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13-09-2013, 21:49
Hi All

I create several resources for WHQ, including new characters etc that I use when I play with my son.

I'm going to stick all the links to each file in one consistent post on a thread in case anyone wants to use them

Revenant Character
- Righty he's an undead warrior character that works in quite a different way to the other warriors. I have done little with his post game stuff, we do the post game very differently so I'll leave you guys to do with as you will. As a character he has a branching skill list and a unique way of healing. Basically, he's very good against hordes of monsters. Kind of the opposite of the Assassin really.

Assassin Character
-I know everyone has made an assassin character over the years but here is mine. He has some pretty unique play mechanics and a very customisable levelling system that I use for all my characters. This allows you to make 'builds' for them. As on overview he is very very good at killing single monsters, but can be a little fragile in a grand melee.

Post Game
-I have a pub generator in Excel, it's here. I have a gambling den in here also where you can bet on fights. This needs rebalancing a bit though

Game generator
-This ones huge. It has a very simple monster generator in it with customisable tables, though this is limited and I could make it easier to fill in and use. More importantly it has every treasure card in every pack in and a macro to randomly generate one at the push of a button. I'm currently adding all of the items from the book that where not on cards, designing cards etc for them, and bobbing them in this. I'll update it when I finish. Again, this is nearly a gig, apologies, its all the pics of the treasure cards.

still too lazy to take any pics but I will, honest. In the mean time I have been asked to come up with a tomb king guy... no idea what I'll do with him - the revenant took all my good undead ideas!