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26-03-2014, 15:02
I have found myself in posession of 27 space marine terminators including a full set of the space hulk models, 5 LC assault ans 10 tacticald. Am looking at fielding a small force of pure terminators, or at least primarily terminators. What is currently the best option?

I am looking at probably fielding them as dark angels deathwing as the captain would make a great belial. What are the other options including forgeworld and even traitor if needed?

26-03-2014, 15:40
Make them Blood Angels and send them to a Space Hulk. There won't be 27 left at the end of the day.

26-03-2014, 15:54
You could make a deathwing army with no issues. I've seen people using the Space Hulk guys with slight changes to the molded icons etc. A deathwing army is pretty tricky due to the low model count etc. Most DW lists of around 1500 don't use more than around 25-35 models anyway. If you wanted to expand you could get the FW HH termies but I don't know what armour would be best suited for the DW. For general 40k FW make DW pads & land raider doors. Then you have the options to get different land raiders and dreadnoughts.

I strongly recommend you build your own belial - the model GW has looks like he needs a pee! lol

26-03-2014, 16:08
The options i have seen thus far are

Deathwing lead by belial
Novamarines led by mordacai blaylock
Logan wing
Grey knight count as

26-03-2014, 16:12
Well if you just want a quick army from them, check out what else you need to make the army.

LoganWing - Logan, bunch of drop pods

DeathWing - some landraiders, special character

GK - special character, some other jazzz

I think deathwing is probably the cheapest option, plus you know what you are getting. The new SW book might make loganwing harder to run.

26-03-2014, 16:34
I have the land raiders already so i think that might be the way to go, can also use the space hulk special characters to represent eith LC belial, sword belial or hammer belial.

26-03-2014, 16:54
Pick a Chapter/Legion you like the look of, paint 'em like that. Play as Death Wing.

26-03-2014, 17:15
Only 27? Pfft where is your dedication sir?

You could logan wing it, but you'll need to invest in some drop pods as they cant teleport and unless you know your going to be playing defensively you dont want to foot slog them.

Khornies & milk
26-03-2014, 20:16
Best option - no idea for standard 40K as I don't play it since 6th Ed., but Terminators generally are considered rather poor choices as far as 'worth the points or using up a FOC slot' goes.

I have 68 TDA models so far and am building a 1st Company, and I use them all the time in my SM Apoc army as a Death Wing - esque formation. I prefer the 'pure' route so only Terminators, Dreads (including Contemptors), and Land Raiders. I am using many of the FW upgrade kits for that extra uniqueness and bling.

My advice would be to go with what you feel you'll get more joy from, rather than what is the competitive build...totally your choice though.

Edit: I do agree with Chem-Dog's post above.

26-03-2014, 21:40
Buy some scouts. They young kids getting in to trouble and calling on their elder brothers to bail them out :D.

26-03-2014, 22:37
I have just written a quick deathwing list, wow its small. Cant see it being hugely competitive but would have character.

Librarian in tda with pfg

Deathwing command squad 1×LC, 1×THSS, heavy flamer

Land raider prometheus

2x tactical termies with ass cannon
1x assault termies with LC

Land raider proteus
Dual AC mortis dread
Dual lascannon mortis dread

Havent dont it exactly but it comes to about 2000 points.

My other options just dont seem to work as nicely.

I considered the scouts option and just fielding regular codex marines, but it just didnt work.

Still Standing
27-03-2014, 12:06
20 Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons terminators (Tartarus), 20 Grey Knight Paladins, 30 Deathwing is my terminator collection. None of it ever see's the table, but I loves terminators.

27-03-2014, 14:07
I splurged in 5th and made a loganwing force, it's not super effective but I do love me some termites.

Sadly I pay through the nose for th/ss as I have SW but at least they look kick ass right....right?

28-03-2014, 18:49
Yeah, you only have to play those forces rules wise. The good thing about going all termies is that you can just get a "counts as" Belial, paint the terminators in any scheme you'd like and make the 1st Company of any chapter/legion you choose. Just play them with all Deathwing rules and people usually won't have a problem with it. It's creative, pretty bada** and I've seen people even run all Chaos termies using DW rules, looks awesome.