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Rolo Ramone
14-05-2014, 14:33
Maybe it is too late, but is any way to buy some Warmaster miniatures from GW? I have been looking for Bretonnians, but it seems that I wait too much to buy them, and now can`t buy them from GW. I know there are other companies selling 10mm miniatures, but the Bretonnian range of GW looks really good.

15-05-2014, 11:49
eBay only now, sadly (or trading if you can find the right forums). Brettonians do look great, but their unit prices have been pretty crazy recently, and their trebuchet was rare before the model discontinuation.

There have been quite a few people making their own moulds and selling off their own copies of models too. Quality is highly variable and it is illegal, but many specialist gamers stopped caring about GW's opinion long ago. You'll sometimes notice these popping up on eBay, often sold from Russia or Poland. the models are shiny, with no packaging and no bases, but the casters still want top dollar for the models.

I'd suggest asking around on Barter Town or the Specialist Arms forum.

Rolo Ramone
16-05-2014, 15:35
Thanks for the reply. It seems that the best option is look for alternative models instead of GW.

14-08-2014, 23:13
g'day, in a similar boat myself with my interest rekindled in WM recently. eBay is not a cheap option anymore as some prices are just really high (search on sword masters or Phoenix guard and see the asking price). Also being in Oz doesn't help with postage costs. I have a few posts out on my local forums but so do a few other folks so am attempting to trade first and buy 2nd. It's is pretty cool when you find someone who has a small horde of the stuff and is interested in selling/trading.

Good luck.

14-08-2014, 23:40
Try Kallistra miniatures, friend!

16-08-2014, 05:18
Thanks for the tip Glabro reg. Kallistra. I have some pendraken so far but always on the lookout for more lead as well :0)

I have not got myself any yet but I feel some eureka and copplestone casting 1omm fantasy figs will help fill the GW WH gaps.

Chaos and Evil
16-08-2014, 10:09
And here :-)

17-08-2014, 15:32
How goes the Ogre project C&E? have you had a chance to do any more or are you too busy with other things?

20-08-2014, 09:56
there are extensive lists of suitable proxies for existing WM armies here: http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com/index.php?board=66.0

for Bretonnians I'd say TBline models, they are stunningly good quality and really well priced, they also have models suitable for araby

Eureka minis has a great selection of 10mm fantasy models, they do very good chaos dwarf, beastmen and wood elf proxy models, as well as pegasus knights and ogres
Copplestone Castings are another great range, they have most human armies well covered as well as orcs, they also have some very nice dwarf models and their 15mm scale giants are both amazing sculpts and *perfect* for warmaster

both of the above scale very well with GW models, you could mix them in and not spot much difference, Pendraken and Kallistra, while nice, tend to be more on the 12mm side, scale wise

there are also ranges of ogres and lizardmen in production.... check the link I posted for more information

25-09-2014, 21:14
Also here too


06-01-2015, 21:57
I posted 5 painted armies on EBay not too long ago, feel free to head on over and take a peek :) Araby, High Elf, Empire, Chaos, and Tomb King.