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Rusty Wintertooth
14-05-2014, 13:37
Warhammer quest on a budget

- Quick about me -

Seems like an old story around here of people starting up Quest after a hiatus...

I remember Warhammer quest fondly from childhood, it was one of the games our circle of friends enjoyed above most. The RPG elements of the game really spoke to our intrepid bunch of 13yr old fledgling dungeon master / explorers.

I've recently been in awe of the work done by Kingdom Death and it's brought home my desire to rekindle my old love for a dungeon adventure. I bought the Quest iPhone game, in hopes it would satiate me, but it left me wanting, it wasn't simply the levelling up of characters, battling trolls & orcs in search of elusive treasure... It was the narrative and comradeship, which just isn't present in electronic games for me.

Our single decade old copy of quest had been sadly destroyed due to improper storage, if only as a teenager I could have understood the need for airtight sealed boxes!! So I checked eBay... The game alone costing £100+ without any other miniatures for monsters or adventurers.

So I have set myself a challenge. To collect and paint the models needed for a faithful recreation of the original game. I have set a (arbitrary?) budget of £150, as I feel this is a reasonable amount to invest on my once loved game.

- Challenge requirements -

These may prove impossible, but it seems reasonable to try and stick to these premises:

• £150 budget - beg, borrow or steal.

• 8 adventurers minimum. Original models are not required, but a faithful replacement is. No 'dwarf miner' counts as 'troll slayer' shenanigans will be tolerated. They will also need their rules, cards, counters and equipment.

• Replacement monsters wherever possible. The dream is for an all metal miniature collection, but some plastics may be necessary

• All cards, tokens, rules and board pieces are required. Currently this does not apply to expansions

• No full resin mock up dungeon, as beautiful as they are. This recreation is designed to be a reasonable budget.

• All favours, donations and sneaky purchases will be documented. Omission is considered sneaky ball-baggery and not in keeping with the spirit of things.

• A running total will be kept and some creativity with trading on eBay / forums may be necessary. However I will not be using means inaccessible to anyone else. Total will be rounded and include all costs inc. P&P. Anything more is beardy :)

• Models I own (which are few for quest) can submitted to the cause as I am under the impression most other gamers will likely have access to some dual purpose models in their collection. Be they minotaurs, orcs, elves or goblins.

This may be a stretch, but I think it will be fun to undertake regardless.

Bought to date:

Boxless quest game £40 - missing hero models and rulebooks.
Rulebook £5
Warrior priest model (bought 4, sold 3) total £2.25
1 sheet of plasticard £1.25

Running total - £48.50

And thanks to those who have helped with finding resources / models etc.

Local gaming club


Rusty Wintertooth
14-05-2014, 13:49
And here is the first painting update.

My preferred version of the warrior priest.


Along with this I have also recovered from my old collection three metal minotaurs and a couple of beastmen. This probably saved me around £10, but who know.

I have also realised I need a list of models to be working towards... Will find that next.


Total running cost: £48.50

14-05-2014, 14:21
I picked up a complete copy of the game on Ebay in February for £100 delivered ( also included a free box of empire state hand gunners still on the sprue ). I was pleased with that, even though the guy I got it off only paid £10 in a charity shop for it! I think I saw somebody say they paid £3 for a mint copy just recently on here too..... lucky bugger! Good luck on your quest, so far Ive spent well over a grand on my set, those monster tables and Character add-in's don't come cheap if you want all the tokens and cards for them too.....:D

Rusty Wintertooth
14-05-2014, 15:05
Thanks Artful, good to have support. Yeah I spotted your thread. £1000?!! If that is standard I may have bitten off more than I can chew!... And congrats to the member who paid £3, just made this thread pretty bloody pointless, lol ;)

However the plan is to find, print and laminate any cards, character sheets and other written bits. I will not be buying official stuff of eBay, I wouldn't have thought, as the cost is prohibitive and I want to prove to the gaming group I'm with this can be done with reasonable cost (or be proven wrong when I end up remortgaging the house).

As GW have stopped supporting the game I basically have no moral issues with getting my stuff where I can. However my standards are high so will be interesting how good it will end up looking.

14-05-2014, 17:19
I think it just depends how far you want to take it, and how long you are willing to wait to get the bargains you need. I wanted to take it very far, and in a reasonable time frame ( Hopefully I will be finished in 2 years, but we will see lol!) so that means I've got everything from new, or at the least unpainted. the thought of stripping models, fixing previous owners mistakes etc etc on top of the task already in hand is just a step too far for me! likewise with the 3d dungeon that I keep getting bullied into starting :-D
I'm looking forward to seeing this one spiral out of control hehehehe, good luck mate, I will be watching.

Rusty Wintertooth
14-05-2014, 21:00
I'm looking forward to seeing this one spiral out of control hehehehe, good luck mate, I will be watching.
Hahaha, it's kinda unnerving that you're predicting my slide into uncontrollable spending (I have prior form for this, it's a GW trait I suspect). I'm really hoping you're not an oracle because I hope to make this work :D

As as for the 3D dungeon, that's ace. You're down the rabbit hole aren't you? Lol, I'll be there within the year.

17-05-2014, 21:06
Hi Rusty. You may need to up your budget a little, but not by much.
You can get a complete copy of WHQ on eBay for 100-150 pounds depending on the condition. Warrior packs go for various amounts, but usually around the 30- 40 pounds mark for a boxed warrior with book and cards. The Brettonian knight is the most expensive, at around 80 pounds, and often goes for more. After him the witch hunter, wardancer and noble seem to be fought over a lot.
Treasure packs are usually around 30-40 pounds per pack.
Black event cards are 10-15 pounds per pack.
Lair of the orc lord and catacombs of terror go for 50-100 pounds, with catacombs commanding more than LOtoL.
Pits and traps will set you back a lot of money, and is very rarely listed.

If you want to save cash, your best bet is to pounce on spare parts, and incomplete sets that tend to go cheap.
Also, board game geek marketplace is a great place to get a good deal, as it is fans selling to fans.

Hope that helps.

Rusty Wintertooth
19-05-2014, 12:24
Yeah I'm not buying the warrior packs unless I stumble across a very cheap one. I'll be using 'proxy' GW models for the warriors. The reason I'll not be buying the game is so I can spend that extra money making all the original plastic monsters metal and replacing the plastic warriors with bad ass looking new ones.

Thanks for for the guide prices, that'll come in handy when looking and bidding.

Found another model, to replace the dwarf from the box set. This is the original white dwarf model ad cost me a total of £1.05 (local pick up!)


Running total = £49.55

19-05-2014, 14:06
As GW have stopped supporting the game I basically have no moral issues with getting my stuff where I can. However my standards are high so will be interesting how good it will end up looking.

I'm sure some people have digital copies that would email them to you if you pm'ed them your email address. Not that I condone such a thing, of course not... :p

19-05-2014, 14:40
Games-workshop posted the tiles for Warhammer Quest as a free download years ago I have a PDF copy somewhere but a search on the internet should find many scans of the originals.

19-05-2014, 20:12
Hi rusty!
Cork tiles are fairly cheap and there's a good article in a death blow magazine on how to make a dungeon out of them :) I had a go and was pleased with the results. Also you could try cork backed coasters / place mats. (Check out my whq plog for my attempts)

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Rusty Wintertooth
19-05-2014, 21:42
@ Daemonslave - as soon as I find one of those people I'll give them a massive thanks. Cheers for the suggestion some of those individuals may or may not exist :D

@ talion - cheers for the heads up, I'll be having a good old look around. I found a halfling thief this afternoon, didn't have that around when I was a kid... I'll be adding him to my list of miniatures.

Hey Andy! You get around, just realised you've got a ton of plogs as well as your Yak stuff... Your quest one is nice too. Corking idea (pun-tastic) - I'll be hitting TKMax this weekend and seeing if I can find some cheap mats. I'm not sure if I can afford just yet to be blowing the budget before I've got the minis though. I see how folk quickly get drawn into building full dungeons after seeing those cracking tiles of yours!

19-05-2014, 21:53
I'm not sure if I can afford just yet to be blowing the budget before I've got the minis though. I see how folk quickly get drawn into building full dungeons after seeing those cracking tiles of yours!

Told you! :-D these lot are a bad influence!!!

Rusty Wintertooth
19-05-2014, 22:13
Told you! :-D these lot are a bad influence!!!

hahaha, that was pretty much the first thing you warned me about.

Rusty Wintertooth
21-05-2014, 08:28

This stunning miniature came in at a cool £12.50. Now that is probably a little over budget, but I have done quite well picking up some free metal snotlings in a trade, as well as the required goblins from eBay which I'll add once they arrive. I'm on track...


Running total = £62.05

Rusty Wintertooth
21-05-2014, 11:53
... I've added a section for contributors to the first post, cheers guys :D

21-05-2014, 13:12
He is class! Is he a kingdom death model?
Also, dunelm is good for cheap coasters :)

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Rusty Wintertooth
21-05-2014, 13:37
He is class! Is he a kingdom death model?
Also, dunelm is good for cheap coasters :)

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I have a dunelm at the end of my street! Nice one.

He's called The Barbarian Dude. Sculpted by raining frogs miniatures an Italian one man company. I can't bring myself to paint him yet, my skills are not good enough to do it justice. It's the second (redux) version of the CMON sculpt of the year 2013 (http://rainingfrogsgarage.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-barbarian-dude.html?m=1). I almost bought two, wish I had, as he only did 500 limited edition casts.

Shas'El Tael
22-05-2014, 00:16
No surprise on the name, looks like the Barbarian from Blizzards dungeon crawler. Superbly sculpted. Going to see the 2013 version :)

Rusty Wintertooth
22-05-2014, 04:56
@Shas'El Tael - It does look a bit like him, haha. I've added the link in case you didn't catch it elsewhere.

The 2013 version has an axe, which I would have much preferred, but I missed that boat by some nine months. I subscribed just in case he released anything else and got lucky.

28-05-2014, 18:07
That barbarian is like the best i´ve ever seen :O
I´d wish there was a possibility to get one still. Never heard about raining frog miniatures before to my shame - i will have a look for it now.

30-05-2014, 00:28
You can pick up a pack of foot square cork tiles for a tenner or so from DIY shops, should be plenty there for your dungeon tiles :) good luck with the challenge!

30-05-2014, 10:55
You can pick up a pack of foot square cork tiles for a tenner or so from DIY shops, should be plenty there for your dungeon tiles :) good luck with the challenge!

Yeah £9 in whickes, although occasionally they're on offer (check the website)
You need to cut and base them on something though so they're much more labour intensive than the cork backed table mats.
That said they do look better (more 3d).....

Andy T's Necromunda Plog (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?343354-Andy_T-s-Necromunda-plog&p=6266591)

Rusty Wintertooth
25-01-2015, 18:38
It's been a while, but this project is still in full swing.

I'm currently painting a ranger - cost £4. Should be finished tomorrow. I also had some orcs donated to the cause, now have a full compliment of orcs, Snotlings and Goblins.


https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t31.0-8/10945093_363862373793682_5634864302465967256_o.jpg ?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9

Total running cost: £66.05

Good news on some spiders. Cobblestone castings...

Shas'El Tael
25-01-2015, 23:31
Great brush work and detailing Rusty.. one of my favourite Elf models over the years

Rusty Wintertooth
26-01-2015, 18:49
Thanks bud, really fell in love with this mini when painting. I would have to agree, it's now my favourite elf!

Here he is finished with his dungeon floor base.


26-01-2015, 19:18
Fantastic freehand! Lovely paint job. I can't wait to see the Barbarian with a bit of colour, he's gonna look epic!

26-01-2015, 19:50
Very nice indeed, you must have a very steady hand, impressive.

26-01-2015, 21:00
Very nice painting, isn't he in need of a bow??

Rusty Wintertooth
26-01-2015, 21:21
Thanks gents. Daemonslave I've just cracked open the Barbarian...

https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/t31.0-8/s960x960/10911470_364300070416579_8731384880267144528_o.jpg ?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9

Sorry.. Ranger mage, although no crown strictly speaking, it's sort of implied with his regal drapery :P

27-01-2015, 05:23
Beautiful painting! This project may be low-budget, but the painting sure isn't! :)

Rusty Wintertooth
27-01-2015, 07:30
Glad they've been well received. Just wish I could paint a little faster :D

27-01-2015, 13:26
In this hasty day and age, there is something to be said for taking the time to do things well, instead of just quickly...;)

Rusty Wintertooth
27-01-2015, 19:39
That is a very fine point and I really should appreciate that more.

I had a couple of hours free today and thought I could make a cheeky start on this guy.


Daemonslave - sorry mate I'm still too nervous to paint the Barbarian, it's a one off model. It'll just happen one day soon with a little inspiration.

28-01-2015, 20:55
That is the sort of painting that makes me love wargamming. I will enjoy watching this thread

Shas'El Tael
28-01-2015, 21:13
Nervous? Yah I've had that feeling over a conversion or two. Painting when inspired to do so is the best moment. Empathise with your decision greatly.

Rusty Wintertooth
28-01-2015, 23:19
Thanks Daniel, I appreciate that.

Shas'El Tael - Yep, otherwise it's hard to give your best to a model. Like you, I probably spend the same amount of time trying to imagine what a model should look like as I do painting it.

I've checked out the fantastic work you've done over at Eastern Fringe. I look forward to building some that dungeon scenery.

29-01-2015, 14:06
Jeez you paint like a fracking master!!!

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Rusty Wintertooth
29-01-2015, 15:54
Lybban - Hahaha, lets not forget I get to choose the good photo ;)

Shas'El - Apologies, I made a mess of that reply, corrected now.

Rusty Wintertooth
29-01-2015, 21:41
Forgot about this guy. I painted him up at Christmas, but decided he didn't fit the way I wanted the chaos warrior to look, he's overtly chaos and that just doesn't fit with visiting towns or travelling with a ragtag group of rogue, although I really like the model. It went to a loving home for secret Santa gift.


30-01-2015, 02:18
Realy good work Rusty.
Love the Elf.
The Orc is looking good too.
That Chaos champoin is one of my all time favorite models. Never owned one as it's always to highly priced for me.

Keep it up. I'll be watching :)

30-01-2015, 15:55
While a bit disappointed about the Barbarian, the Orc Shaman and Chaos Warrior make up for it. Looking forward to see the Shaman finished

Rusty Wintertooth
22-02-2015, 17:21
Been hard at work painting the shaman. Almost finished, but also put together a pit fighter.

Reaper mini from eBay + bits.

Total cost £3.15



22-02-2015, 19:23
Nice conversion!
Where does that awesome helmet come from?

Rusty Wintertooth
22-02-2015, 19:25
Thanks. Chaos warrior helmet, with horns removed and then an Eldar guardian head... plume? Just trimmed and glued :D

Shas'El Tael
22-02-2015, 20:32
Hah, love it. And isn't it just great when totally disparate pieces come together like that so easily? :)

Rusty Wintertooth
22-02-2015, 21:25
Yeah, it's great when that happens. I kept the pieces because they looked cool, never considered this. Do you every now and then do a bits search, just for inspiration?

Rusty Wintertooth
22-02-2015, 21:35

Bought in a job lot, sold the rest. Free snotlings. Realised one is missing, but there are 10.


...And a little more done on the shaman.



Shas'El Tael
22-02-2015, 22:07
Yeah, it's great when that happens. I kept the pieces because they looked cool, never considered this. Do you every now and then do a bits search, just for inspiration?
I do exactly the same. Writing up how to guides can be painful as I sometimes have no idea (read: forgot) where a piece came from. As for inspiration, just finished trawling new model sprue bits sites, downloading to various modelling for Warhammer "Inspiration" folders per faction.

Enjoy seeing more Snotlings about, particularly the classics. Shaman looks great so far :)

Rusty Wintertooth
23-02-2015, 08:49
I do exactly the same. Writing up how to guides can be painful as I sometimes have no idea (read: forgot) where a piece came from. As for inspiration, just finished trawling new model sprue bits sites, downloading to various modelling for Warhammer "Inspiration" folders per faction.

Hahaha. This exactly. Do you get disappointed when a shopping cart of bits comes in at £30 and you just have to go back and delete items... Because you can't spend that much money and not have a single full model to show for it.

23-02-2015, 10:03
The shaman looks smashing Rusty, I have a policy at the moment that I can't buy anything new, so everything has to be pulled from my bits boxes and re-worked.
Its actually really fun and forces you to be creative. Luckily I have so many bits its not a problem. :)

Rusty Wintertooth
23-02-2015, 13:02
Daxio - that's a good philosophy and I find as you make progress it's so much more satisfying. It's partly why I set some strict guidelines for building a quest set... I could just lay the money down, but that's not the point at all.

Rusty Wintertooth
23-02-2015, 21:40
Undecided on the colour scheme, but like the way it's turning out.


24-02-2015, 05:27
That pit fighter is going to look amazing! You have a wonderful tone and depth in the bronze armour.

24-02-2015, 10:43
What a talent you have Rusty, great work as usual. What colour are you going to do the Pit Fighters head piece/mohawk type thing?

Rusty Wintertooth
24-02-2015, 18:14
Thanks gents.

I'm not sure about the crest. I was thinking off-white helmet and left shoulder, then bright blue or purple crest and I reckon that will go well with the bronze. Then again red and white intermittently is customary and would look pretty good. I see it as the focus, so that splash of colour really frames the model.

Shas'El Tael
27-02-2015, 20:45
Hahaha. This exactly. Do you get disappointed when a shopping cart of bits comes in at £30 and you just have to go back and delete items... Because you can't spend that much money and not have a single full model to show for it.
Thank you for reminding me of my most dreaded feeling, trimming my dreams with reality and fiscal responsibility.... :P

As for the pit fighter, I'm thinking tradtional red crest to hide the gore of his foes drawing on the warmth of the bronze (could even do a green come to think of it), but judging on your previous work, I'm certain your idea will be a good one.

Rusty Wintertooth
03-03-2015, 22:15
Hahaha, that comment made me genuinely laugh out loud.

Red was the right choice, accompanied by some white. I've done a little more than this photo, but forgot to take another.

Late replying as my phone took a tumble and was OOA. The total repair cost was £135, sort of mocking the thread I've made here, but nil desperandum!

I have picked up ten spiders. Surprisingly difficult to find some which looked good. These set me back more than I'd hoped at £9, but I'm pleased with them.


https://scontent-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/11025976_376985862481333_5561880739815562358_o.jpg ?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9


Rusty Wintertooth
14-06-2015, 22:52
Okay small update as I've been busy purchasing and prepping our home for the arrival of my first son who is due in three months.

Some monsters!... and a couple of doomed adventurers.


15-06-2015, 21:51
You have a whole lot of miniatures there Rusty, are you trying to get them all done before your son makes an appearance? if so good luck.

Rusty Wintertooth
16-06-2015, 06:07
Gods no. This is 1/3 of the minis I have and I just want them finished before he goes to uni :P

16-06-2015, 08:18
Looking good. And looking back, a pre-defined budget might have been a good idea for me as well. Too late now...

If you are still looking for someone to provide you with scans of stuff, you could try shooting a PM to someone whose name starts with an `I' and ends on `-on'.

I'm not saying he has every Quest expansion there is, and that he can help you with scans of them all, honest, that would be against forum rules, I think. So I'm not saying that.

Rusty Wintertooth
16-06-2015, 09:50
I've yet to make a full account of the minis I have bought, but I'm out of budget that's for certain. I hit the 2 levels of monsters and inertia just kept me collecting. Pretty sure I've enough for up to a level 5 dungeon.

I've searched around and can't find that particular username, but I'll PM a sincere thank you to you for your assistance with directions anyway, despite it being an abject failure for all admins to witness :)

It appears I can't send you a PM. Probably something to do with me using a mobile.

Shas'El Tael
18-06-2015, 02:49
Great gathering of classics in that lot. The Spiders are very well, aracnophia inducingly good, Reaper Minis? I really really need to complete the dungeon minions collection, I just keep churning out heroes and artwork haha

Rusty Wintertooth
18-06-2015, 06:31
It's just more fun painting characters, totally get that.

The spiders are from a little UK company called cobblestone castings. Best spiders I've seen, although I do like the gobbo fat tarantulas, they're out of production and over priced.

I just can't find any decent orcs, I've come to the realisation that I must just dislike the sculpts. So I stopped looking and just picked up some crap plastic ones for boyz and black orcs.

Shas'El Tael
22-06-2015, 00:44
I hear you on the Orcs, hence my choice to use old Goblin heads (very modified) and Mantic bodies for my Orcs. Tempted to check out Mantic goblins and GW 40k gretchin heads in a similar vein too.

Cobblestone eh? I haven't heard of them, to the google-mobile!

Rusty Wintertooth
24-06-2015, 15:14
I admire your dedication with the orcs, I just don't have the patience. Unless something amazing arrives with the Age of Sigmar I'm gonna have live with these sad looking orcs.

Did you manage to find the spiders? Heres a link for anyone who might be interested. It's about 1/3 way down the page.

On the note of spiders, here are the spiders with bases.


Some bats


And undercoated snots


Rusty Wintertooth
24-06-2015, 15:18
Also here in my new chaos warrior, much better than the previous model I painted up. And will a little extra effort when painting should look pretty good.


Rusty Wintertooth
30-06-2015, 09:42
Small update. Bases done for the spiders and base painted for mummy spider.



30-06-2015, 21:14
Ohhhh, nice to see another one of Andy's spiders on the go. Nice job!

Shas'El Tael
01-07-2015, 22:02
Yeah.. lets leave the Dwarf to this one..

Looking good :)

16-07-2015, 16:22
I love watching your progress in this plog! Keep up the great work. My son (first and likely only child) turns 1 next month, and I'd be dead chuffed (as some Brits say) if I got my whole WHQ set painted by the time he got to uni.

Rusty Wintertooth
16-07-2015, 16:33
Congratulations mate! How are you finding the hobby time impact? Something I'm 'mildly' curious about.

Just realised it's been a while since my last update. I'll get a few photos up this evening.

25-07-2015, 13:38
The first few months, I had no time, since our work/sleep schedules were so disrupted at first. Now that he's on a semi-regular sleep schedule, I find that I use my hobby time BETTER, since I have to plan it out. Less time browsing warseer for inspiration, more "I only have two hours until he wakes up from his nap, what can I get painted in that time?" The whole, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person" scenario, if that makes sense.

Rusty Wintertooth
29-08-2015, 18:33

Well I ended up painting some board tiles, I'll be hopefully finishing all the tiles before my son arrives in 4 weeks!

29-08-2015, 20:40
Nice! I'd love to see some close ups. What size did you do each square?

Rusty Wintertooth
29-08-2015, 21:07
Cheers. The squares are 25mm exactly. I would have gone be bigger like the WHQ tiles, but the guy who casts them had this size and because I don't have time to cast any myself I settled.

Any particular tile you want a closer shot of?

30-08-2015, 07:51
Regarding the size, the only issue with 25mm squares is that there are a lot of monsters on 40mm square bases (or 35mm round these days!) that won't fit (such as Trolls, Ogres, etc). Are you going to have them take up a 2x2 slot or squish them in somehow?

As for pics, well I'd like to see close ups of them all, you've got some nice lighting effects going on there.

So who makes them? I'm kinda curious

Rusty Wintertooth
30-08-2015, 08:27
A small start up company called Shed Games

I've decided to standardise all my bases of monstrous infantry models to 25x50mm and monsters to 50mm. Since AoS I'm not worried about having models on regulation WHF bases and I think 25x50mm still has the same or similar effect to the 40mm bases with the added bonus of looking better.

Here are a few close ups





And what I'm currently working on..


30-08-2015, 09:24
Lovely stuff. This year I'm going to be working on my own board tiles as part of the Tale of Board Game Painters, you should sign up! I'm always outnumbered by the Super Dungeon Explore gang!

Rusty Wintertooth
30-08-2015, 09:40
Haha, Throw a link up and we'll take em on ;)

30-08-2015, 09:52
Haha, Throw a link up and we'll take em on ;)

Well here is the link for completed July stuff. The one for completed August should be out in a few days, after which a new year will be starting - they will probably post links to a sign up thread - and the 'Questers will take over :p


30-08-2015, 11:08
This is so great. Everything looks ace!!!

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Rusty Wintertooth
30-08-2015, 14:54
Daemonslave- I think I've signed up sort of. I'm watching the thread anyway.

I should probably have a list of models and jobs to do with this project similar to yours, even if it's to keep track of the jobs list!

Iybban - thanks very much, I plan to paint everything I can to the highest standard. Long term project I'll have to accept :P

06-09-2015, 20:46
Here's the sign up thread;


You just sign up on this thread (or you can post WIP pics if you want). A new thread gets posted on the 1st of next month and you have until about the 10th to post what stuff you have painted. You don't have to make a list, I did for my Space Hulk, but I don't bother for WHQ - as long as you get something painted is the main thing

08-09-2015, 06:12
Wow there is some properly fantastic painting in this blog! Those dungeon tiles are really excellent! I will be happy to see the Questers take over the tale if it means quality like that ;)

Rusty Wintertooth
09-09-2015, 19:07
Haha, cheers. I've done a little bit of painting in preparation, hope I've not started too soon. I've got to do what I can as my son in the world arrives this week so god knows what that is gonna do to hobby time!

09-09-2015, 19:39
it goes out the window for the first two months, trust me if your baby doesn't stop you your darling wife will, believe me. but after that hour or two each nite is a bonus. enjoy the experience, the game will still be here when you get a chance

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15months ago
it goes so fast take plenty of pics (for yourselves I mean lol)

Rusty Wintertooth
22-01-2016, 21:11
Well Richard you were right about all of that mate!
Here is our little one four months on, proud dad, but really tired right now.

https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/10341447_497949783718273_4823085812690108082_n.jpg ?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=d293d5340dc4569c9f61bf81020b4f5d&oe=57010BEE

...And here is a finished idol chamber



23-01-2016, 11:17
Great work, with the baby and the board. The source lighting looks really effective and all the little details such as the skeleton bits really adds lots of character. Maybe if you feel brave you could add a bit of lighting on the statue too to really make it stand out (or have you and it doesn't show up in the pics?). Either way an awesome objective room, which one next?

24-01-2016, 16:41
Your room is awesome, the lighting effects are insane... And that baby is adorable! Well done!

Rusty Wintertooth
02-03-2016, 13:05
Been away a while, but I'm back with a few models I've finished.



Rusty Wintertooth
02-03-2016, 13:07

02-03-2016, 18:37
Awesome stuff - he's back with a bang! The source lighting on the bend is absolutely stunning! Good job is an understatement. I really like the column too, did you convert it yourself or buy it?

Rusty Wintertooth
02-03-2016, 20:54
I bought it, I've two spare if you want one bud

Why thanks very much, thoroughly fun to paint, I just need some more ideas for colours, I'm running out of cool ideas :)

05-03-2016, 13:33
Oh my word, that lighting source painting is perfect!! You totally nailed it. I know how hard it is to get right, I've tried. I kept it small, on miniatures, but I can totally imagine how much difficulty I would have on such a piece of scenery. Well done!!

05-03-2016, 14:13
Yes those 3d tiles look amazing wouldn't even have noticed that those light effects were painted on rather then being ...actual light effects. 😨

Rusty Wintertooth
05-03-2016, 23:13
I actually think it's easier to do on a larger scale, on 28mm you have to go through the full transitions in millimetres, here I have centimetres to play with, it's great fun.

Thanks for the kind words, I've finished off a few more pieces whilst I've been at it. Click the photo to link to blog for more info.

This one has water effect on it, I reckon it gives the dungeon a pretty organic / murky feel.
http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j202/Russ_Tully/Warhammer/BB3BE614-0729-49B0-9BB8-8F785051920C_zpslhx9zsiw.jpg (http://rusty-warriors.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1)

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j202/Russ_Tully/Warhammer/23465385-88A4-4489-81CB-40866F5E734F_zpsudabt4by.jpg (http://rusty-warriors.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1)

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j202/Russ_Tully/Warhammer/96B0737D-14E2-46E4-A523-A6F42CB22169_zpsgyipovtz.jpg (http://rusty-warriors.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1)