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12-03-2014, 08:14
For my next army, I am looking at Warriors of Chaos. Being a friendly game gamer, I am not really all that interested in winning games. I am more interested in using the rules as a framework to create games that are fun, fair and tactically challenging.

As such, taking a quick look over the Warriors of Chaos army, I am concerned that it may be a bit boring as it is all about smashing in close combat. It got me thinking, maybe I could invent some new shooting units. Does anyone have any thoughts on what such units might look like? I am thinking of Marauders with Viking style bows, javelins or throwing axes in both units that skirmish and fight in ranks. I also think some new artillery options like Marauder ballistae or stone throwers too. Another thing that is very important to me is to make such new units fit well into the game background.

Would these possible new unit choices make Warriors more interesting and enjoyable? Would it change the overall play style so much that all units would require re-pointing? Would this be a good idea?

12-03-2014, 10:00
My group added a skirmishing unit of Marauders with javelins (upgradeable to throwing axes), and a unit of Marauder bowmen. Neither were particularly game breaking in 7th, haven't used them in 8th.

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12-03-2014, 10:21
Just do a mix of WoC with other chaos armies, like in the old days of the unified chaos army book.

In the old book, beastmen were usually the chaff of the army ( not bad per se, but compared to warrriors ...), not unlike the role that marauder have now.
Warriors were elite, but still human (not unlike chosen now), and you could have a few demons as support.

From a thematic point of view, beastmen would be mainly in core, warriors in specials, and demons the rare, but that's not a hard rule.

You could eitheir use the Tamurkhan rules, but if it just for casual gaming and you don't abuse it by selecting optimal units from other books to fix your main werkness, then just use those few units like if they where from your own army book.

12-03-2014, 11:53
Thanks Odin, if you have the rules anywhere and were willing to send them my way, please let me know.

12-03-2014, 16:47
You might alsi mix both idea, and use marauder models converted with small bows and use the official rules for beastmen ungors for them, should do the trick.

12-03-2014, 18:09
use the tamurkhan throne of chaos book for the chaos host rules to mix warriors, beastmen, demons, and chaos dwarves.

13-03-2014, 00:49
Also remember that WoC have already marauder horsemen with options for ranged weapons ;)
Still i don't think adding shooting makes the army more fun... :confused: anyway i agree with the others, go for marauders and/or Tamurkhan for Hordes of Chaos style.

15-03-2014, 20:51
The old Battlemaster game had a unit of "chaos archers" which were basically marauders with bows. Really cool looking. Plus, it's a Games Workshop game so you can use the models in GW stores.

15-03-2014, 21:38
Or you could use a different army that is less combat orientated?