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04-06-2006, 18:13
Lately I've been looking for a project to work on and really fancy painting some sisters. The problem is I don't feel like paintig just a stand alone unit or a complete sisters army. So I was looking at making them a gang in Necromunda.

I've never played it before but I'm pretty sure everyone having power armour and bolters isn't something you can even come close to started with. So what do you guys think would be the best way to go with it? Which gang would be the most suitable and such?

Damien 1427
04-06-2006, 18:20
Redemptionists/Cawdor may work, but the thing is, by normal standards the best save anyone is likely to get is 5+, maybe 4+ at the very outside.

Arbites may be worth looking at, as I'm guessing they have actual armour from the outset and have access to bolters.

Of course, if your associates are kind-hearted fellows (And suicidal), you could try out the unofficial Space Marine Scout gang that has been floating on the 'net for a few years. There's a reason for it being unofficial, and that is the list is one of the most sickeningly overpowered ones going... Hell, it made the legendary Thousand-Credit Spyrer cry.

Personally? Why not write your own rules for 'em? :p After all, with all that heretic filth lurking in the Underhive, sometimes the Redemption need a hand... Actually, that's not a bad idea...

*Rushes off to write up a Sister of Battle Hired Gun*

04-06-2006, 18:49
Converting the rules wouldn't be difficult but giving an entire gang a 3+ power armour save would make them very very high powered. Perhaps using the Enforcers or redemptionists lists and treating them as sisters Repentia on a quest from the convent to retrieve something from the underhive would be a better way to do it?

If you're set on sisters why not do a 40k kill team?

04-06-2006, 18:59
I'd only ever see one or two sisters being used in necromunda, as that would be all that is needed.

Perhaps use one as a hired gun for a gang, if your friends are cool with that?

04-06-2006, 21:52
Well I'm not thinking "I want a sisters" army in Necromunda. More "I really like the models and I'd love a necromunda gang", so why not combind the two?

Not trying to break the game and have an uber gang, I was just thinking go with something loyal to the Imperium (rather than hive scum) and aim to get as many flamers and bolters as possible.

Damien 1427
04-06-2006, 22:21
Give me a moment and I'll grab my weighty copy of the original hardback...

*Flees to the cupboard.*

Now, a starting gang can have up to three flamers (Leader and two heavies), as well as around sevenish gangers carrying bolters. Keep in mind you can't buy armour (Well, you might in the new edition, but I dunno) when starting a gang, and even then it's a bugger to acquire carapace (4+ save, half Inititave). Also, as Bolter ammo is scarce and they're a nightmare to maintain in the Underhive, they have a 6+ Ammo roll (The only worse score they could have is Automatic Fail), whilst Flamers are blessed with a 4+ Ammo roll.

Unless you're a dice god, expect to be running out of bullets fast.

05-06-2006, 15:41
You could just use Spyrer rules and rename the suits so they're Sister of Battle units.

You'd only be able to have a squad at most.

05-06-2006, 17:48
Or...use escher figures and say they're unarmoured sisters, infiltrating the wreched hive trying to find sufficient reason to burninate the inhabitants.

05-06-2006, 20:39
well technically if things got out of controll for the arbites the sob would go in fluff wise, but using spyer rules would be okay, although u could use the list at the back of the wh book, and run a few agmes like necro with them, so like a horde of rioters and the such and a unit of sisters and maybe a reporssor and putting necro rules to them

08-06-2006, 10:48
I'd say standard human stats, standard (combat, shooting, muscle) skillset, buy the armour as mesh armour. (See if your opponant will let you get access to it from the start). Give heavies access to Flamers, Meltas and Heavy bolters. Convert some of the SoB sisters to carry weapons other than Bolters (Shotguns would be good) and that sounds acceptable.

19-07-2006, 04:36
I don't like the idea of Power Armor in the Underhive. I really don't like the concept of Space Marines or SoB's or Aspect Warriors, etc., running around in the UH. What happens is they either crush a new gang, or get wiped out by an old one. Not very satisfying.

I do like the Sisters of Sigmar models, though. I have ripped off their Warband rules from Mordheim and came up with a Necromunda gang called "The Sisters of Helmwar". You see, they are a militant convent of devout nuns who are sponsored by the ruling family of Necromunda, and mean to bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest recesses of the Underhive. They are not affiliated with the Sisters of Battle, they are kind of SoB's lite. NO power armor. Yes, not one bit of this is original. But, instead of making them female Redemptionists, I tried to incorporate the spiritual rules of the Mordheim ladies. The rules are written, but untested by me. I never did pick up the figs, but someday...

20-07-2006, 21:50
Just take 'em as a standard gang, unarmoured. Sure, the models have armour, but you can just pretend that they don't.

Just like the Van Saar gang I'm gonna do after my next 40K army's done - technically they should have Carapace Armour and S5 weapons, but a little 'counts-as' never did anyone any harm.

23-07-2006, 02:43
I think that SoB can be included without breaking the game.

Using some of the stuff from the SG website about creating your own gang, then I think the following might be suitable.

Possible Reasons for existing:
A great Imperial Saint originally came from the Underhive. The Sisters are protecting an important site.
The Order believes that recruits from the Underhive that follow the words of the Emperor make the most devout and committed Sisters. The Sisters are acting as a recruiting station.

Initial Members:
1 Sister Superior, 4 Sisters.
They have SoB armour, SoB Boltguns and SoB Bolt Pistols. They don't collect incomes from territories.

200 credits for Novices (juves) and Initiates (gangers). These are the recruits into the Order.

SoB Boltguns and pistols have ammo rolls of 4+ instead of 6+

The Sisters territory starts with a Shrine which generates 10 income from collections after sermons etc.

The Sisters may only train themselves and their recruits in relatively few weapons, and can only teach a few skills.

Usable Weapons

Knife, Sword, Flail, Chainsword*
Autopistol, Laspistol, Bolt Pistol*
Autogun, Lasgun, Shotgun, Boltgun*
* = Not available as starting weapons.

Usable Skills

Novices Agility, Shooting
Initiates Agility, Shooting, Ferocity
Sisters Agility, Shooting, Ferocity, Techno
Sister Superior Agility, Shooting, Ferocity, Techno, Combat

While wearing their power armour, the Sisters cannot use the following skills: Catfall, Jump Back, Leap.
If any sisters gain increases to their Strength or Toughness, then they can no longer wear their power armour, as it no longer fits them.

If the Sister Superior dies, one of the Sisters replaces her. If a Sister dies, then an Initiate becomes a Sister to replace her, although she will not fit the power armour.

Power armour, SoB boltguns and pistols are effectively impossible to replace or obtain.