View Full Version : Do the new WHFB Witchelf models fit with WH40K Dark Eldar?

11-03-2014, 13:19
I'm considering getting a second 40K army and have thought about Dark Eldar. I'd like to do a lot of conversion work and wondered if the WHFB Dark Elf models fit together with the Dark Eldar models?

I'm thinking head/body swaps. Melee weapon swaps. I'd particularly like to intermix the new witch elf and wych parts to make some unique wyches. What about any other combinations of swapping?? I quite like most of the Dark Elf range and would like to create a unique dark eldar army using WHFB parts if possible.

Does anyone have any experience with mixing these kits or know of any plogs where this has been successful?

11-03-2014, 14:32
A lot of the dark elf cloaks work on dark elder bodies. I plan to use the Black Ark Corsairs for my Trueborn. For ure you could do witch elves and the Wyches (just really need to swap out the pistol arm). Heck you could even use Cold ones as Reaver Jet bikes and maybe Harpies as Razorwing Flocks. There are several options to cross the models over.

11-03-2014, 14:37
Also, if you don't want to shell out $60 for ten models, there are a lot of alternative manufacturers that produce models that fit well with the DE. Avatars of War comes to mind immediately.

11-03-2014, 16:50
The DElves kits have always worked with DEldar

My current side project is making an exoditey Deldar force mixing both series of kits.. as well as some of the other Elves stuff mixed in