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24-03-2014, 14:02
Hi, am thinking of treating myself to a realm of battle tile, either the necron tomb fortress or the space marine castellum stronghold.

Firstly, my group is pro forgeworld but i wanted to check are they both usuable in normal codex necron/marine armies respectively (i have a feeling the castellum us HH only).

Secondly, what are peoples experiences with them, i have seen the necron one in use, and if i am honest i didnt see the point, particularly once the opponent got onto the base and all his units started getting the 3++ too. It seemed a lot of points and wouldnt be THAT hard to neutralise?

24-03-2014, 16:00
Yes they can be used in normal armies.

No they aren't that bad. The necron tile will have people screaming OP until they figure out if they assault the thing instead of trying to outshoot the necrons that the tile becomes negligible.

24-03-2014, 20:31
Was looking at the castellan again, i think it would work well with a fist list or something. Equally shooty.

Lord Damocles
24-03-2014, 21:02
The main problem with the Tomb Citadel is that there is no sensible way of getting hold of twin-linked Tesla Destructors for the turrets.

25-03-2014, 01:13
Id get the castellan fortress

25-03-2014, 21:03
Are there any rules other than the 'legion castellum fortress' on the forgeworld download page? I am concerned that as it is named legion and it is in he HH section it will be disallowed for my marines.