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09-06-2006, 16:46
I need more input from BFG players. I've spoken with a couple, but they're not online, and I need some input on how, fluffwise, this battle would play out. Its for the next installment in my story linked in my sig.

Chaos forces: Repulsive class Grand Cruiser, The Insalubrious.

Imperial forces: 2 Gothic class Cruisers, the Pride of Sysyphus, and the Pallas Athene. 3 Sword class ships.

The story is Pride of Sysyphus chased the GC into an asteroid field, where they lose sensors, and are ambushed by the GC. I've been told the Chaos forces would start with a torpedo salvo, followed by broadsides. The idea is to have Pride of Sysyphus either annihilated or otherwise crippled.

How would it play out?

10-06-2006, 10:25
2 hits from the torps (slightly less on average due to turrets), and unless the grand cruiser got really lucky it would be pushed to cripple the ship with just a broadside - Presuming they were broadsiding each other the Gothic would be shot at with 10 dice or so (at close range) of which 3 would damage the armour, and 2 of those would be absorbed by the shields.

Gothic would be badly damaged, and quite likely to attempt to disengage, but a little way of crippled for the time being.