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04-02-2014, 16:40

I was obsessed with warhammer fantasy last month and found warseer...so here I am!!! :D

I want to start playing warhammer fantasy and I am thinking of making a warriors of chaos army!
Since I am very new to the whole stuff of the game I want to make some general questions here! :)
My army will be 2000 points since all games in my local stores are near this value.

1)Are hellcannon and warshrine really important for a competitive army of woc?(I really like the whole dark knighty theme in woc and would like so spend my points for warriors,knights,skullcrushers)
2)Is army general worth all the points it can get usine the available choises?(for example lord of chaos 340-360 points with mount + mark +magic items,or deamon prince around 480)
3)Heroes worth their points in general?Or what is more efficient, a hero or let's say 3 skullcrushers or 3 dragon ogres?(i know it may have to do with playstyle,i just ask for a more general opinion)
4)Marks of Chaos gods:
-Any summary please on how the actualy doing in live action?
-A unit with a certain mark ''has'' to be painted with the colours of the appropriate god?
5)Any advices-guidance you could give me for the army i want to make (specified in 1) )?
6)I have a Deamon prince (old one,bought around 9 years ago more like toy,no clue for the game back then).Should I stick with it for army general or would it be better to come with something cheaper and save more points for Knights,skullcrushers etc?

Sorry for many questions, but I see everywhere very different opinions and I am a bit confused.I want to make the right choises-steps in this game, (the reasons are economical also).
Thank you in advance! :)

Brother Haephestus
04-02-2014, 17:53
First off, welcome!

WoC is a strong army, especially due to both its 'all comers' and adaptabilty choices. I think you will find them a solid game.

Your best bet is to slide down to the Warhammer tactics thread where you can find specific threads on army choices, lists, and general tactica. Always remember that there will be plenty of opinion in there - take all of them with a grain of salt and use what you like. Much of the comments will be focused on the 'win at all costs' point of view, but that only represents a subset of the hobby. Pick and choose to fit your local meta.

Once again, welcome and good luck.

04-02-2014, 18:01
trille and error :D best way to go in my opinion for any army.

04-02-2014, 18:02
I don't use a warshrine or hellcannon (except occasionally) and I've not had a problem with it. Skullcrushers are awesome, warriors are good and knights are fine if a fraction overpriced (or perhaps just compared to skullcrushers). So no problem building a decent army around those units. Daemon Prince is finally worth taking after years of being a very substandard option. Combat lords are still a bit of a waste of points, but I often still use them anyway. An Exalted with a battle standard is almost essential, otherwise I'd advise not overspending on combat characters as the units can do the job of killing very nicely.

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Lord Solar Plexus
04-02-2014, 18:12
Welcome to Warseer, giorgosz!

Hellcannon are pretty nifty, Warshrines are not. Neither is necessary but a Hellcannon at least gives you something to do in the shooting phase.

Every army needs an army general, ie. one character (can be a hero) to lead it. A Chaos Lord...well, a Sorceror or Demon Prince is almost always better.

Heroes are often worth it, be it as a backup wizard or as an Army Battle Standard Bearer ("BSB"). The latter is probably the most useful character available, since a re-roll of a failed panic or morale test drastically improves the odds.

Skullcrushers are fantastic. The only downside is frenzy - they have to test to hold back and must overrun after defeating an enemy. That can lead them in a bad spot, and even Skullcrushers can lose fights if they're flanked.

You can paint your units however you like. The Gods do have their own colour schemes but I've yet to meet someone who complains that I play my Tzeentch Warriors as Slaanesh.

A Demon Prince as said above can be very good. I would say play a few games with him, then with a regular sorceror and see what you like best. You really need to find your own style!

04-02-2014, 23:40
Thank you all for the replies.They were all really helpful!!!

Well I was thinking to make an army list as the following (2000 poins):

Demon prince (army general)
20x chaos warriors
20x chaos warriors
5x knights
5x knights
3x skull crushers
1 or 2 units of 5 warhounds

The main strategy will be focusing on how to move effectively and force the opponent in close combat, so i guess some boosts in speed, defence ,and magic resistance and then slaying everything that comes across (all with the appropriate unit built,marks,magic items/gifts etc, though something tells me i have to learn more and more to achive that).

08-02-2014, 00:54
Hi there giorgio!

I'm also a begginer and have played several games with WoC and other armies. In general I think WoC are quite good, but they lack 2 things in my opinion (Leadership), good in average on all units, low on general (sorcerer). I've also seen that some armies with high fire power, can break your plans to get to combat in good conditions (after all, that's their plan...)

I've played a light points list (1.5k) quite offensive and "mobile" (thanks to a friend of mine) :D
3x skullcrushers + bsb on juggy
general tzeentch disc (tear template + magical....)
chimera with regen + tear template
2x charriots of slaanesh
2x marauders riders

quick and fun list, using charriots to avoid juggies to charge for frenzy :)

Chimera + disc mage can lower an infantry with tears quite quick (chimera close to general)
and mage with tzeentch is like a moving cannon :)

Today, I've tested an infantry list of 2.4k with chosen, warriors, warshrines and hellcanon. A bit slow but warshrines make eye of gods rolls quite fun :D My mistake to mount general on warshrine :( Cannon-unfriendly.

As playing warshrine, my friends said that effects of "Glory giver"? only lasts 1 turn... I think they're wrong, but can't find a place for really clearing out this, also with chosen + warshrine rolling 3d6 or 4d6...

Hope you try and test every unit and not focus on just winning. Discovering the game is the fun part!


17-02-2014, 22:28
Thanks a lot for the extra info! :)

17-02-2014, 22:52
Tomisky, your friends are wrong. Giver of Glory allows a select number of characters to roll on the "Eye of the Gods" table, and the results of that roll are permanent for the rest of the game. In regards to the chosen rolling within close proximity to a warshrine, yes the effects stack, they do roll 4d6 and pick two. Keep your warshrine character free. There's no point in sticking a guy on that thing, just slows down the character and puts him in a good position to die.