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17-06-2006, 19:42
On the last thread about wild wargs it was decided that they count as infantry not cavalry. In that case, what do riderless wargs count as?

Do they become infantry or do they continue being cavalry until they fail their courage and flee the battle?

18-06-2006, 21:14
For the record:

A Cavalry model is a combination of two figures.

Hence the following:
An orc on a warg is a combination: They are a cav figure.
An orc on foot is a single figure: It is an infantry figure.
A warg not being riden is a single figure: It is an infantry figure.

Wild wargs, and riderless wargs are both single figures. They are infantry figures, both of them.

Dare I ask why you keep asking the question?

18-06-2006, 23:07
I just wasn't sure whether the wargs that had formally been carrying orcs counted as infantry or cavalry. It is clear to me now, ruleswise, that it has to be mount and rider to count as cavalry. Thank you.

The reason I ask the question is because I would rather find out here than get half way through a game and start an argument. I know that the issue came up before but there was still some doubt in my mind over one minor point.

Again, thank you. Now this thread may die.

19-06-2006, 20:07
I never argue during play. If I know or believe a rule to be wrong and can't find it in the book in 10 seconds I always use the 4+ rule: on a 4+ my opponents opinion is considered valid for the remainder of the game, anything lower than 4, my opinion is valid. Only when the game is over do we bother worrying any more about it :)


20-06-2006, 13:25
A very wise method.
I try to use the same approach. The only problem is that sometimes it's difficult to persuade an opponent to let the issue rest on the outcome of the dice.

20-06-2006, 13:29
When I'm playing I have to look for the rulebook if we start to argue. But fortunately in tournaments we have judges:p

21-06-2006, 07:20
Judges should only be asked if you can't solve the problem by looking at the book...

10-07-2006, 18:24
When I and a friend of mine are playing we almost argue in every game we play. Because when we take a brake we always forget the stats for the heroes. I mean we used to, now we are writing down the stats on the computer:D.