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08-06-2006, 12:30
Never been much into clan tech but yesterday I was persuaded to but a Madcat Resculpt....... 's a beauty...... Soooo... Whats your favorite 'Mech ? I'll be generous and allow you a choice from each weight class.... and you can even add a BA, Elemental or Proto if your in the mood )_).

I'll start with a....

Light - Got to be the LCT-5V Locust... Looks like a catapult but is better used for running away... fast...

Medium - Hunchback, but the PPC Cicada variant would come in a close second.

Heavy - I'm not that familiar with Heavy mechs, so I'll probably just put the Ol Madcat in here. The Timberwolf Prime is just a scary fellow, and an Iconic one at that.

Assault - Probably the Fafnir. Overkill in a bottle with it's twin H.Gauss rifles.

Light stuff - Mmmm, ahhh...Could have been ISS BA, but I think I'll vote for the Kanazuchi, just because its silly, lacks mobility and if it was any larger would have to be included as an IS Proto... Bar an extremely low-tech one...

08-06-2006, 13:22
Light- maybe panther, although I use commandos a lot

Medium- I usually use medium mechs, so I can't put my finger on what is an exact favorite, I guess Griffon.

Heavy- this is a hard one too, Axeman, I love mobility and firepower and it has a good mixture of both, but there are so many others as well.

Assault- Hands down, my favorite is Highlander, jump jets, well rounded weapons, and did I mention it has jump jets. I also like the king crab cause it looks funny.

08-06-2006, 22:58
Light - Cougar. The look of it is just awesome.

Medium - Hmmm more difficult this. The Bushwhacker I suppose.

Heavy - Has to be the Timber Wolf. To iconic to ignore.

Assault - Hmm another hard one. Mad Cat II I suppose. Looks even more lethal than the original.


09-06-2006, 12:33
Heavy - Has to be the Timber Wolf. To iconic to ignore.

Yeah, I picked up a Timberwolf and MC2 from static when I was last in Glasgow.... Usualy try to avoid Clan-Tech but they do look kinda cool...... should have picked up the Atlas resculpt too, but I'm a fool ;D

As for the Highlander, I should get one of those too... Lacks the Heavy Gauss punch you get from a Fafnir but makes up for it with the LRM's, SRM's and lasers....

09-06-2006, 21:42
Battle Armour: Gotta go with the Elemental. If you can make Space Marines look like pussies...

Light: Puma/Adder. When I played The Crecent Hawk's Revenge (An old-ass Battletech PC game), I got raped by these things. They took out entire Assault Lances with those damn PPCs. Neverminding the mission where you had to get two piddly little light lances out of a map full of them.
And, come on. Two PPCs on a 35-ton 'Mech!

Medium: Probably the Centurion. Good, solid 'Mech.

Heavy: Marauder, hands-down. Nothing, IMO comes close to the embodiment of bad-ass that is the Marauder, except...

Assault Marauder II (Project Phoenix version). What's that, you say? A Marauder with heavier armour, jump jets and bigger guns? Where do I sign up?