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12-06-2005, 07:05
hi guys.
Since this is the army i'm doing, I should know a bit about the company's background. But i dont as i haven't enough money to buy all the different books. so, anything you can tell me about them would be grand.

Thanks BT90 :skull:

12-06-2005, 11:11
ask me again in 2 weeks and i will ba able to tell you,

you need to find someone with the 2nd eddition codex, as that has lots of background!

Mine is unfortunatly at home!

Inquisitor S.
12-06-2005, 12:17
you need to find someone with the 2nd eddition codex, as that has lots of background!

There is not much stuff on the 5th company though, only that it is organized as every other battle company, ity colours and the company banner, which doesn't contain contain anythinh special.

12-06-2005, 14:08
damn, i thought there was,

in that case you are severly limited on background info!

12-06-2005, 15:02
great...oh well

Inquisitor S.
12-06-2005, 16:20
Well, at least everything concerning painting is known.

Maybe in the newer codizes something about their role in the Tyranid Wars?

Puffin Magician
13-06-2005, 00:44
You could always check Timelines or Ultramarine-specific mention of battlezones and conflicts where the 5th Company has served; it'll let you know where they'be been, who they've fought, and may shed light on their quirks and tactics.

Though as said, they're the 5th Battle Company of a strictly-Codex Chapter, so the standard 60 Tactical, 20 Assault and 20 Devastator Marines trained in the standard way and given the standard weapons... other than campaigns I doubt there'd be anything special about them.

[Which means that if you want, you're free to write just about any background about them and there'd be nothing to contest it. ;)]

15-06-2005, 02:23
I don't think there is any mention of them other than what has been mentioned is in the new Codex. Just stick to the usual I guess

15-06-2005, 03:24
The 5th Company colors are black trim and their Company Monniker is "Wardens of the Eastern Fringe." According to the latest Codex, their Captain is Captain Galenus. In 3rd edition, they were led by Captain Sicarius. Both of these men have held the "Master of the Marches" billet. In 6342745.M41, the 5th company "suffered heavy losses during the Barchi Scouring. Requires new Chaplain and reorganization of squads." There is no noticable material in the 2nd edition Ultramarine Codex. According to the obviously fallacious "Ultra-Marine" material from 1st edition, the 5th Company had its motto and honors expunged for poor battle performance.

15-06-2005, 09:14
Why is RT fluff fallacious?

15-06-2005, 09:49
Why is RT fluff fallacious?

Because the article on the 'Ultra-Marines' doesn't fit in with the new background?

15-06-2005, 10:41
There's nothing in the current fluff that says the RT fluff, in this case, is superceded. Therefore it's perfectly feasable that under one Captain they performed badly and were stripped of they're honours as pennance and have since regained them through feats of heroism. One thing that has changed is the fact that one company, forget which, was totally destroyed and replaced with scouts meaning they painted the whole of their right arm white in memory. Of course in current fluff the entire 1st comapny was lost in the nid invasion but there's nothing to say that the white armed company fluff has been revoked either...

16-06-2005, 10:52
The 5th Company colors are [...] for poor battle performance.Can't add much to that. I'm building the 5th Compoany as well, and found that there is very few official fluff.

So I decided to interpret to individualize.

I will add another remark (http://macragge.us.games-workshop.com/introduction/spacemarines.htm) on Ultramarines and Barchi Scouring, where is stated that

"In 745.M41 (40,745 CE), the Ultramarines were committed in several conflicts in and around Ultramar, their home system and base of operations. The Chapter was also still recovering its strength after the Scouring of Barchi earlier in the same year. It was at this time that a previously unknown threat emerged from the uncharted depths of intergalactic space the alien race that came to be known by Humanity as the Tyranids.

Together with the information that the 5th took heavy losses during the Scouring of Barchi, and the 1st, 3rd, and 7th took the brunt of damage in the First Tyrannic War, I decided the 5th took no central action.

Then I individualized company colours. As black is heraldicly identical to silver (as well as white, btw.), I decided to not take plain black, but a very dark silver.

I'm thinking about writing a piece of fluff for Captain Galenus - probably tying his rise in command to the Ultramarines actions against Tau during the Damocles crusade - the only tidbit of information being Ultramarines being part of the crusade, as well as the 5th being "Wardens of the Marches", which makes them suited to deal with the Tau problem, in my eyes...

But that is speculation, and if anything collides with a known piece of fluff, please correct me ;)

20-06-2005, 03:23
If you can get your hands on a copy of Insignium Astartes it gives you a little bit about every company of the Ultarmarines, force organization, it names the Captains, and it also gives you what the differant company banners look like. But I don't know how recent the fluff is but could still come in handy.

24-06-2005, 20:52
the new codex has the banners

18-07-2005, 12:54
what about the eagle for the 5th companay is that black?

18-07-2005, 13:09
The 3rd edition SM codex wil have the name of the Company Captain and a list of all the units and vehicals attcahed to the Company.

18-07-2005, 13:19
what about the eagle for the 5th companay is that blank?
Ultramarines' chest eagles are all considered to be golden

The 3rd edition SM codex wil have the name of the Company Captain and a list of all the units and vehicals attcahed to the Company.
The 3rd edition Codex lists the chapter before the Battle of Macragge, the 4th edition Codex gives newer information. As stated above, the Captain of the 5th changed from Sicarius to Galenus.

18-07-2005, 13:20
Oh sorry, I hadn't really read everything, my mistake.

18-07-2005, 16:20
The 3rd Edition codex also list a few expeditions and strike forces from before the Battle of Macragge. So there may be history there or there may not be.