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05-06-2006, 14:23
I have a conciderable standing Wood Elf army, which has now had it's ranks swelled by the new plastic Wood Elves.

I was wondering what the opinons are on Wood Elf tactics, be they from Rivendell, Lothlorien or Mirkwood.

Elven cloaks seem too expensive to me. Although they'd be great fun when facing those bastard Haradrim bow armies of hell.

Sentinels, anyone tried these? The control power seems nice, against say a Troll. But can it be used to move a model out of combat?

Spears are definilty in, the shielding rule is pretty handy, and my metal bow Elves already have them.

It is a shame that none can have shields: Haldir's Elves with shields would have made for a decent shield wall against shooting and Uruks.

I will concider all my Elf Warrirors with Elven blades to be equiped with hand weapons: Elven blades are no way worth the extra point.

Whom to give the throwing blades? Not on my bow Elves, they already get spears so they can stay out of close combat. Idem for spears, they're not front rank troops. Blade/hand weapon Elves seem the best choice, although that does keep them from being ablative armour.

I realised Elladan and Elrohir are now a really good choice, as point per point they are way cheaper than any other Elven Captains.

Anyone use Treebeard? Or Eagles? Treebeard seems pretty cool when facing Trolls, but the Eagles don't seem very interesting, other than for their speed.

05-06-2006, 16:00
Staring lovingly at my new plastic, I decided the worst thing about them are their faces. And that they'd look really cool with some green stuff hoods :D.

05-06-2006, 18:20
Well, I've had the pleasure of facing the entirely cloaked wood elf army, with my goblins. The board had one section of woods, about 18inches by 12 inches. My goblins were slaughtered.
My bowmen which were now useless ran in the front to screen my main force.
I realise now that against such an army you have to spread out and cover as much of the woods as you can, even if you leave gaps between your goblins this is a much better way than forming into one battle line.
I played it with one long line, they couldn't keep up with the elves. My opponent ripped me apart at his leisure, using heroic actions to dodge out of my lines and counter charging where I was weakest. Not to mention the continuous hail of arrows which could not be countered and killed three goblins a turn minimum.
Now I include wild wargs, the spiders are also of great interest as they both move swiftly through forest and can help me flush them out of the woods and onto my ground.
In summery, the force with cloaks is effective.

The lack of shields is made up by mirkwood spears as these have the shielding ability.
Elven blades are worth it if you need to hack a balrog apart.

11-06-2006, 15:41
I fought a 1000 points battle on friday, Wood Elves against mixed Evil.

Elven bowmen are squishy: they suffered from Haradrim bowmen until I had the brains to shield them.

Celeborn worked nicely, he's a good fighter. But I figure the extra 15 points for armour is definitly worth it, especially as he than becomes a really good character killer.

Wood Elves with spears are cool: combined with banners they make Elves into a fearsome fighting force, but I used a couple to hold of a large portion of the enemy army, allowing me to rip apart the rest of his army.

Next time I'll try Elven Cloaks for my bowmen. That, or Galadriel in war aspect form, her blinding light should be useful.

Stormtrooper Clark
23-06-2006, 20:50
This months White Dwarf (Came out today) has some Wood helf tactics.

30-06-2006, 08:23
Well. often when I play Wood elves I put them into a forest or at the top of a hill and then the enemy are dead if I could only have some luck...

30-06-2006, 20:30
Notna, he's talking about the new Wood Elves of Mirkwood from the Fall of the Necromancer

01-07-2006, 09:46
Aha, okej, I thought he was talking about tactics, yeah yeah, whatever

01-07-2006, 10:31
Tactics, yes, BUT, that tactic is rather obvious, and, he's asking about the new units and how they can work in a list, good effort though.

Btw, had a look at your WHFB TK Skellie archers... why on earth didn't you pose your Wood Elf Warriors that good!

02-10-2006, 16:42
Well, I finally got my copy of Legions of Middle Earth.

On one hand I was a bit dispointed: Galadhrim Elves (the ones with D4) no longer count as the basic troops for 3rd Age Rivendell, meaning I can't combine them with Eldrond's kin like I used to. My spear conversions also turned out to be useless, but I can live with that.

Good news is they now have a solid list.

Galadriel is a pretty good caster, and in her close combat form she's also got some nasty tricks.
Celeborn is a decent caster, but he's also a first class fighter.
Haldir I concider overpriced, but than so are all Captains compared to Elladan & Elrohir.

Wood Elf Warriors are probably supposed to make up for things. I guess with bows, cloaks and throwing daggers they do, using the Galadhrim as shield (not that those are very good at it, but hey).
Galadhrim Knight sounds very promissing (concidering ofcourse that an Elven blade is useless from horseback :)), as do Pathwalkers.

And the siege catapult, that's just guessing (enchanted amunition and rallying point sound cool :D).

04-10-2006, 21:15
So, as a player looking to start up LotR(probably start with a legion box), is it even worth it to buy the Legions book? It seems like there are a few key rules in a whole book that doesnt seem worth 25 bucks.

05-10-2006, 11:35
To be fair, the lists have a fair few errors and while they stop certain ridiculous combinations, they freely allow others. It does contain all of the scenarios, some of which are used for tourney play.
My advice is to have a quick look through at a hobby store and if you like it, then buy it.

20-10-2006, 13:18
well, I've thought about it a lot, and well, Galadhrim Elves (woodies with armour) are quite useless, unless you're playing with a pure Lothlorien army (fun as that may be: Galadriel owns!)
for 1 point extra you can get allies with heavy armour, which is twice as usefull against volley fire and Uruks/Captains
and access to shields and spears (so much for my Galadhrim with spears conversions)

speaking of shields, anyone know of a good way to make these?

since my Galadhrim Elves are no longer the standard troops for Rivendell, I'm thinking of getting some High Elf Warriors, converting the ones with Elven blades to hand weapon and shield, so I'll need shields

mail order seems excessive
so I was thinking perhaps cut them out of cardboard

btw, a little rules question: if Galadriel faces off against Khamul the Easterling, and he casts sap will on her

- does she permanently lose her free point of will?
- if she doesn't, but hasn't used it yet, can she still use it after Khamul's spell?

we agreed that she didn't lose her free will point, and that she could still use it even after he sapped her will. since he takes away her will, but her ability allows her to cast without needing will in the first place

26-10-2006, 15:36
As far as I remember it just says she gets a free will point a turn. The same applies to the wizards although it is possible to remove that with your staff is broken. That obviously wouldn't work with Galadriel as she doesn't have a staff.
Unless it says something like terrifying aura where you lose the effect after running out of will, then Galdriel gets a free will point every turn regardless of here normal will points.