View Full Version : Family Guy- The Skirmish Battle Game (Development thread)

17-10-2013, 16:04
Firstly, apologies to anyone who got excited by the title and thought this was an actual game that would go into production, it isn't. But let me explain...

I enjoy card and board games, as well as a bit of wargaming, and want to do something as a bit of a hobby, so I'm going to have a go at making my own skirmish game. I really liked playing the Family Guy: Multiverse computer game (well, not so much the actual game, more the survival/ deathmatch mode), but it was a bit repetitive. So I've decided to use it as inspiration for a skirmish game. Not having too much experience with other skirmish games, to begin with I'm looking at adapting it from The Last Night on Earth game.

Obviously, as I'll be blatantly ripping off various pieces of IP this won't ever be something that would be available to buy, but I intend to upload it for free download if I get it all put together.

Model-wise, I'm just intending to use round bases with card pictures of the characters mounted on them, and design several game boards based on Quahog, so again, nothing overly complicated, and things that can be downloaded and produced at home easily. That kind of thing is (pretty) straight forward to sort out, it's mainly the rules and things like that that I'd be looking to develop (and as there's only a rules development forum for GW games, I figured this was the best place for it).

EDIT: I've had a better think about the style and have amde a few changes to the above post...