View Full Version : Guard with Daemon allies

Commissar Merces
18-03-2014, 19:53
Howdy all, got a general question for you and wondering if anyone has tried this before: Guard with Daemon allies. On paper, it looks like a relatively good fit. Guard sit on back field objectives and provide fire support for the daemonhost, while all your fast daemons and FMC bring the fight to the enemy.

Anyone tried this before? With the new guard release dropping soon, I am considering doing a branch off of my guard as a LaTD force.

18-03-2014, 20:04
Sounds potent. You can even do something gimmicky by throwing in a few Psyker Battle Squads and Slaanesh Daemons with Telepathy. If you add in Be'Lakor (sp?) to your Daemon side, you can do lots of interesting Leadership things to your enemy!