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16-06-2006, 21:41
Hey everyone!

I got my Cities of Death box (8 building sprues, 4 accesory sprues, rule book - $60+ shipping off of ebay) on Wednesday morning, and just finished my odyssey of assembling my very own (small) City of Death [what a silly name!]

It only cost me several hours, 4 cuts on my fingers, and a trip to the store to replace my glue when it ran out (*grumble* - at 1 am in the middle of a project, none the less!)

First picture: This is everything you would get in a Basilica Administratum box. 2 Basilica sprues and a floor sprue all cut, cleaned up, and lined up!

As you can see, you get 16 total tiles. That's 8 per sprue - 2 are ruined (one in each direction), 4 are standard windows (2 designs), one is the solid skull pannel, and one is a door (I removed one of the doors with an Xacto knife - difficult around the curve at the top!).

In addition, you get 6 solid square floor tiles and 4 damaged square floor tiles. The tiles snap off of the long sheets easily and only require a little trimming to put them into any shape or pattern you want.

Be warned: Those tiles are _not_ the same size as the tiles! It sucks, but they're just a hair shorter each - maybe 1/16th" - but it's enough to screw up designs!

The small tiles work great to flesh out floors. All of them came from the generic sprue - you get a lot more on each Sanctum Imperialis sprue, including 2 ruined ones (facing each direction).

The strange arch things come on the Basilica sprues and are for... I don't really know what! In the pictures they are attached to the long metal columns at a 90 degree angle, but I doubt I'll do that on all of my buildings. Two together make for a nice door, but it wouldn't fit as a tile with the others.

The 3 metal bars match exactly the edges of the tiles, and are great for filling out the ruined look by chopping them in half!

There are also assorted lights, ladders, and bits for sprucing things up.

More pictures! Here is my first building complete (using 16 Basilica tiles and a few extra small tiles for the roof):

Here is the building and all of the extra parts. I kept all of the scrap from cleaning the parts off to use as rubble later:

Here are the "templates" I made for myself for my last two buildings. One is a tall but skiny tower made from 8 Basilica tiles, the other is a corner building with a large balcony (not layed out) made from 16 Sanctum tiles:

(more coming)

16-06-2006, 21:41

About halfway through the Sanctum building and at 1 AM last night, I ran out of glue! grrr! Thankfully, Friendly Local Gaming Store saved the day and I was back in business by about 2 pm today to finishing gluing. Here are the mostly completed buildings and the glue that saved the day:


To get an idea for how much that is, here is a thrown together table that is 4' by 3.25' [roughly alpha level]:



16-06-2006, 21:42
And just because i thought it was cool, here's a "Dread's eye view" of my city!



Here are the pieces that were leftover. Note that I did eventually use the weird arch things on the side of my first building:


16-06-2006, 21:54
One last tip! The metal bar pieces designed for the edges of tiles happen to fit perfectly in between two floor tile pieces (which makes sense - but it's ironic that the floor tiles are too small to actually line up!). I used this to create a customizable floor on one of the buildings - you can plop down more pieces that will remain fairly stable, or leave it looking like ruins! I doubt I described that well, but the picture should clear it up:



And that's that! What a labor of love! Hopefully I'll get a few CoD games in at FLGS this Sunday and get a chance to use my new buildings.

The buildings are much more enormous than I imagined... even seeing tons of pictures, I was just surprised by their size! They're really more tyranid warrior scale than imperial citizen scale... which is good, because it means more models can fit in them, but wow!

I'm very satisfied... if only I didn't have to paint them! Gah!

Any comments?

16-06-2006, 23:05
thanks for that coelomate; incredibly useful. Are you going to do the same with the other 2 building types?


Zandur of Bronte
17-06-2006, 04:20
Thanks for the pics and writeup :)

I'll definetly buy this set now! ^_^

- Zandur

17-06-2006, 04:35
The must be freaking HUGE based on the dreadnought. can you give a basic distance, like, feet of the ground?

17-06-2006, 04:46
The arch things are meant to be used as flying butresses - look em up on google and it'll make sense.

Tanith Ghost
17-06-2006, 04:46
*me outright aplauds* :D

Very cool work. It looks like these plastic building kits are well worth getting.

17-06-2006, 05:20
Dammit! I was doing SO good resistng until now... Guess I'm out 75 bucks... Then 175... then my wife's leaving... more room for buildings?

the spook
17-06-2006, 08:47
Nice pictures mate!

I just spend the last couple of hours putting together my first bit out of the manufacturum sprues - very cool and satisfying...

I'll snap some pics when i get a chance...

17-06-2006, 11:31
i really should get off this computer and build the rest of my Imperial city box

17-06-2006, 11:31
I can't wait. My wife's got it on hold and picking it up for my b'day/Father's day gift. I've seen some done up at GW shops and these buildings are awesome.

Thanks for sharing. I'm am definitely excited about getting this.

Still learning
17-06-2006, 11:58
thats good but the center looks abit plain. maybe add somthing tall in the middle like a statue to block cover.

17-06-2006, 15:21
Each floor is 3 inches high (Standard height for COD per the rulebook)

17-06-2006, 21:57
@ashc: I would if I had any! Should have thought of it for the Sanctum…
@UnRiggable: 3” up per floor
@Cypher: oooh, flying buttress! Cool, I hat no idea!

Man, now I’m itching for another project! Anything but having to paint all of that plastic!

18-06-2006, 18:06
damn, now I'm going to want to buy these...DAMMIT!

18-06-2006, 18:32
And to think people called me stupid getting the huge Imperial City box :p Boy you can get some stuff outa that.. including lots of cut fingers :(

18-06-2006, 21:39
nicely done.will buy box set now:) .need the scenery anyway(wat i hav got is rubbish)

p.s wat did u cut yourself with knife, plastis or scissors

18-06-2006, 21:56
don't forget to make ruins out of cut sprues! I made one, you don't need a meat grinder like it says, just clip 1-4 inch peices of sprue, put unused bits of tank here and there.

EDIT: Spelling mistake

18-06-2006, 22:36
The boxset seems to have vanished off the GW online store...what's happened to it???

18-06-2006, 22:51
The boxset seems to have vanished off the GW online store...what's happened to it???

It, along with the urban basing kit, has already sold it. It was a splash release, and apparently they made far too few.

It looks like they've already come and gone. /grumble.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
18-06-2006, 23:19
However, you do get good value in the Sector boxed set, and 2 are the same price, and indeed value, as the City box....

18-06-2006, 23:38
It, along with the urban basing kit, has already sold it. It was a splash release, and apparently they made far too few.

It looks like they've already come and gone. /grumble.

Yes, apparently mail order over sold a whole bunch, it appears NOBODY new it was a splash release.

19-06-2006, 03:45
Yeah, after I called around and found it sold out I snapped one off of eBay. Sixty bucks - not bad at all!!!

Don't fear though - you can still order everything on its own. The accessory sprues are up for $5 a piece - a bargain, when you come right down to it. I may pick up more!

Played my first CoD game today. It was both great and awful - but all of the awful was due to luck! (151 point epistolary gets hit in the face with an orbital strike and fials to kill a single model during the game, 2 plasma gunners die on their first shots, none of my 3 stratagems having ANY impact on the game, etc) but cool none the less!

19-06-2006, 11:05
Why do they do splash releases on things that will be popular?

Again, stupid marketing by GW.

19-06-2006, 15:21
do not worry.....with this great succes they will make more....and if not....welll back to expanding my own 5 year old cityfight table made out of cardboard and all other usefull junk.....they better make more!....

19-06-2006, 16:31
so this was a limited release? there are none left? bummer...

19-06-2006, 16:33
Those buildings are so sweet.

03-07-2006, 20:23
Coelamate I have the exact same table as you do in your first post with the pictures.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
03-07-2006, 20:26
Oh yeah, looks like, in Britain at least, the Urban Basing Kit wasn't a splash release after all. They just completely sold out.

Will have confirmation when my local store successfully orders them (they are still on the sheer, and as a former staffer, I can pretty guarantee if it's on the sheet, you CAN still order it!)