View Full Version : Getting back into the hobby after 5 years...

Bretonnian Lord
10-03-2014, 23:55
... and still no Bretonnian updates :(

Any recommendations on where to start? I think the last time I played was 6th edition and the "Storm of Chaos." And I feel like a fish out of water staring at all these new and shiny models on GW's website... (Empire Demigrpyhs look awesome. And what the hell is a Coven Throne?)

I suppose there are too many changes to list since I last played, but what's the general consensus on the current edition (whatever it is :p) Better, worse than 6th?

And for fellow Bretonnian players: how has our army fared over the past few years? When last I left, people whined about the cheesiness of our 5+ ward saves and the OP lance formation. But that was many a moon ago... :p

11-03-2014, 00:07
Its better, YMMV on that though, Bretonnia holds its own reasonably well, fragile and you don't get to make any mistakes but when it works it works well and they have a few tricks to handle the huge hordes that can occur (trebuchet are golden now). The ward save is good but against massed S3+ ranged fire it makes little difference. Lance formation is useful but not as OP as it used to be now stuff strikes in initiative order and with Step Up you generate a decent number of attacks but will get smacked right back generally so not cheese.