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21-03-2005, 15:06
Might as well get these set up again, especially since many people (i.e. me ;) ) are in need of opponents! So, I'm sure most people know how to do this, but just basically add your rough details, such as area, armies, etc. So, without further ado....

Name: Ben
Age: 18
Location: Fleet, Hampshire
Armies: *deep breath* Vampire Counts, Night Goblins, Chaos Dwarfs, Chaos (both fantasy and 40k), Dark Elves, Necrons, Salamanders, Traitors (Lost and the Damned),Orks, Rebel Grots and Muties in Gorkamorka, Enforcers in Necromunda, and I also collect Necrons in BFG and Inquisitor.

BTW, does anyone know if there's a gaming club in Fleet library etc? If not, I'm going to try and set one up. :)

21-03-2005, 18:13
Name: Damien
Age: 20
Location: North London
Armies: Sylvanians (WHFB), I also play 40K, Mordheim, LOTR and Necromunda...but, apart from my Sylvanians, they're all back in New Zealand. :(

31-05-2005, 02:42
Name: Adam
Age: 20
Location: Leicester
Armies: Vampire Counts, And in a few months, Khorne Mortals.


Just thought I'd mention that there is the TGC (http://www.tgc.sg5.co.uk/) gaming club I grew up with located in Tamworth, near Birmingham. If your in the area, bloodthirsty, and out of victims, this is where to go ;)

31-05-2005, 06:22
Name: Simon.
Age: 20.
Location: Fareham, Hampshire.
Armies: Thousand Sons and Death Guard (40K). Escher and Spyrers (Necromunda).

01-06-2005, 10:53
Name: Alasdair
Age: 16
Location: Oxford
Armies: Playable: CHSM unplyable/half finshed/ most of the units not yet bought : imperial guard armoured company and skaven

01-06-2005, 11:28
Name: Richard
Age: 30
Location: Woking, Surrey
Armies: Tau and Tyranids - In progress but unplayable Zombie Pirates

01-06-2005, 11:32
Mark Reynolds
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
I run a small club in Trowbridge, mostly 40K but most other games get a look in. Average membership (Wednesday nights) is 10-15 people, but has been as many as 30. Mostly 16+ age range although younger people just as welcome. Feel free to PM me for details.

09-06-2005, 20:13
Name: Adam
Age: 21
Location: Borxbourne, Herts, (just out of North London)
Armies: World Eaters and Deathwing

09-06-2005, 21:26
Name: Tim Sculthorpe
Age: 19
Location: Bristol (Cribbs) @ Home, Swansea @ Uni
Armies: Dark Angels and Dark Elves


-- Imbroglio

Tom - Heretic
16-06-2005, 11:47
Playable: IG, Emperors Children, Slaanesh Lost and the damned. Very interested in getting into WH with my horde of unpainted brets...

21-06-2005, 19:25
Ash vale, Hampshire

O&G at the moment but when I go home I can bring down lots more stuff.

2 people from this area, any clubs near here?

22-06-2005, 09:46
Club in Portsmouth meets regularly every Thursday night 6.00-10.00

22-06-2005, 13:22
Its a bit far for me. Ill be in Gosport from january onwards though so Ill make a note of it.

22-06-2005, 23:56
I'm from portsmouth too, but my Blood Angels are in dire need of some paint and I refuse to play with unpainted models, and I'm not going to bother paining them sice I'm going to wait for the new BA Codex and rebuild my entire army from scratch.

24-06-2005, 13:55
Club in Portsmouth meets regularly every Thursday night 6.00-10.00Where is this club located?

24-06-2005, 14:28
Lavfluris, sent you a message & details

Malen Kharn
30-06-2005, 21:45
Name: Tom
Age: 19
Location: Boston, Lincs
Armies: Vampire Counts, Goblins, Chaos, Dark Elves, Cult of Slaanesh, Empire, Ogres, Wood Elves For Fantasy
Marines, Nids, Traitor Guard (17000pts ish) and Chaos for 40k
Morkas for Gorkamorka
Cawdor, Van-Saar and Pit-slaves for Necromunda
Orks in BFG
Traitor Guard and The Lost and the Damned in Epic
Lizardmen in Warmaster
Elves(x2) Necromantic's, Lizardmen, Chaos Dwarfs and Humans for Blood Bowl
5 Warbands for Inquisitor.
MI and Bugs for Starship Troopers
GM and play WFRP
Damn, sound excessive wen you see it written down, Oh well, only money :p

01-07-2005, 01:56
Name: Dan
Age: 21
Location: Hastings, East Sussex
40k - Blood Ravens, Tau, Grey Knights, Crimson Fists, Iron Warriors, Space Wolves, Ultramarines.

WFB - Bretonnians, Beastmen, Mortal Chaos, Wood Elves, Lizardmen, Kislev.

Epic - Marines
BFG - Chaos, Marines

Local Store - Eastbourne

02-02-2006, 21:21
Name: Will
Age: 21
Location: Central London
Armies: 40k SM, 40k Dark Eldar, Necromunda Goliaths

Local Store: Plaza or Croydon

04-02-2006, 17:07
Name: Andrew
Age: 18
Location: Newcastle
40k: Necrons - though still in painting stage and I don't like playing w/ unpainted models unless I have to
Fantasy: Orcs
Necromunda: Spyrers (when I get money)
BFG: Necrons (when I get money)

08-02-2006, 19:12
Name: Tyler
Age: 21
Location: Newcastle, North East England
40k - Space Marines, Tau
Mordhiem - Kislevs

Local Store: Newcastle City Centre.
Local Club: None

I've just gotten into Confrontation too, though still learning rules and have yet to play any games.

09-02-2006, 20:55
Name: Daniel
Age: 23
Location: Central/ North London
Armies: Vampire Counts + High Elves

Two other London players in this thread, but one I think has left since and the other doesn't play WHFB by the looks of it! Oh, the humanity. I could really do with a game too!

Rik Valdis
09-02-2006, 21:19
Name: David
Location: York in term-time (Peterborough in holidays)
Armies: Dwarves for WHFB, Necrons and Tau (somewhere) for 40k and various armies/warbands/teams for LOTR, Mordheim and Bloodbowl.

15-02-2006, 16:32
Name: Scott

Age: 29

Location: Isle of Man (any others form the island? doubt it)

Armies: 40k: Harlequins, Ultramarines Epic: SM/IG/AM/Knights Mordhiem: Carnival of chaos, Undead Bloodbowl: Woodelves BFG: Eldar, Necrons, and other non GW games.

Local Store: none
Local Club: meets at all Saints church hall, Douglas, Monday 8-12pm.

24-02-2006, 10:00
Name: Michael
Age: 23
Location: Newcastle, North East England
40k - Necrons, Chaos, Genestealer Hybrid (WIP)
WFB - Lizardmen, Wood Elves
Necromunda - Cawdor, redempionists

Local Store: Newcastle City Centre.
Local Club: Morpeth Gaming Club

Lord Gordonis
25-02-2006, 07:32
Name: Gordon
Age: 20
40k - Blood Angels
WFB - Orcs and Gobbo's
Necromunda - Goliaths
Mordheim - Orcs
Lord of the Rings - Isengard and Gondor

Local Store: Burton - upon - Trent
Local Club: none

07-03-2006, 07:19
First post!I did leave a post like this on Portent Years ago.......

Name: Andrew
Age: 33 (knacker)
Location: Near Market Weghton, East Riding of Yorkshire
40k: Orks (at a push)
Warhammer: Chaos Horde (undivided) 2-3000pts, Bretonnians 2000 (unpainted, well they were painted but I sold the painted ones on Ebay to pay for repairs to my car!)

Local store: York
Local club: Dunno not found one yet.......

07-03-2006, 14:40
Name: Marcus
Age: 23
Location: Central/South West London
40k: Imperial Guard, WH
WFB: BoC (see my To8G thread for progress)
Various other unfinished armies.

London seems to have hardly any players or clubs. Looking for a game, but not before carnage, too busy trying to finish the army!!