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09-04-2014, 14:38
Hi guys, I dont know if this is the proper forum for this question (Mods please move if so). So here it goes:

I'm slowly gonna buy the fw chaos dwarfs but I got certain unit options I dont know how I'll make do.

-Ironsworn with ensorcelled weapons (special infantry)

-Ironsworn with blunderbuss (core infantry)

-Ironsworn with 2 hand weapons (core infantry)

So here are my circumstances
-I live in south america and some msterials, minis are harder to get.

-I dont have access to PayPal, no bank here has the service.

-no real skill with modeling, will try some minor fixes though.

-buying from usa is better for me for delivery costs and arrengements

My first ideas were:

For the special dudes, I'll get core sword and bord and remove their shields and swap them for regular chaos marauder round shields, and leave the cool shields for the special selection.
Also change their helmets for chaos warriors ones, having the horned look as a clases imitation to the hastut / bull motiff.

For blunderbuss units my guess was trying to get bits of Iron drakes weapons, or the champion's gun. Though that would look way more bad ass than the halbardier /hand gun unit.

For 2 hand weapons I got no idea since the dwarven weps look really diferent from CD.
Was thinking on the russian alternative dwarfs with 2 hand weapons, and using insta mold to copy the arms, any comments on this is it viable?
(have to work around a solution here for PayPal, might get 1 chance from a foreign friend).

I hope to be able to magnetize axe/shield option and 2HW so I wont need to buy 2 sets of core, or end up using them switched to show the type of unit (will have neodyum magnets).
If this works I will apply it to the halberds and blunderbusses too.


From my servoskull

10-04-2014, 12:51
Russian alternative has a few interesting chaos dwarf models.

I think they take credit card and ship worldwide.