View Full Version : 2000Bret list 1st go

08-06-2006, 15:52
Lord= grail vow, gaunlet of the duel, Gromril great helm, virtue of confidence, hippogryph

Paladin= Battle standard bearer

Damsel of the Lady= 2 Dispel scrolls, barded warhorse

4*6knights of the realm= full command

6questing knights= twilight banner, full command

3Pegasus Knights=full command

6Grail Knights=full command,Banner of defense

Well I just want you guys to rip it apart and tell em if this list would be fun to play against and at least a little competitive.

08-06-2006, 23:09
umm not a bretonnian expert but i can see a couple of flaws in this list
1st if you dont break you opponent on the charge you are gonna lose against a rank and file army
2nd 1 damsel is useless at 2000 points against a magic heavy army we're talking tzeench, highelves, lizards ect
3rd no mounted yeomen and only one unit of peggy knights to protect your flank? your flanks are gonna need protecting and with no yeomen or skirmishing archers you have no flank protection
4th no kit on your standard bearer? i would have at least look at the combo of banner of the lady and vitue of discipline with a grail vow. then you could afford to drop the unit of grail groupies to 5 and stick him in and you have a near unbeatable unit
just my 2p