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23-12-2013, 10:24
Hey guys, a few times a year I get together with some friends. We all live pretty far apart so we don't have a lot of opportunity to play quest (we're pretty slow players as well, lots of talking, catching up).

Anyway, maintaining campaign characters hasn't really worked out for us since we usually only get a few dungeons in a year. So I figured for this christmas game I'd start us off at level 2 instead of level 1 so we at least have some skills and stuff to play with. I'm trying to figure out what is a relatively balanced way of handling things.

So I figured everyone...

- Starts at level 2 (or 3?) with all the appropriate stat increases, everyone get's a skill roll even if their chosen character normally doesn't get one at lv2.
- Gets 1 piece of normal treasure
- Gets x amount of gold
- We go into town before going into the dungeon so we can spend some gold on personalizing our characters (we already have a house rule for d3 bandages each to remedy serious bad luck)

Since we never really had the time to have a proper campaign experience I have no idea what an appropriate amount of gold is to start people of with. I'm not looking to make the game (much) easier, I'm just trying to make sure we don't feel like lv1 scrubs every time we play.

I'm also thinking of rigging the monsters slightly to provide a mini boss halfway through and a final boss at the end of the game. Nothing remarkable, just making sure we get one of the cooler monster table rolls like a shaman instead of just fighting hordes of orcs, rats and spiders.

Anyway, what do you think a good starting level would be to make the game just that little more interesting than lv1? I'm not looking to dump a boatload of new rules at once on people but at our pace we'll never escape lv1.

What's a good amount of treasure and gold to start with, with the goal of personalizing a character. I'm not looking to loot the town empty, just to give people a chance to personalize.

Finally, what are your favorite, coolest monsters to fight on say the lv 2 or 3 tables? Having a savage orc shaman or a chaos dwarf sorcerer show up with some minions seems much more memorable than just getting a double serving of orcs or skaven.

23-12-2013, 23:24
Give each warrior 1d6x200 gold in spending money, 1d3 rolls on the treasure table (and perhaps let one of these be an objective room treasure if they can roll a 6 before they determine how many treasures they start with....), and start in a town. For more exotic warriors like the war dancer or chaos warrior, you'll have to let them have a few class specific bonuses to compensate for treasure usually being less useful for them.

For monsters, just use the tables from the book, they are very good. Daemons and chaos warriors start showing up at level two. If you want a mid level boss, just choose something cool from the level one higher than normal and say it will show up automatically int the fourth room.

29-01-2014, 12:28
Sounds like you want a nice epic adventure with the bosses. This is where playing with a GM/Monster player really helps. You can drop in the monsters, traps and treasure from your map and on the fly. More of a WFRP experience but without the brutal death....well....give it a few rooms.

Go big, level 3-5 maybe. Everyone gets a few decent stat increases and skills (Let them pick the skills, its a one off adventure and lets face it, some skills are rubbish) unless they have a special roll table like the witch hunter or Lord of Anerion (Most OP Hero Ever!).

Treasure, well in a random lv1 dungeon your looking at probably 5-10 cards plus objective treasure. So 1 or D3....Hmmm, Two options in my opinion. Roll of the table in the book. This is awesome. Two rolls on the weapons/armour (reroll if you cant use it) and BL+3 rolls on the "Items" rerolling if you cant use it. Then BL Rolls on Objective Room (Reroll if you cant use it).

By now they are looking pretty darn tough huh......wrong! A Level 5 hero will have his bottom firmly handed to him by the BL5 monster table. They will be in for carnage!

Enjoy :D