View Full Version : Doomwheel for Giant Rat Models?

Lamont Cranston
27-03-2014, 18:16
Someone said that the Doomwheel comes with a bunch of giant rat models. I look at GWs websites and on the sprues it looks like there a bunch, does anyone know do they work on just on a base by themselves? Also in the picture it looks like they are all running inside the wheel, does it look funny without them on it?

27-03-2014, 18:24
There are one or two large sections of giant rats all joined together in a curve which go inside the wheel, they can't be used separately. However the kit also comes with some individual giant rat models, they're quite small but they do work as giant rats. I think a lot of peopledo this. Don't know how many you get though.

27-03-2014, 18:28
If you want a lot of giant rats the plague monks come with a lot, every 5 plaguemonks you get 4 giant rats as well... so 20 plague monks and 16 giant rats in the standard box.

http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m620008a_99120206004_SkavenPlaguemonksSprue1_445x3 19.jpg

27-03-2014, 20:23
From looking at bitz sellers on eBay, u get 9 in the Doomwheel and that usually goes for the same $10 that gets u 16 giant rats and 4 mini plague monks. I would order a few of those and some bases if I wanted a bunch of rats. If u need plague monks too, obviously buy boxes of them :)

Lamont Cranston
27-03-2014, 20:42
Thanks for the answers

27-03-2014, 22:53
If you want some variation I think these work well.


27-03-2014, 23:57
There are also giant rats in the hell pit box. Can't remember how many tho.

28-03-2014, 07:43
There seems to be spare rats in all the boxes

28-03-2014, 12:10
There are also giant rats in the hell pit box. Can't remember how many tho.

The hell pit box has tiny rats, not giant rats :)