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29-03-2014, 16:22
We all know GW likes to offer us their One-Click Collections, the grouping of model kits to be brought in bulk which offer no discount at all over buying them all individually. Now they've found a way to sell you an additional codex to use those collections and just those collections. We've all seen them; Codex: Imperial Knights, the Codex: Tempestus Militarum and so on.

GW is increasingly producing these Mini-Codexes, which are usually priced at the same as a regular Codex. The codexes are a way of creating an army out of multiples of one or two newly released model kits. Hence they're one-click collections in codex form.

What do you feel about this? Useful tool or blatant ripoff?

29-03-2014, 16:49
Blatant rip-off. Unimaginative and a very clear sign of the issues with GW at the moment.

29-03-2014, 18:29
We don't need yet another pricing thread.

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