View Full Version : Mantic: dwarf kings hold - pieces suitable for WHQ?

11-10-2013, 21:26
Simple really, my club is thinking about playing quest and looking for alternatives for floor tiles - has anyone played with the dwarf king hold pieces and do they work as well for WHQ?


12-10-2013, 07:00
I have not used Dwarf Kings Hold for WHQ. The thing is you would need to either adjust the rules to use a preset dungeon, or make cards or a table to randomly generate the dungeon during play using the tiles. WHQ usually generated the dungeon randomly as you play. You can make tiles by printing off some of the fan made tilesets then simply cutting them out of normal printer paper if you are looking at trying a one off and don't want to adjust any rules to have a pregenerated dungeon or new cards or table. There was one point where I was between moves and didn't have my tiles so I drew out the basic tiles with no art whatsoever on printing paper then cut them out.