View Full Version : Help equiping my battle wagon

Lord Squidar
03-11-2013, 21:02
So I got a battle wagon and the deff rolla upgrade kit, busy painting parts of it now. I've assembled it with an open top, 4 big shootas and a deff rolla, but the ork part of me wants to keep on piling on as many bits as I can possibly fit on it in some kind of Xzibit fueled craze to get more gubbins on it.


It was intended to be a transport for a massive mob of 20 boys that rolls forward and destroys everything. Does it work the same way with a closed top? Adding a kill kannon (which looks cool) drops the transport capability to 12 which makes me want to put burnas in there. So what is the best combination for the battle wagon?

03-11-2013, 22:11
Sounds similar to mine,

They don't tend to last long so any points spent tend to be wasted, you really just want to be piling forward to deliver the boyz.
You can try a big mek with KFF in there to aid survivability, or I like a warboss with a combi flamer, he can scorch and assault a separate unit to the boyz, which means you can squish one with the deffroller, have the warboss pulp something and send the boyz in to drag down something else. It's expensive but if you can get it in it can be game winning.

03-11-2013, 22:55
The problem with the closed top is that you can't treat the battle wagon as an assault vehicle any more, so you can't charge the same turn you disembark. Adding the kill kannon is nice, but with the drop in transport capacity you might task it for different things. With a kill kannon you could put the hard top on to make it a bit more survivable when penetrated. That one you might just let units stay inside and shoot out (if you wish, burna boyz, or even send a unit of grots in it to claim an objective). You might want 2 battle wagons in that case, one with the kill kannon and one with the capacity to haul 20 boyz and dump them into battle.