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23-09-2013, 16:53
Hello folks.
I'm starting a week of night shifts, so I thought I would use my free day to play a little WHQ. Inspired by Styfen's "Band of others" from Board game geek http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/596979/band-of-others-session-one-destroy-the-bridge
I decided to use the same system, random warriors replacing deaths with another random warrior.

My starting party turns out as.
Elf. 13 starting wounds, Healing potion, Party leader for this quest.
Pit fighter. 14 starting wounds, pit armour, fist spike, pit flail, heal itt potion.
Chaos warrior. 13 starting wounds, light armour, axe, Parrying blade, Poison bite, teleportation.
Witch Hunter. 10 starting wounds, steel gorget, sabre, pistol, one of each magical amulet with a single charge each (a bad omen already....), 2 starting faith.

It could have been a lot worse. Without a wizard healing would be troublesome, but with the elf's healing potion, and the pit fighters heal itt potion we should be okay. And with two strong fighters we'd certainly be able to hit hard.

I rolled Tomb chamber quest 3, return the crown. I would have to fight my way to the tomb chamber to find a key that would open a chest in the first dungeon room I found. I would then have to backtrack to this room, open the chest that contained the crown, and then go to collect my reward.

I kept notes throughout, so here is a turn by turn report.

Turn one and two: We enter into a guard room containing the chest with the crown (a bit of early luck!), and 6 goblin archers. No problem. The elf and pit fighter rush in and despatch 5 between them, with the chaos warrior slicing through the 6th. Drawing a treasure card reveals an abandonded backpack containing some stone bread, a potion of healing, and a deathstone. The elf snaps it all up for himself.

Turn three: We form up at the guard room door, and explore. A passageway.

Turn four: We move along the passage.

Turn five: moving up to the door we peer though and find a t junction.

Turn six: We move along the junction taking the route directly ahead, ignoring the path that turns to our right.

Turn seven: exploring we find another passageway and keep moving onward.

Turn eight, nine, ten, and eleven: we move along the passage and form at the door, finding another passage ahead of us. We keep going onward and find a torture chamber ahead, forming up at the door before we go in.

Turn twelve: We form a square in the corner of the torture chamber and are attacked by nine Ghouls.

Turn thirteen: The pit fighter kills one ghoul, and the witch hunter shoots one dead. In return the chaos warrior is mauled for 6 wounds.

Turn fourteen: Everyone but the pit fighter misses there attack, while the pit fighter does some damage, killing a pair of ghouls. He is hit for five wounds, with the chaos warrior taking 2, and the elf 3.

Turn fifteen: Reduced to five, the ghouls nerve breaks and they flee. The pit fighter swigs his heal itt potion giving him 3 wounds back. We find a precious icon in the room and it is taken by the chaos warrior. The elf explores, and we find a passageway ahead. This dungeon is taking on the appearance of one long corridor.

Turn sixteen and seventeen: We move up the passage, forming at the door. We hold our breath, turning the last dungeon card. It is the Tomb chamber!

Turn eighteen: We rush into the tomb chamber, forming into a square at the corner again, waiting to see what we find.
1 Minotaur.
8 Skaven.
11 Giant rats.
It's not the worst result in the world, but the minotaur could be a problem. there are only 2 free squares in the tomb chamber now. A few wounds are knocked off the minotaur, but nothing much else happens, with all the monsters attacks missing.

Turn nineteen: We set about fighting, with the elf missing, the pit fighter also missing, the chaos warrior killing only one skaven, but the witch hunter shows some grit. Using his pistol and an amulet of holy fire he knocks the minotaur down to 3 wounds.
In return the roaring monster lays into the pit fighter, taking him to zero wounds in short order.

3 wild squigs arrive, bounding into the dungeon from the rear.
We keep fighting for our lives. The elf kills a skaven, the pit fighter kill steals the minotaur and laughs at the witch hunter before going on to kill a skaven, The chaos warrior kills a skaven, misses his deathblow, calls on his mark of chaos, and misses again!
The pit fighter swigs his potion and gains 4 wounds. The attacks of the monsters all miss the mark.

Turn twenty one: UNEXPECTED EVENT!
9 goblins with spears and a goblin shaman arrive.
The elf reacts fast and draws his bow, he hits the shaman in the throat and kills him dead! The pit fighter grins and swings his flail, killing a goblin, a skaven, and snapping the neck of a giant rat. while the witch hunter is trapped behind the other warriors and unable to help, the chaos warrio swings and misses with his axe, but snaps his jaws into the neck of a goblin and kills it.
in return the chaos warrior is hit for 5 wounds and goes down! the elf is hit for 2, and the pit fighter for 1.
In the background, a two cave squigs pounce on a goblin and a rat, eating them in one bite each!

Turn twenty two: UNEXPECTED EVENT!
12 more skaven pour through the walls, filling even the adjacent passageway. Well, at least no more can spawn on us!
The chaos warrior is fed a dose of heal itt potion and regains five wounds.
The elf, pit fighter, and chaos warrior kill 2 skaven and a goblin between them, while a cave squig devours a skaven. I could learn to like these fungus beasts!
The chaos warrior is hit again for five wounds, and falls to the floor.

Turn twenty three: While the warriors flail madly, missing everything they try to hit, the cave squigs eat 2 skaven, and a rat! I may take the little them home with me, lovely little things! The chaos warrior is given more of the heal itt potion and stands up on 4 wounds, before being hit for two along with the pit fighter, who is taken down.

Turn twenty four: The pit fighter swigs his potion, giving him back five wounds, and kills a skaven as he gets up with a grunt. While the others warriors are assailed by giant rats, they each manage to break the necks of the little horrors. The pit fighter is hot from behind for 4 wounds, as is the chaos warrior, knocking him unconcious again!

Turn twenty five: The chaos warrior drinks from the heal itt potion, gaining 2 wounds, but the potion is now all gone!
The elf kills a skaven, as does the pitfighter before smashing a rat dead. The chaos warrior teleports to the far corner away from danger, letting the witch hunter finaly enter the fray. He kills one rat, underwhelmingly, before being pummeled for 4, 5, then 6 wounds taking him down!
The elf is next, being hit for 3 wounds and blacking out, followed by the pit fighter who loses his last wound and hits the dirt.
Oh dear.
The only comfort is watching another skaven being chomped down by a squig.

Turn twenty six: The elf quaffs his healing potion, taking him to full wounds, then hands out his second one cntainging two doses to the pit fighter and witch hunter who rise to full wounds. Phew! That was close.
The witch hunter uses his healing amulet giving the chaos warrior five wounds back.
In the fighting the elf kills a goblin, the pit fighter also kills a goblin and moves up to engage the squigs, but misses, while the chaos warrior sneaks from behind and kills a squig with ease. The witch hunter grits his teeth and uses and amulet of purity and an amulet of alcadizzar to kill a rat and the remaining 2 squigs, burning his 2 faith points in the process. Costly, perhaps too costly. The elf takes 3 wounds, and the pit fighter 1.

Turn twenty seven: The warriors keep fighting, with the elf killing a skaven, the pit fighter a goblin, the chaos warrior 1 skaven, and the witch hunter killing two skaven, burning his amulets of strength and fury to do so. Both the elf and pit fighter take 6 wounds.

Turn twenty eight: The tide has turned and the warriors feel confidence returning with the elf and witch hunter killing a skaven each, and the pit fighter a goblin. Only one skaven now remains.

Turn twenty nine: The pit fighter slays the final goblin, and the warriors promptly fall down to take a rest. they find a fur cloak, a magic spear, and a wings of power scroll going to the witch hunter, pit fighter, and elf respectively. We find the key to the chest and take a moment to steel out nerves before turning back ready to open the chest.

Turn thirty and thirty one: we retrance our steps slowly.....

Turn thirty two: UNEXPECTED EVENT!
5 rats.
Weare startled but not worried, and they are killed beofre they get a chance to fight back. We breath a sigh of relief and dare to hope that we are past the worst of it.

Turn thirty three: we keep going, back to the torture chamber now, pausing as we reach the door......getting a whiff of something foul.

Turn thirty four: UNEXPECTED EVENT!
6 Beastmen jump out of the shahows and sling a half dozen spears at us before closing in for the kill. The elf is hit for 6 wounds and goes down, with the pit fighter hit for 5, and the witch hunter for 3. Our attacks in response go wild, hitting nothing.

Turn thirty five: THE ELF DIES FOR WANT OF HEALING! But what could we do, we had nothing to save his life. The pit fighter takes the lantern and manages to kill a single beastman as we start to get worried. He turns and takes an axe to the neck, taking him to zero wounds and onto the floor! He girgles as the witch hunter is hit for four wounds.....

Turn thirty six: THE PIT FIGHTER DIES FOR WANT OF HEALING! We would have saved him, but we could not. He was too far gone, and we had no magic left. The chaos warrior snatches up the lantern and kills a beastman, fighting for his life, he is hit for five wounds.

Turn thirty seven: In the melee the witch hunter is hit for five wounds and goes down seconds before the chaos warrior is stabbed in the chest and falls to his knees, all his wounds gone.

Turn thirty eight: The two remaining warriors are unconcious. There is nobody to help them. As the beastmen cry triumph, the warriors die.
For us, the quest is over.

*sad face*
Ah well, you can't win them all. I suppose I should have tried to escape when I was down to two warriors, but they didn;t have many wounds. I thought I had a better chance fighting.
Hope it was some kind of entertainment for you :D

23-09-2013, 18:06
Always a tricky one on the first mission, even more tricky when you do not have a spellcasting healer and three times as tricky when you use the level 1 monster table instead of the cards.

Personally in a wizardless game I would give each warrior at least D6 Provisions to balance it out but that's the way you rolled and it was so close :D

Keep them coming!

25-09-2013, 19:48
Interesting report. When playing you don't realise how many turns there are in a game of WQ. Funny how unexpected events are just like busses, wait ages for one then 3 arrive one after another!:D