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14-02-2014, 17:09
I'm hoping I could get some help, me and some friends are in a long running quest campaign/roleplay and I was hoping to find out if there's any expanded rules for wizards like upgraded charts for going to see the wizards guild at cities, different magic staffs (gets very boring having to use the same one all the time) and items, daily events while in cities ect - hopefully quite balanced and not overpowered stuff
Thanks for any help

14-02-2014, 22:04
Check out Deathblow for some added variety to shopping. Issue 1 includes rules for letting you stroll the streets of a town, banks and banking, and rules for adventuring in Lustria and Kislev. All of those could make things a little different (rules for taking a ship to other continents is in another Deathblow). You could also have a look and Bobthebobish's advanced WHQ rules, there may be plenty of extras to keep you engaged.