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16-03-2014, 20:30
So, I'v been trying to decide what 40k army to do next.. I got Tau (Love the models and fluff, Dont realy like playing them, and my friends hate facing them..) Space Wolves, Grey Knights and Necrons. And I was thinking and thinking and thinking and.. I thought "Maybe Imperial Guard or Orks as I dont have any horde army.." And then I thought "You know, It would be realy fun to have a biker army!" So I thought White Scars! With IG allies! (Or maybe Eldar with Ork allies.. A bit fuzzy on the allies chart though so I dont know if eldar can ally with orks..) and I was curious, Is White Scars with IG allies good? What would you thematically bring to a White Scars bike army other then many Marine Bikers? Would Eldar bike army be better?

16-03-2014, 20:41
Hi Merellin,

I play both White Scars and Imperial Guards, so I might be able to share some insights.
The thing I experienced while playing White Scars and IG is that my IG units really cant keep up with my Scars. I play with Khan for the 12' scout + 12 movement, meaning by the end of turn one my scars are usually 24' over the board, while my IG blobs and chimera veterans are hard pressed to keep up.

In order to mitigate this I've begun fielding IG for artillery (meaning my Scars can go up the board, while my IG stand and shoot), but this has left me vulnerable to deep strikers, who come in to destroy my artillery park. The list I feel works best for me are a lot of 5 man squads of bikes, scouting sternguard / tactical marines in rhinoes, scouts in land speeders, and deep striking legion of the damned with multimelta/melta to take out armor.

If you want to include IG I would go for something fast (veterans in a vendetta) or something to destroy enemy armor (manticores for instance).

I've also recently bought and built a Knight Titan, and Im looking forward to see how it goes along with my Scars :)

Mr Zoat
16-03-2014, 21:08
Could use IG fliers carrying Vets, if keeping up is a problem. A blob squad sitting around a fortification could probably protect artillery.