View Full Version : Melee power: Tyranid vs. Daemon

23-01-2014, 02:29
Just musing over which army has a better melee capabilities and why.

From the early reaction of the internet, it seems Daemon has more gimmick units like Screamer-Star and mass FMC. However, Tyranids can offer mass MC with cheaper critters. Tyranid can definitely put out bigger Horde on the table.

What are your ideas? Who is better melee and why?

23-01-2014, 02:36
Daemons simply cause their army list sports so little shooting that the primary way to achieve victory is through CC.

Nids are more about quantity of shooting backed up by being able to assault. Nids don't do well the other way around.

23-01-2014, 02:52
Nids are actually pretty terrible at assault. Partly because of the curremt assault rules, partly because of the codex makung shooting a far more reliable option.

23-01-2014, 03:30
daemons are better in assault. Nids are better by using shooting to weaken targets and then assaulting to mop up. Daemons don't usually have that luxury. Plus I think the 2 best melee units in the game right now are both daemons. Screamerstars and Flesh hounds no?

23-01-2014, 17:23
Its a tough call, I think it all depends on which units are fighting what.

Daemons win in the MC department with no contest. All of our MCs (save for the GUO) will be striking before tyranid MCs. Even the GUO will be a very hard kill for a tyranid MC, stiking before most tyranids at I4, it has easy access to instant death, which would make short work of a brood of carnifex. 3 wounds is all it would take, and with poison, that wouldn't be too tough.

Troops VS troops, I think nids win this one. PBs can tie up some nid units from time to time. The other night 10PBs held up 10 genestealers and a broodlord, but that was thanks to insane +5 saves. Daemonettes should do well against little bugs, and on the charge they will have enough attacks at WS5 to really deal some damage. Pink horrors shooting will wipe the floor with most little bugs. 2D6 heavy bolter with warpflame and soul blaze is pretty nasty.

Mid sized bugs VS mid sized daemons (multiwounds but not MC) it is a tough call, I havent seen many warriors or other non MC elite of fast attack slots used by the new nid book. Flesh hounds and seekers should be able to dish out some pain, perhaps even plague drones would do well through weight of poison attacks.

As a daemon player, what makes me worry when fighting nids, is the massive amount of attacks. Sure, I can get a buttload of attacks going, but nids can do it cheaper and easier. Nids are a step closer to a melee/shooty army than daemons are. Where daemon shooting is very limited outside of FW, warp storm table and psychic powers, nids can bring plenty of guns.
Both armies will need to pick and choose which units they assault into. I wouldn't want any of my greater daemons in a little bug swarm, and tyranids wouldn't want any of their MCs caught by a greater daemon.