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29-01-2014, 17:42
I've searched the forums regarding this topic and found lots of topics on removing casualties, but nothing that address excess casualties. If more wounds are done to a unit than there are rank + file models, what happens to the excess wounds? Do they get transferred onto any characters in the unit?

For example, if during shooting a unit with 10 rank + file models as well as a character with a toughness higher than the rank + file models by 2 takes 14 wounds after saves, how would the wounds be distributed? Would all 14 go to the rank + file and the 4 excess would be discarded? Or would the excess 4 go onto the character negating his extra save bonus and higher toughness?

During combat if 14 attacks were allocated to rank + file on this same unit and 14 wounds were done, would the 4 extra wounds be discarded as well? Do these 4 extra wounds count towards combat resolution or do they just get to keep the actual 10 wounds done (if the excess 4 are not distributed elsewhere)? We've always played that the 4 wounds count towards overkill, but I just recently discovered that overkill only counts in challenges.

Speaking of overkill. What happens with killing blow and overkill? If 4 wounds are done to a character, and 1 of those 4 wounds was a killing blow that was not saved, how many wounds does the character take (if the model has 2 wounds on its profile)? Would killing blow count for 2 wounds and then the other 3 wounds count towards overkill or would there be no overkill?


29-01-2014, 17:47
For your killing blow question: the killing blow gets you as many points as the wounds of the target. The remaining wounds caused get you overkill up to 5 points max. In your example you would get 2 + 3 points. Multiple killing blows would get you 2 points each but overkill still only goes to 5 max

29-01-2014, 17:50
Pretty sure the wounds would be wasted , unless you allocate attacks against a character they won't be hit

duuno no about the KB in a challenge

29-01-2014, 17:55
Rulebook indicates that unless the unit a character is with (assuming base size is the same) is less than 5 models the character cannot be hit with BS based shooting. Extra wounds would not carry over onto characters in a unit that is 5 models or bigger when they are shot at. Subsequent shooting would if the unit is then small enough. Rules for that are in the characters section under combined units: shooting

Likewise excess wounds in close combat do not carry over from rank and file to characters or vice versa if a character had been singled out. Those excess wounds are ignored and do not contribute to combat resolution.

29-01-2014, 18:42
If you allocated a bunch of attacks versus the champion of a unit, would any excess wounds be carried over onto the rank and file models since it is itself a rank and file model?

29-01-2014, 19:41
No. It explicitly states on p93 of the BRB that wounds inflicted on the unit flow over into the champion, but wounds inflicted on the champion do not flow over into the unit.

Lord Solar Plexus
30-01-2014, 08:06
1. Excess wounds do not transfer to the unit or the character.

2. 14 wounds on 10 guys + 1 character means 10 dead guys (they go on the unit, NOT rank & file)

3. Attacks can only kill what they were allocated at. Excess wounds are discarded.

4. A champion is not rank & file. If you shoot a unit of 5 or less models containing models with different profiles, hits are allocated to each individual model until everyone is hit once, then it wraps around.