View Full Version : Are there any current Valten rules?

The Emperor
08-03-2014, 05:41
And if so, can someone point me to where they can be found? I've got this model and it'd be nice if I could use it. Thanks.


Lord Dan
08-03-2014, 06:35

That said, if you're in a house-rule environment you're more than welcome to use any of the old SoC rules for him. That model is the Exhalted version, which I can't find rules for, however here is a slightly more toned-down version of his Chosen ruleset:


If you ask me, if he was overpowered before he's basically broken as %&^@ now that you can put him in a unit with the Banner of Discipline and near a BSB, so that he comes back to life on a re-rollable Ld 10. *facepalm*

08-03-2014, 10:37
Use him as Karl Franz, if you like the model or don't want to convert the emperor on foot (yes, he doesn't exist, the only one is on deathclaw)
He also has Ghal Maraz, so he's perfect for this role.

The Emperor
08-03-2014, 16:50
Yeah, the lack of foot versions of characters riding giant monsters has always been an irritation for me. Would it kill them to include a foot version in addition to the rest of the kit? It's not exactly an uncommon thing for the mount to be killed out from under the rider, after all.