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17-09-2013, 20:42
In a similar way to my Harlequin thread I'm looking for some advice and guidance.

First some history...

I was heavily into 40k since the Rogue Trader days and amassed a massive collection of models over the years. I stopped playing the game in 5th edition and I am now selling off most of my collection. I don't own 6th edition or any of the new codexes.

My nephew has started playing the game so I am keeping my blood angels and imperial guard as I understand there are now rules for allies. I also have a sizeable force of Daemonhunters. I played them as radicals so I have loads of metal Stormtroopers, Daemonhosts, Assassins, Inquisitors and their retinues. Is the Daemonhunter codex still valid in this edition? Will it get an update? Or do I need to buy the Grey Knight codex?

Thanks in advance for reading this!

Lord Damocles
17-09-2013, 20:45
Codex: Daemonhunters has been replaced by Codex: Grey Knights.

You can still make a radical force, although you'll need a counts-as Inquisitor Coteaz to get access to something which isn't Grey Knights as Troops. That's no great problem though.

17-09-2013, 20:46
Inquisitorial forces are part and parcel of GK now.

18-09-2013, 00:03
It's all counts as now. Variety is bad ;)

18-09-2013, 00:57
It's all counts as now.
No it isn't. Almost all(or even all, I'm not 100% on daemonhosts off the top of my head) of those things have entries in the GK codex.

18-09-2013, 01:23
Daemonhosts are part of the inquisitors retinue now.

Grand Master Raziel
18-09-2013, 03:06
You have to buy the Grey Knights codex. The good news is, if you take Inquisitor Coteaz (or a counts-as version of him), Inquisitorial Henchmen units can be Troops Among the types of Henchmen are Warrior Acolytes, who are the ones who can be equipped with hotshot lasguns (formerly known as hellguns) and carapace armor, so those are your stand-ins as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers. The bad news: kitted out with stormtrooper gear they cost 13pts a model and are BS3. More bad news: Death Cult Assassins aren't independent single-model units anymore, but instead they're options you can take in a Henchmen unit. That kind of sucks. The really bad news: Daemonhosts went from being awesome, super-tough, single-model units just shy of being MCs with a wacky powers table to being single-wound members of an Inquisitorial Henchmen unit. So, you'd need a buttload of them to make a semi-decent unit of them. That was probably the biggest hit for me, and what nudged me over to using (4th ed) Codex: Chaos Space Marines for my radical Daemonhunters force. So, the nutshell is, you could do it, but you'd be spending a lot of points for a not-terribly-effective force, and you'd have to spend some money on some new models to make it even remotely viable. Your army would also be limited to using only Troops, HQs, and Elites, since everything in Fast Attack and Heavy Support is a Grey Knights unit of one sort or another. You're probably best served repurposing your Storm Troopers to your IG army and putting the rest on eBay.

18-09-2013, 03:56
Daemonhosts are part of the inquisitors retinue now.
Cheers. So all the models still have entries.

18-09-2013, 04:16
The real Daemonhunters book that was supposed to be released instead of the current Grey Knights book is locked in Matt Wards basement.

18-09-2013, 04:32
Bah. I was pretty pleased they took the emphasis off a cultish private-eye agency against the backdrop of world-spanning warzones.

18-09-2013, 09:38
Cheers. So all the models still have entries.Kind of...

The assassins have their own entries. The inquisitors are now three near-identical entries depending on which selection of gear you want (basically inquisitor with terminator armour OR inquisitor with inquisitor with special grenades OR inquisitor you probably won't use).

The rest are crammed into a single elites slot (which are troops with corteaz). Death cultists, arcos, and crusaders are all single wound models for about the cost of a marine, the daemonhosts are now cheap single wound single attack models mixed into the same squad, and stormtroopers have been replaced by cheaper than cheap BS3 guardsmen in flak armour with a variety of not quite so cheap upgrades.

As with the old radical list the fast attack slot is a miss and heavy support is just landraiders (an orbital strike can be gained via an elite techmarine). The main change is that the more expensive elite units of the old DH have been replaced by a bit of a swarm - you'll get around 75 models, mostly death cultists and crusaders, in a 1250 list.

18-09-2013, 09:57
Thanks for the thorough replies, guys.

Good to know that the models are at least usable in some fashion. I'm not interested in buying more models, especially Grey Knights, just using the ones I've already got and painted. I never found my radicals were a competitive army anyway, but its a shame they sound even harder to play!

18-09-2013, 11:34
I never found my radicals were a competitive army anyway, but its a shame they sound even harder to play!The old stormtroopers can be replaced with allied grenadier guard units, not quite the same but relatively close.

Forgeworld has Inquisitor Lok as an option for an HQ leading a couple of inquisitorial valkyries of stormtroopers
- http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/c/Characters.pdf