolish but less evil wizards plans for slime domination accompanies the tide of 6 slimes, 3 rat swarms and 12 giant rats. The rat swarms are a new type of enemy that is able to engulf its target warrior into the swarm when being attacked. Due to this any spells, abilities and attacks that would normally target that warrior have a 50/50 chance of targeting the swarm and vice versa! It becomes clear that we are about to have a bad time...

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rK1ypnQbbyQ/UiPmy-IVjVI/AAAAAAAAAdU/0xN4LyqQLNg/s640/DSCF0435.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-rK1ypnQbbyQ/UiPmy-IVjVI/AAAAAAAAAdU/0xN4LyqQLNg/s1600/DSCF0435.JPG)

Everyone spends the next turn getting up and shaking off the sewage while the evil wizard casts a few magic missiles causing negligible damage.

The hippie throws a warpstone bomb and casts banishment to damage one of the swarms and kill a giant rat. Seeing the threat our hunter fires his gun and a holy fire amulet into the wounded swarms killing one.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Z4P_gYVp7DY/UiPmuVUB-jI/AAAAAAAAAc8/VVZzXRKH_6Q/s640/DSCF0436.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Z4P_gYVp7DY/UiPmuVUB-jI/AAAAAAAAAc8/VVZzXRKH_6Q/s1600/DSCF0436.JPG)

The chainsaw warrior leaps across a pit and into battle with the swarms causing little damage to the tide of rats and suddenly realize just how alone she is...

The berserker engages his rage and promptly misses with all 4 attacks, this is a theme from now on.

It's the vermin tides turn now and the rat swarms engulf both the chainsaw warrior and the hippie as swarms are able to move like large monsters pushing other models aside to get to combat! The evil wizard unleashes his magic causing minor damage to the berserker and accidently hitting the rat swarm engulfing one of the warriors as well.

It becomes apparent as well just how much of a threat this room is as the giant rats get lucky and nearly kill the chainsaw warrior. Along with the burst damage from the giant rats and the nickle and dimes from everything else we are in for a nasty fight for once.

Back to our turn the berserker still sucks at hitting the broad side of a slime. The chainsaw warrior takes out a giant rat while smaller rats continue to engulf her biting and tearing away. Meanwhile batman pull out a perfect shot and saves the hippie from the rat swarm!

During the monsters turn the giant rats bring our chainsaw warrior to her knees requiring healing from the hippie druid to stay alive. This time a slime takes revenge on batman's killing spree by throwing him into the slime pit and causing minor damage.


Before tentacles can further drag him away batman climbs up to the top ledge to slay a few giant rats. The berserker finally figures out how to harness his anger and HIT both slimes near him slaying them instantly. The chainsaw warrior is badly wounded still and chugs a few potions between rat bites trying to stay alive.

Batman continues to take magic missiles to the face this time in the monster's phase. The chainsaw warrior gets tossed into the slime next and giant rats nearly finish off batman. Everyone is fairly badly hurt at this point, we need to finish this fast!

Between batman and the muscle man the slimes are quickly dropped to one more left. The chainsaw warrior surgically removes the rat swarm with her chainsaw.

The remaining slime decides to dirty our hippie by tossing him into the pit while the evil wizard panics and fails his spell casting for the first time!


Both batman and the chainsaw warrior rush the evil wizard putting him down and retrieving the wizard plans! Meanwhile the berserker stays behind and finishes bashing the slime into the ground. Grabbing the plans we use the hippie's magical egress dust to escape the dungeon instantly and safely return to the settlement above it.

at this point we had a not so difficult descision of selling the plans for 7000 gold or gaining a mythic treasure by returning the plans to their rightful owner. Morals did not figure into this as the mythic treasure is WELL worth it. We gain the Heathen Dispatcher for our troubles giving it to the witch hunter. This weapon has the following bonuses:

+2 damage (+3 against chaos or undead), +1 to hit (+2 against chaos or undead). Wielder is healed 1D3 wounds per turn during the power phase.

A mighty sword indeed!

On top of getting the mighty mythic treasure batman reveals that he has a dark secret which reads as follows:

Your warrior doesn't believe that he has been getting his fair share of the gold lately. At the end of the next adventure before the gold is divided up take (BL)D6*500 gold off the top. This is the amount of gold that your warrior has skimmed off the top as his own share. Then divide the remaining gold equally amongst the Party as usual (including your warrior).

As mean as that was he was kind enough to give most of it back to allow us to level up to BL 2! Sadly we only found one quest this time so there will be no vote for quests this time. Stay tuned for the next report as we delve for a game into the world of Warhammer 40k....

02-09-2013, 19:34
The One That's In Space

So of course inevitably the question comes up: What happens when we put WHQ in the 40k universe? Well here is our extremely early playtest of just such a set of rules. in our 40k quest players take on the role of a squad and adventures are swapped with missions.

A few things have changed from the usual such as missions are now themed around a certain alien race each time, certain squad members can not party up with others (ie chaos and grey knights). Sometimes (such as today's case) mission maps are fully revealed at the beginning instead of revealed during the gameplay. Finally enemies are spawned within a random room rather than right in the squads face.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vOs77baQ0EM/UiTiuEb6EKI/AAAAAAAAAes/3uTUGPlrQOI/s640/DSCF0443.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vOs77baQ0EM/UiTiuEb6EKI/AAAAAAAAAes/3uTUGPlrQOI/s1600/DSCF0443.JPG)

We were missing a few models so please excuse the proxies and the boards are simply the lustria tile set due to 40k ones not being made just yet. Our squad was chosen from the inquisition being the Death Cult Assassin (wardancer model), Crusader, Inquisitor, and Banisher (warrior priest model).

We began in the objective room for this mission and had to extract a wounded companion (the inquisition henchman in the back of the squad) to the exit point.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YWs6z0OD4AU/UiTitvI-6qI/AAAAAAAAAec/Spj1FEus2Vc/s640/DSCF0444.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YWs6z0OD4AU/UiTitvI-6qI/AAAAAAAAAec/Spj1FEus2Vc/s1600/DSCF0444.JPG)

As you can see from the red line above we had a LONG path to move through in order to get out. The first set of enemies spawned at the beginning were a single tau stealth suit in the stairwell and a pack of kroot that spawned in the end room.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-r6aFsIaPqtM/UiTitw85y0I/AAAAAAAAAeg/SH9wdJNKgb4/s640/DSCF0446.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-r6aFsIaPqtM/UiTitw85y0I/AAAAAAAAAeg/SH9wdJNKgb4/s1600/DSCF0446.JPG)

We moved through the first room which like a normal dungeon room spawns enemies however it spawns them in a random room so three fire warriors spawned behind us. The assassin and crusader held up our rear as the inquisitor and banisher ran forward with the henchman spawning a few kroot hounds (shown above as hobgoblins).

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1Q2NA9Rqhxk/UiTiwzaEfuI/AAAAAAAAAe0/fI22kjpdkg4/s640/DSCF0447.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1Q2NA9Rqhxk/UiTiwzaEfuI/AAAAAAAAAe0/fI22kjpdkg4/s1600/DSCF0447.JPG)

Little did we know that our escape was doomed from this point on as five gun drones spawned in one path as the kroot pushed forward towards us bringing an inevitable pincer attack towards us.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-6lGMWOc9u0M/UiTiyvXGdLI/AAAAAAAAAe8/qcgL-jCOHpU/s640/DSCF0448.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-6lGMWOc9u0M/UiTiyvXGdLI/AAAAAAAAAe8/qcgL-jCOHpU/s1600/DSCF0448.JPG)

The kroot edged closer as the assassin and crusader finished up the enemies to our rear and regrouped.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QjTgTdFviGU/UiTiy9BQ1oI/AAAAAAAAAfA/zXlwiIBTgXQ/s640/DSCF0449.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-QjTgTdFviGU/UiTiy9BQ1oI/AAAAAAAAAfA/zXlwiIBTgXQ/s1600/DSCF0449.JPG)
The beginning of the end came fast as first the banisher fell to the kroot only to be revived by a medipack and the inquisitor fell to the pulse carbine fire of the drones being brought back with a medipack as well.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WD3QztoSlhg/UiTiz3l1n-I/AAAAAAAAAfM/IEmrR5m9HaY/s640/DSCF0452.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-WD3QztoSlhg/UiTiz3l1n-I/AAAAAAAAAfM/IEmrR5m9HaY/s1600/DSCF0452.JPG)

The crusader attempted to cover the ground and close with the drones as the rest of us dealt with the remaining kroot however at the worst possible time more kroot spawned in the worst possible position surrounding the crusader and ending any chance we had of extracting the wounded henchman.

We conceded to the superior firepower and abilities of the tau dieing in a hail of kroot riffles and pulse carbines.

Lots of things to fix but some fun things did happen so the rules will continue to change and eventually maybe even be released. Either way next week in and old world long long ago our adventures continue at BL2, electric boogaloo!

Shas'El Tael
03-09-2013, 11:31
Really like the concept so far - creating a kernel of rules to then expand out the extras is a sound idea.

Looks like you need some sci fi tiles though.... hmmm :)

04-09-2013, 00:09
Sci-fi tiles would be nice though I have a good start on those already. What I really need is oriental tiles ;)

05-09-2013, 21:32
whao cant hardly believe these are the doors from the boxxed set. you realy realy got out the most out off them, was thinking about all the 3d instances ive seen but you make this look stunning

Shas'El Tael
06-09-2013, 09:47
Okay okay.. colour me inspired - my first idea for a derelict base corridor; within which lurk foul xenos and black market rogues...


Scattered shell casings and other detritus can be added for detail, but this is what I've put together as a lead idea using metal textures I photographed myself.

Scaled to suit WHQst tiles, naturally.

- Seb.

06-09-2013, 15:34
AWESOME! Amazing work there really holds a lot of atmosphere!

09-09-2013, 06:07
Oh Yes, There Will Be Water...
Being the foolish types that we are we decided to leave the Old World and search for our fortunes in Lustria this time. Before we begin however I thought a picture of all of the insane amounts of miniatures that we use is required.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3iBnxHJ6LE8/Ui1c18MVItI/AAAAAAAAAf8/Rbnu9sxM9Rk/s640/DSCF0455.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-3iBnxHJ6LE8/Ui1c18MVItI/AAAAAAAAAf8/Rbnu9sxM9Rk/s1600/DSCF0455.JPG)

There they are in their myriad of cases and foam packed up and ready for game time. If it wasn't obvious we might be a bit insane to transport this game once a week. However our insane party now (mostly) has names! Let me introduce:

Bruce: The utility belt wearing Witch Hunter
Kronk: The every choppy Berserker
Ashley: The chainsaw Warrior from times long forward
Hippie: The not named hippie.... er druid!

Our session begun with a journey to our nearest harbor which was fairly uneventful outside of a small forest fire. Once we made it to the harbor everyone spends the day searching for a captain. One captain had a rickity old bucket of a ship claiming he was the king of the seas, and another choice was a piece of drift wood that we found. Needless to say we chose door number 3: Arma the barbarian pirate.

Arma's ship has an amazing amount of hull points and an impressive damage output from his cannons meaning that any enemy in our path would be hard pressed to defeat us. Unfortunately the captain is a bit distracted as his journey time is inexplicably long as we shall soon see...

Month 1
Our journey starts out with a kraken attack, the first of many. Kronk however is hungry and makes sushi out of one of its tentacles forcing it to retreat.

Month 2
Ashley practices her motherly skills by babysitting the children (why they are on a barbarian pirate ship is more than suspect). Unfortunately she tends to be a bit rough and after some injuries she manages to anger the mothers as they demand retribution. Or at least they would if not for her pillow talk skill (oh yes its exactly as you think it is).

Month 3
Our hippie has fallen ill due to being bitten by a poisonous octopus. Because of this he is bed ridden for the rest of the journey. He shall be counted among the fortunate...

Month 4
The seas are calm for once and time passes with ease.

Month 5
A huricane rocks the ship damaging it slightly and leaving the vessel with 20 hull points

month 6
The demon children on the ship surface again leaving toys for poor Kronk to trip over and nearly fall of the railings. He is so angry that he will be at -1 to hit until the end of the next adventure.

Month 7
Arma's mighty vessel encounters a huge fleet of chaos. Though the battle seems a tempting test we decide to go around adding several months to the journey.

Month 8
Deeming the chainsaw warrior unfit for child care Kronk the berserker is enlisted to help babysit this time. Somehow he is competent in this feet and gains some gold.

Month 9
The money lender has stolen from an imperial noble woman who is aboard the ship. The lack of pay chests after his incarceration in the brig will lead to delays amongst the men.

Month 10
The children get revenge on Ashley nearly sending her over the rails this time on a roller skate!

Month 11
Arma has decided to make a detour to a nearby island in search of treasure. Amazingly Luigi and Salvatore are hosting a promotional treasure hunt for the nobles of the world and we have stumbled upon it! Ashley makes it to the mother load first however we all receive more than a fair share of treasure for this excursion.

Month 12
A wave of pure concentrated magic strikes the ship. Most of the party are uneffected however Bruce ends up gaining a cursed chaos attribute. From now on the Blood Rage runs through him turning him into a bloodthirsty, reckless warrior in combat

Month 13
The crew celebrates the passing of over a year at sea apparently by having a drinking contest! The warriors (except the bed ridden hippie), a Lord of Aenarion, an elf and an imperial noble are present for the competition. In the end only Kronk and the noble were left who passed out at the same time ending in a tie.

Month 14
A flight of dragons swoops down on the ship badly injuring the witch hunter before moving onward.

Month 15
Oddly enough the Arch Bishop of Kislev happens to be traveling with him and Kronk is invited to serve him his dinner. He is so impressed by Kronk however that he gives him a small cross that is a very effective weapon against the undead!

Month 16
A skaven warprider ship is spotted on the horizon and Arma promptly orders it sunk, thus it is so.

Month 17
Calm seas finally!

Month 18
Fearing a never ending voyage we make landfall at a nearby island only to find that Ashley is up to her hijinks angering an amazon tribe with her pillow talk. The tribe takes it out on everyone but her and we all flee back to the ship taking arrows and spears in the process.

Month 19
A dying dwarf prospector is found floating on a raft in the middle of the ocean. Of course he has a portcullis key that he must give to us, because that is what they do.

Month 20
While strolling along the deck Bruce finds out the ship is less than ship shape and steps on a loss plank smacking him in the face!

Month 21
Kronk is asked to serve the Arch Bishop again, this time his conversation skill is far less convincing and he is pelted with potatoes and other such food!

Month 22
The kraken catches up with us again and once again the berserker sends it packing with his gleaming sword.

Month 23
A flock of giant rocs passes near us attacking the warriors! We fell two of the beasts and take some minor damage before they pass.

Month 24
Our two year mark is the krakens final attempt at scuttling the ship. Bruce and his mythic sword send him on his way for the last time!

Month 25
We encounter some native while resupplying on a nearby island. Their primitive offerings were not enough to peak our interest so we leave without our usual display of destruction.

Month 26
Understandably the crew mutinies! Who wouldn't at this point? Being that Arma is a BL10 barbarian though we side with him and together put a quick halt to the mutiny.

Month 27
We arrive in the far port of Lustria! We quickly find our land legs and pick up on a quest as a pygmy burial ground needs to be cleared for the archeologist guild. Next time we delve into our first lustrian dungeon for the party.

So the moral of this session: DON'T GET ON THE ******* BOAT!

Shas'El Tael
09-09-2013, 10:21
Wow.. two years.. just have to remember, its about the journey not the destination. (is hoisted high and tossed overboard)

Finally some names! Huzzah!

12-09-2013, 23:31
A Whole New World, Of Doom!

After settling in to this new continent after a two plus year journey (ie drinking ourselves silly at the tavern) the warriors hear of a pygmy burial ground that was uncovered by the archaeologist's guild. Unfortunately the little buggers have returned to take back their sacred ground and its up to us to commit hate cri.... er clear the ruins of monsters...

During our short stay at the previous settlement before our epic journey we encountered a dwarf who decided to tag along as an NPC ally. He had no idea how long it would be until the end of the 'next adventure'. Poor fellow...

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KZGX4on1fnQ/UjIGIM6DkXI/AAAAAAAAAhI/vyEZPSlepzY/s640/DSCF0456.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-KZGX4on1fnQ/UjIGIM6DkXI/AAAAAAAAAhI/vyEZPSlepzY/s1600/DSCF0456.JPG)

After a few uneventful corridors we encounter 6 forest goblins, 1 forest goblin boss, and since this is a pygmy adventure, pygmies! They may be small but they but they do have gang up and jungle poison which deals 1D3 damage per hit during the next power phase with no modifiers. This is the most dangerous part of lustria as warriors tend to get loaded up on poison counters all the time!

The goblin with the bag pipes happens to be our fairy for the druid (the real model being lost at the time). The party makes short work of the goblins as the berserker takes on the goblin boss in one hit and even the fairy gets a kill! The hippie banishes a few pygmies and goblins.

the pygmies next retaliate by killing the fairy. At this point we should have named our fairy kenny due to it being summoned and promptly dieing the next turn. After the retaliation against kenny the party finishes off the remaining pygmies.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ZOxspyPgAYg/UjIGJUBBqbI/AAAAAAAAAhQ/Wi0m4EfMhUg/s640/DSCF0458.JPG (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ZOxspyPgAYg/UjIGJUBBqbI/AAAAAAAAAhQ/Wi0m4EfMhUg/s1600/DSCF0458.JPG)

The hippy then scries the next room which contains a treasure chest. The room also contained a portal leading to distant lands which we promptly ignored. The dwarf opened the cheest taking care to absorb the brunt of any traps and found a few elven arrows that no one has a clue how to use.

We opened up the next door to find the room of sacred plaques and a flames of death trap which incinerates kenny.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bQZr87_ogq0/UjIGLvH7n0I/AAAAAAAAAhY/C03StmcPa6o/s640/DSCF0459.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bQZr87_ogq0/UjIGLvH7n0I/AAAAAAAAAhY/C03StmcPa6o/s1600/DSCF0459.JPG)
After a fun laugh at the expense of kenny we roll an unexpected event resulting in 10 pygmies and a fimir. Sadly this is a BL1 monster spawn due to the special difficulty modifier rolled on the dungeon so it isn't much of a threat neither does it reward us with much gold. We make short work of the monsters but not before kenny is killed yet again.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lnyIbHs4J2k/UjIGQrj4AzI/AAAAAAAAAho/yitf64KcXWc/s640/DSCF0461.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lnyIbHs4J2k/UjIGQrj4AzI/AAAAAAAAAho/yitf64KcXWc/s1600/DSCF0461.JPG)

Next we get lucky finding the objective room already! The room rains down lizard men in the form of spawns 12 saurus, 6 skinks, 12 pygmies and a cupboard for someone to take cover behind. Right off the bat we roll a combat event which results in the monsters deciding to gang up on the weakest member, ie poor lil kenny again.

The warriors eliminate several of the lizardmen on the first turn, the hippie searches the cupboard finding it bare and kenny decides to wander off as the monster pursue and eliminate his life in his feeble attempt to escape.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pblnu1rYHrs/UjIGTfZ0neI/AAAAAAAAAhw/EFy8yQvW0Xw/s640/DSCF0462.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-pblnu1rYHrs/UjIGTfZ0neI/AAAAAAAAAhw/EFy8yQvW0Xw/s1600/DSCF0462.JPG)

After taking minor damage we manage to clear out the rest of the room and start working on the back log of saurus and pygmies. Our dwarf companion wages war against them slowly as the fairy is re summoned again and manages to take out a pygmy. Surprisingly the fairy does not die again and we manage to clear the objective without too much damage.

Our treasures were less than satisfying and of little worth or use to the party so we manage to leave the crime scene and head back to the harbor.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_xwlf9nE84A/UjIGXGLIR9I/AAAAAAAAAh4/TdZy5xXv3jw/s640/DSCF0463.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-_xwlf9nE84A/UjIGXGLIR9I/AAAAAAAAAh4/TdZy5xXv3jw/s1600/DSCF0463.JPG)

Of course since we are apparently cursed the chainsaw warrior finds out the harbor is about to be attacked by the undead and as the chosen one (and friends) we must defend the harbor or slink away like slimy weasels. We of course choose to stay and fight a pile of monsters that are all considered undead versions. The invading horde consists of

1 undead skink terradon rider (leader) w double wounds, fear 5, magic dispel 5+
6 undead skinks
12 undead pygmies
2 undead pygmy champs
10 undead corsairs
12 undead dark elf warriors

The battle starts slow however all we have to do is eliminate the leader and the horde will scatter. Kronk opens up by butchering the pygmy champions while bruce works on clearing the corsairs around us. The hippie banishes a few distant pygmies to avoid a few poison darts. The berserkers amulet proves the undoing of the corsairs as its undead turning abilities cause them to break!

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_nFmoG7tRWI/UjIGZD5q5uI/AAAAAAAAAiI/m-VwVtW8TAo/s640/DSCF0466.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-_nFmoG7tRWI/UjIGZD5q5uI/AAAAAAAAAiI/m-VwVtW8TAo/s1600/DSCF0466.JPG)

Eventually the terradon swoops down into the throne room droping rocks and opening itself up to the fatal blows from our party. With the leader defeated the rest flee the castle and we are free to enjoy our stay in town.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2L6hzPrNwZI/UjIGbK0WP-I/AAAAAAAAAiQ/12DvRUjy-go/s640/DSCF0468.JPG (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-2L6hzPrNwZI/UjIGbK0WP-I/AAAAAAAAAiQ/12DvRUjy-go/s1600/DSCF0468.JPG)

The witch hunter Bruce is lucky as he finds an adventure from a traveling quest giver of sorts. Kronk the berserker is less so as he has managed to offend a BL4 trollslayer and the duel is set at dawn.

Kronk bravely (to be read stupidly) accepts the challenge and shows up giant gleaming sword in hand taking a huge chunk out of the slayers health right away. The slayer then retaliates nearly killing kronk and forcing him to use his healing potion. Kronk swings and the dwarven fighter dodges to the side delivering his axe upside the berserkers head ending his adventuring career right away.

So our first (non fairy) casualty is the result of an angry dwarf. RIP kronk, you silly stupid man you.

Shas'El Tael
15-09-2013, 11:44
Kronk... sniffle...

Love the use of Pygmies - I have an eye on Reapers Bloodstone Pygmy range for a similar idea :) Where are these models from?

Great read as ever, thanks for posting it and thanks to the Group!

15-09-2013, 20:15
Thanks for the comments! Those pygmies are Kalistra sculpts


Really reasonable prices and I was surprised at the quality too not bad at all.

16-09-2013, 21:51
It looks like it was a really fun game.

Shas'El Tael
16-09-2013, 23:32
And as if on cue, Wargames Foundry are having a Pygmy sale.. http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/our-ranges/darkest-africa/pygmy-tribal-alliance-collection-bcda013/

Go figure - but some nice alternatives there.

17-09-2013, 13:18
Love the Kenny character. Poor old Kronk. Bloody dwarfs!

22-09-2013, 13:02
I just love the way you describe your party's shenanigans! Poor Kronk.
It certainly has gotten me curious about your rules rewrite...

I think it's great how you tailor the monsters encountered per adventure.
And I'm mightily curious about your 40K WHQ as well. I hope playtesting progresses well, and you can share it with us at some point.

19-10-2013, 11:09
Great stuff Bob, loved the pygmies, shame about Kronk , poor fella.

28-11-2013, 15:06
Once More Into the Jungle

We are finally back! After the loss of Kronk he has been replaced with a fairly shady outlaw who claims he is really innocent. We'll just have to take his word for now I suppose.

The next quest is to save a would be sacrificial victim from the lizardmen so our intrepid group sets out into the jungle.During the travel to the adventure all but the hippie contracts a disease putting them at either -1 toughness or strength. In addition the chainsaw warrior falls into some quicksand and is pulled out by the witchhunter.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-a_VBpES5-bI/UpYMHypo9nI/AAAAAAAAAss/TDI6h47rvp4/s640/DSCF0690.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-a_VBpES5-bI/UpYMHypo9nI/AAAAAAAAAss/TDI6h47rvp4/s1600/DSCF0690.JPG)

After a shortish journey we arrive at the sacrificial temple. We only have 22 turns to reach the objective room and save the hostages before the beasts show up in mass to end us once and for all!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UJx0ILTXRGE/UpYMHtU3lHI/AAAAAAAAAso/d4VBpXy4LD0/s640/DSCF0691.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UJx0ILTXRGE/UpYMHtU3lHI/AAAAAAAAAso/d4VBpXy4LD0/s1600/DSCF0691.JPG)

Thankfully we only encounter a few traps on our way in letting kenny the fairy take the brunt of a few traps.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ufqbVGbODNQ/UpYMHa1yB2I/AAAAAAAAAsk/z3kQKxFgVEU/s640/DSCF0692.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ufqbVGbODNQ/UpYMHa1yB2I/AAAAAAAAAsk/z3kQKxFgVEU/s1600/DSCF0692.JPG)

We find the crocodile pit and send the fairy in to trigger the encounter within there. The pit is a terrible place to fight in and the fairy saves us a great amount of risk. Or would have until we find four pygmy slaves which we free and escort out through the astral shaft which is an extra exit within the dungeon. Thanks to our heroic deeds we gain yet more wealth!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i8JU-Kj1dWI/UpYMOl70pnI/AAAAAAAAAs8/vaUJtu-W5gg/s640/DSCF0693.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i8JU-Kj1dWI/UpYMOl70pnI/AAAAAAAAAs8/vaUJtu-W5gg/s1600/DSCF0693.JPG)

After crossing the crocodile pit we encounter the great hall with its many passages and a portal which leads to the old world!

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sLXUEqmH7kM/UpYMPdm8gSI/AAAAAAAAAtE/ee2VL-W_nlg/s640/DSCF0694.JPG (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-sLXUEqmH7kM/UpYMPdm8gSI/AAAAAAAAAtE/ee2VL-W_nlg/s1600/DSCF0694.JPG)

Thankfully we find the bonepit in record time however they did not leave the room anywhere near unprotected and defeating all of the monsters in the time allotted will be no simple task! The number of saurus, backed by two champions, and the skinks with gang up and jungle poison are a difficult mob of scales to deal with.

The outlaw manages to fell the skink priest right off the bat as more missile attacks and spells whittle the skinks down. Meanwhile the saurus are slowly brought down to size by the melee characters.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-EUX_kgwItBE/UpYMSqF2TNI/AAAAAAAAAtU/Q86C-6f6jyY/s640/DSCF0696.JPG (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-EUX_kgwItBE/UpYMSqF2TNI/AAAAAAAAAtU/Q86C-6f6jyY/s1600/DSCF0696.JPG)

Eventually we roll and unexpected event which since we are already in combat turns into a combat event automatically. In the event we discover our objective room treasure mid way through the battle. The battle continues as we finally slay the last saurus with no turns to spare!

Freeing the colonist, and being the heroes that we are, we decide to let them traipse through the jungle themselves in hope of returning home while we enter the portal to the old world and seek new adventures!

28-11-2013, 23:56
Some great board sections you have in your games! I haven't looked at your rules (my group have moved on to D&D now) but it sounds like the games are much more interesting and exciting than standard Quest, so next time we start a campaign, I'll definitely suggest using your rules.

02-12-2013, 21:53
That game looks like it was awesome. I bet those big square rooms allow for some real carnage!

05-12-2013, 09:12
Purplebeard raises an interesting question, how much of a difference does the larger rooms make? I play on a standard tile size set, do the larger boards change the tactics of the game radically?
Also, don't remember seeing it when I read your rules, but do you have an alternative method of placing the monsters? Or is it the case that these larger rooms actually lend themselves to the original method nicely?
Also, always interesting to read of your adventures, Ta.:)