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08-06-2006, 07:36
Thinking of trying space marines as a side project to my grey knights (might as well have one competitive army!). I know most people will be thinking :wtf: but for some space marines appeal to me....

Anyway, thinking I'd rather try one of the 'named' space marine chapters (ie space wolves, blood angels, dark angels, black templars and ultramarines) rather than create one of my own. Which one do people think would be:

i) the most fun
ii) the least common
iii) most tactically challenging/interesting

At the moment Space Wolves and Templars sound the best, Ultramarines the least. What do people think?

08-06-2006, 08:10
From what you said I think White Scars would suite your interests. And I belive that you should make your own traits since those provided in the SM:C aren't really usefull if you decide to play in character, meaning having an all bike force.

I would suggest you take White Scars with be swift as the wind and no drop pods disadvantage.

08-06-2006, 08:11
One of my regular opponents fields Dark Angels and they're fun to play against and with. What with hunt the fallen (which adds a real narrative feel if it happens) jink saves loads of speeders and a great fluff background,they would seem a good choice. Also I think they are in line for a new codex.

The Dude
08-06-2006, 08:30
I may be biased, but go for Blood Angels :D.

However, in order for them to be as you requested, the most tactically challenging/interesting, you MUST play them as a Codex Chapter. Take Devestators and Tactical Squads. Even risk taking Terminators. Don't load up on Transports and avoid taking a Chaplain.

Then you'll see how tactically challenging/interesting, and (if you play that way) Unique they can be. ;)

Smoking Frog
08-06-2006, 08:46
I'm biased when I say go Ork Space Marines. Maybe when they release Codex: Tyranid Space Marines they will be good too. :p

OK, I suggest either Dark Angels, or White Scars as said before. Also, Blood Angels are good for both fluff and gameplay, consider the Red Marines.

08-06-2006, 08:56
i) the most fun = Deathwing
ii) the least common = Deathwing
iii) most tactically challenging/interesting = Deathwing

Looks like the Deathwing for you :)

Goq Gar
08-06-2006, 08:58
Yeah, you rarely ever see a white scar detachment now a days.

Personally? As a tactically challenging army, Id go for white scars or salamanders.

08-06-2006, 15:32
Trait: Scions of Mars. Hey, you said you wanted a challenge... :)

Da Reddaneks
08-06-2006, 15:45
i cannot encourage anyone to play a marine army. But if you must follow the path of darkness then the lesser of the evils would be White Scars. They are rare, They are not like regular marines, they have good (for a beakie) "character."

08-06-2006, 15:57
If you already have grey knights, then i would avoid templars (have little to do with inquisition), blood angels (try to hide the floor- even though i have angels and gk). The space wolves are characterful and dont seem quite as common these days. The dark angels would provide quite a good counter to the knights, solid firebase to the knights combat prowess. But armies such as white scars, crimson or imperial fists, even iron hands are all fairly characterful and have good background. Have a look at thier various histories and see what you think. I wouldnt worry to much bout their traits for now, as these can be chosen by you even for historical chapters

08-06-2006, 15:59
If you MUST go space marine then go Deathwing.

Getifa Ubazza
08-06-2006, 16:15
If you MUST go space marine then go Deathwing.

If i didnt already have an infantry heavy marine army and an unreasonable hatred of painting another *&%^$$ marine, i would go with deathwing or at least a terminator heavy one with a couple of small units of scouts for troops.

08-06-2006, 17:34
If you want character and don't bother about beeing chee.. I mean competitve, then there are two choices for you:
-White Scars: all bike, nasty Hell's Angels feeling (only in saintly white :D ), for added punch you still can have a crapload of Landspeeders.
-Iron Hands: Use those Dradnoughts and give every Tactical veteran sergenat a terminator armour, and as HQ a Techmarine. Now that's what you don't see every day.

Do them if you are not satisfied with those above:
-Blood Angels: If you play them as codex marines as The Dude advised, then you got yourself an interesting army, and altough they are the same red as those armies, that are frickin' lunatic butchers, they are stil different (but not in looks) (and I personally are sick of seeing red armies: BA, Khorne, Farsight, WB, etc)
-Space Wolves: They play very different from other SM chapters. They got also this drunken northern savage feeling, and have some interesting options. They are good in shooting and CC, but you can find some of them in every gaming circle.

-Ultramarines: SMurfs are everywhere.
-Dork Angels (standard, RW, DW): at least around here, 2/3 of all SM armies are a variation of DA (don't be an asscannon junkie)

Voodoo Boyz
08-06-2006, 19:14
Having started my marines army (coming from Orks) about 5 months ago, I can just reccomend this:

Find out what colors you like. This is key.
Read the Marine Codex, find out what kind of army you would like to field.
With the traits system you can paint up your own paint scheme, come up with a nice name/symbol for your chapter, and then use different traits all you like.

Personally I LOVE the Ultramarines paint scheme. I even like the symbol, and the fluff. I don't care if they're over done, I just like the way they look. Problem is I wanted to use traits and play them a little differently. So I'm painting my guys as Ultramarine Second Company (Blue + Gold) with metal highlights. For the symbol I'm just turning it upside down to use as an Omega and make the Omega Marines.

Kind of cheesy, but meh I don't care it's my army and I actually like the look of it.

The next most important thing is to determine what kind of army you want to field, as this dictates the units you want to buy. No point in buying tactical marines if you find that you want to play a Deathwing style army, or a white scars kind of thing.

The most important question is how fluffy or cheesy do you want to be? If you want effective then there are a lot of things you can do, take lots of Landspeeder Tornados, Las/Plas squads, maybe some termies w/ Assault Cannons, etc.

These are the "most effective" options of a Marine list. If you want to avoid being cookie cutter, then don't take a whole lot of those things.

Personally I wanted a fast moving army that specialized as shock troops and were all about CQB (close quarters battle), so I took the Cleanse and Purify trait and the No Mercy, No Respite Trait. The last trait was so that I could field a lot of assault marines, because.....I love assault marines. :p

Plus I only can take one Landspeeder Tornado Squadron, which while it IS a major disadvantage compared to other Marine chapters, it does make things more challenging.

Thing is, I eventually may want to change my force around, play a completely different army. Eventually I was thinking of buying a bunch of Marine Bikes and changing the traits so that I can take Bikes as Troops, assault marines as elites, and then take Speeders as fast attack, and have what turns out is something like the White Scars, but I can simply just change the "Omega Marines" into whatever kind of specialized chapter I want.

That's the best part about having a "non standard" chapter, you can adjust your army and play styles radically by just buying a few more models down the line.

Pick the kind of army you'd like to start with, bike heavy, speeder heavy, assault marine heavy, static troop heavy, scout heavy, whatever. Just figure out what kind of style you'd like to start with and go from there.

cav da man
08-06-2006, 20:40
so if you want the shorter version of what he just said, paint them how you like and call them what you want when you want. Easy yes?
So if you take a troop heavy list but then decide to switch for bikes nobody is going to say "...... dont use bikes" or something and then whine how your either being unfluffy or cheesy (whichever they judge to be closer to the truth for that....stupid people)

09-06-2006, 01:15
If you truly want a rare army, you can't beat the Rainbow Warriors and their (maybe) three players. ;)

White Scars are definitely different, pretty rare, and very fluffy, though.