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15-03-2014, 21:16
So I'm got myself a nice little fal'shia sept army going and I wanted to add a flyer but none in the codex really tickled my fancy so I popped on forge world and saw the barracuda and have a few question about it.
Can use it in normal games?
Do i need to but the imperial armour book to get the stats to it?
Is it any good?

Thanks JD

15-03-2014, 21:53
Yes, you can.
You'll need either Imperial Armour volume III, the Taros campaign, or Imperial Armour Aeronautica. I am not sure which one has the latest rules for it.
Heck yes it is.

15-03-2014, 21:53
Usable in regular games. You'll need to buy the book. It's more fragile than the Codex flyers, but its cheaper and more heavily armed (Ion Cannon).

15-03-2014, 23:01
It has cool gubbins too. The canopy opens, the missile bay drops down, the burst cannon swivel. Build and paint it well and you'll find yourself holding it in your hand flying around the living room going "nyaaarrrrr voooooomm!"

Uh, or so I'm told.

16-03-2014, 01:27
It's latest rules incarnation was written and pointed before Ion cannon got the ability to fire blast shots. With that option (risky though it is with the low HP number), it's definitely a nasty attack craft.

16-03-2014, 13:49
The Barracuda is fine. It's fairly comparable to the other flyers really, so it shouldn't upset anyone I think. Tau obviously don't need flyers, since they have AA and would prefer to have all their guns on the board on turn 1 most of the time, but it's ok.

16-03-2014, 15:26
For the record, the latest updated rules for the Barracuda (and all of the other Tau units by Forgeworld) can be found in Imperial Armour volume 3, 2nd edition.

Garven Dreis
18-03-2014, 12:18
I haven't gotten the most recent rules but I believe they did increase it's survivability from IA:A.