View Full Version : What new rules are in the DoS book?

Lost Egg
12-03-2014, 22:18
So, anyone know what new mini rules are in the Desolation of Smaug rulebook?

I'm guessing the newer mini releases are covered but anything else?


12-03-2014, 22:33
Well, Yazneg from January 2013 gets stats, there are rules for playing in Mirkwood and a few scenarios, and of course, the DOS scenarios. Apart from that, no further rules, just a bit of list-building and a mini-tutorial to make Mirkwood trees with spiderwebs. It was well worth the money I think.

Lost Egg
12-03-2014, 22:44
Thanks Thorin. :)

14-03-2014, 14:10
I still can't believe it shows us the model for Bremen as a bear (and even requires him to play the scenario), but he hasn't been released yet!