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19-05-2014, 09:56
This is a little project of mine, in which I'm trying to create a modular forest for the purposes of WHQ (or really modified Hero Quest for a group of friends that don't have much experience with games of the sort). The Enchanted Forest follows WHQ in what comes to tiles. Each road (tunnel) tile is made of 15x15 cm board and each opening (room) tile of a 20x20 cm board (or 20x20 + 20x20 in some cases).

The idea is that the group often has to travel through an enchanted forest, maybe Athel Loren, to get to various dungeons. The journey through the forest is an adventure of its own. Sometimes, there is a pre-made map of what the forest is like. Sometimes tiles will be drawn at random. There are planned or random events connected with each tile, like meeting a traveling merchant, getting ambushed by bandits, stumbling into an abandoned, haunted graveyard, facing a river troll while crossing a bridge and so on. I'll detail these rules later in the thread if I manage to get the project physically forward first.

Here you can see an example of a road tile (road goes straight) I've been working with. I'm using 0,5 cm foam board over hardboard. Rocks and additional height differences are made using 2 cm or thicker styrofoam. I've also got two Citadel Woods to cover the trees themselves.


The initial setup will be 3 straight road tiles, one turning road, one forking road and one road where path ends. For clearing (room) tiles I will make the beginning/end of a forest, graveyard, and a hill made of two 20x20 pieces. This is what I'm starting with. If the project kicks off well, I might be adding things like elven waystone, ruins, roadside inn, more road tiles and so on.

Some in-production pictures of the first road tile:



Initial drybrush for the rocks


Muddy ground waiting to be flocked


Joining up with an unfinished turning road tile

I'm novice in making terrain so this whole project is mainly practice work for me. I'm pretty satisfied with how the rocks turned out, but the flocking needs some work... As this is "an enchanted forest", it doesn't necessarily need to look too realistic, but I'm still not quite happy with how it is. I'm also thinking whether I should fill the gaps of the road with sand. Now the idea was that the trail is rather elusive and filled with growth.

Questions and comments are very welcome!

19-05-2014, 14:50
If you want 2 more ideas for your forest......you can take a look at 2 tiles I created for my forest set..........there's only 2 rooms at present but might give you some extra ideas.


20-05-2014, 11:34
Thanks for the ideas! I might well be interested in doing something akin "the Faerie Ring" and perhaps even some swamp tiles along the idea of the "quick mud" later.

20-05-2014, 18:36
Hi great start I was looking into doing a forest theme dungeon myself using fantascape forest bases and the mirco art tree as it didn't cover a lot of the base so you have a better view. I hope this helps I found if you put one to a tile and fallen logs opposite. once the dungeon takes shape with three or four tiles it does to appear to look like a forest and still able to clearly see the models. forget I said anything if it is no help. really like the way you started. subbed

23-05-2014, 12:04
Questing in a forest? That's a great idea!
I'll be keeping track or your project...

24-05-2014, 10:23
Thanks for the comments, guys! Glad you're interested in the project.

Here you can see some drybrushing on the 3 WIP pieces. I'll post some more pictures when these are ready. You can also see some round-based rock formations that are meant to be used as an alternative to the trees on more rocky terrain.


24-05-2014, 22:52
very nice, check out ebay the broken tree branch covered in spiders from the orcs and goblins big ass spider box is being sold thought would add some character for you. are you going to theme the monsters around a certain area like beastmen or vary like dryads dark elf raiders and bandits?

26-05-2014, 07:27
I want to build rather than buy, Richard. So I'm avoiding kits, bases and such as far as possible. Citadel Wood set is a necessary exception. As for monsters, there should be plenty of variety. Human bandits, wood elves, dryads, undead, wolves, even a minotaur. To be added: a river troll for the bridge crossing tile, and possibly some more mythical woodlands creatures like an eagle or a unicorn. Possibly more at some point. I'm trying to get started with a rather limited and quick stock.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the ready four tiles arranged in a couple different ways. Cliffs you see in the background just for the effect are familiar from my other thread.


26-05-2014, 15:32
equally as good as your other thread. subbed to this too!

26-05-2014, 21:23
Looking really nice!

26-05-2014, 22:59
that's fare enough im the opposite due to my situation. The boards look sweet together cant wait to see the bridge ****

29-05-2014, 09:08
Here is a better look at the rock formations. I made their bases equal-sized to the Citadel Wood trees, so that they can be used in this modular anywhere as an alternative to a tree - when there is no tree available, or when I want to make the terrain slightly more open or rocky.

They are made of just waste chunks of foam, coated with thinned and textured Elmer's glue and painted. They turned out nicer than I thought.


29-05-2014, 16:07
Love the work Nychthemeron, this is definitely enchanting.

30-05-2014, 10:15
I am planning a set of wilderness quest tiles too.
This is great inspiration.
Fantastic start. Can't wait to see more.

31-05-2014, 14:07
I was thinking about doing some sort of graveyard type tile as an objective room but seeing yours makes me want to do others as well. I may have to pinch some of your ideas here, I like the swampy / forrest theme going on here and having removable trees and stones is very clever. Keep it coming mate so I can nick more of your ideas!

03-06-2014, 06:39
Thanks for the good word! Always appreciated, especially when coming from guys who have some stunningly good-looking projects of their own. Free feel to get inspired - I'm rather curious to see different versions of the same idea. For some reason, Questing in the wilderness hasn't been very popular this far. Time to change it!

I've been busy with other stuff, but I do have two "clearing tiles" (rooms) in progress. Some pictures incoming once I get painting and flocking them.

09-06-2014, 17:29
Some work-in-progress. Two clearing tiles (20x20), one featuring the beginning or an end of a forest (or if joined with the cliff piece, an entrance to a dungeon) and a little rocky hill. Plus some more road tiles in the background. All in painting and to be flocked.


15-06-2014, 20:43
Some progress! I finished the WIP above, and painted some woodlands-related minis. Some images of the latter later. But here are the terrain pieces: a small rocky hill and the beginning/end.

The beginning/end of the forest - and how it can be turned to a dungeon entrance

The fully flocked and painted hill along with other pieces

"King of the hill"

16-06-2014, 11:03
Some theme shots: dwarfs and wood elves fighting over the hill. From the last picture you can see that although the hill is not particularly large, it is rather steep from the miniature angle. In Mordheim, the troops could probably scale it, but it's still a lot easier to follow the stone-covered path leading around the top. In HeroQuest and WHQ, you of course need to follow the path, too.


19-06-2014, 18:48
These are looking great Nychthemeron, the more of them on the table the better they look. They link nicely together and give loads of height to the game, impressive. :)

21-06-2014, 22:08
very nice - it all fits together well and has a really nice vibe to it.

Just a slight suggestion though, maybe add a little bit of grass to the tree base so that that blends in too (just a nit pick - feel free to ignore me like everyone else :p )

22-06-2014, 09:19
That might do the trick indeed, thanks.

In any case, here's one more themed picture. The elven scouts are investigating activity at an abandoned dungeon entrance... and find it well-guarded!


22-06-2014, 09:35
I love your work, it looks so fairytale and twisted.

03-07-2014, 09:08
Thanks, twchdyn!

I've been working on a couple more tiles, particularly this bridge, but also quick mud pit and graveyard. Will toss in some more pictures when they're about ready.

Bridge in progress

04-07-2014, 03:49
Very nice, like the detail in stone work, you gonna use water effect or paint for water?

04-07-2014, 18:57
As you know, I'm not a fan of commercial solutions, so I was thinking of just painting water over a thin layer of elmer's glue. We'll see how it goes. I'm no expert whatsoever in this area.

This is just a small bridge, wide enough for two. It's designed so that a GW river troll or similar monster can block it entirely, for a possible encounter.

Minotaur claiming the bridge

Swords at dawn

06-07-2014, 21:29
And here is the rather finished bridge. This must be my favorite of the Enchanted Forest tiles so far, even though it is very, very simple. Water is simply the bottom of the river painted blue and covered with a thin layer of Elmer's glue. Obviously no water effects or anything. Originally I was going to blend the water towards a green shade, but was so satisfied with how the blue turned out that I left it like that.


Elf lady is having some quality time with her pet dragon

Troll slayer is having some quality time with the minotaur

A mercenary band meets a skaven ambush head-on at the bridge

Edit: The obligatory Fanatic Wizard added.

07-07-2014, 04:09
Very nice set up Nychthemeron, and just to let you know im no expert either with water effects and stuff like that. The forest is coming alive. will you be making additional river tiles to blend in with the bridge?

07-07-2014, 09:12
Additional river tiles? That's a big maybe. The idea is that the characters have to follow the path (otherwise they get lost in the enchanted forest - just like with the lantern rule of WHQ), so making additional river tiles would be somewhat counterproductive, unless, of course, the road would follow the river.

Then again, a longer river would be visually nice to have around. I was planning to make some forest-without-road tiles anyway just for the looks. I will have to think about it.

07-07-2014, 12:43
Simply spectacular work!

08-07-2014, 04:40
Nychthemeron I never meant to throw you off your guard, I fully knew what you intended with the board before you even mention the lantern rule as it is what I was intending if I did the forest board but I chose the cavern one instead. Bare with me am not good with graphics so picture the picture(god im crap with words) as a 3x3 tiles that the game has progress that far. The tiles are standard size and the bottom left is a objective size room to make the look of the river going off somewhere off the board, you have stepping stones for a path and a river tile in the middle to complete the look. Its worth considering as it would look good however you do it river or plain forest. Well done so far.


08-07-2014, 19:55
That is an interesting sketch and an idea! I could very well go with something like this, as it would only require making 2-3 more river tiles, including the one with stepping stones. I was considering a "more difficult" river passing anyway, and the stepping stones could involve a skill test or the use of a rope.

Besides, it would give an excuse to do a couple more river tiles, which was pretty fun stuff to do. :D

09-07-2014, 18:07
'Besides, it would give an excuse to do a couple more river tiles, which was pretty fun stuff to do'

That's what its all about at the end of the day, arraagh I'm giving away secrets here, fine a harder crossing I already thought of again for my forest idea which by the way I might still do for my cavern theme but would suit a forest more. its a three tier waterfall (objective size tile) you would need a little height or it could just be a fast stream with rocks at each level which a character could cling to and get off at that path crossing.

Anyway the idea I had with height was the crossing takes place on the top level. each warrior crosses on a roll of 1 3 or 5 the warrior losses its footing and goes down a level. on a 4 5 or 6 the warrior stops at the lower level if they get 1 2 or 3 fail they fall down another. Ech level is like a T-junction you put D3 dungeon cards next to each level crossing. this brings solo play into the game


22-07-2014, 13:10
I gave my trees some base-flocking, like suggested. Here's a little arrangement - a forest trail circling the edge of a cemetery.


23-07-2014, 09:57
Looking good Nychthemeron, very atmospheric, its all pulling together well. Have you played on it yet?

27-07-2014, 13:47
Not yet, although now I have enough pieces to be actually do that. Hopefully get to testing this summer.

Meanwhile, I got bitten by the Mordheim bug again, and have been busy working with a couple buildings. I intend to make some sort of connection tile - a road leading into the city - to be able to combine the projects.

27-07-2014, 14:57
Look forward to that Nychthemeron sounds like a smashing idea, love the idea of joining themes/games/settings all together.
You'll have to do a report to let us know how your play testing goes :)

02-10-2014, 13:26
Here's a little combination of this project and the second one in my signature: arrival to the inn! Weary travelers stumble from the wilderness to a roadside inn. Warm, cozy and welcoming, or cold, abandoned and mysterious?


22-11-2014, 19:53
It's been a long time from the last update of this project. But I finally made some progress! I made a couple new tiles (3 river pieces and 2 empty forest squaers). I also added a troll for a river encounter. After finishing it, I noticed that the bugger's base is too big to fit to the bridge! Oh well. I suppose the troll can assault its victims next to the bridge as well as on it. :D


You may also notice that I flocked - at some point - the bases of the trees as suggested earlier!

This project should see its playtest soon. I'll try to post some pictures when that happens.

23-11-2014, 10:30
Love the way these look Nychthemeron, would be a joy to play on, looking forward to seeing everything all laid out together. :)

04-12-2014, 16:04
Love the way these look Nychthemeron, would be a joy to play on, looking forward to seeing everything all laid out together. :)

I would be sorely out of trees if I would put all of the forest together... and of course that's not even the purpose. I developed the set with a line-of-sight mentality. Tiles that the group has passed, are removed from the board.

Here is, however, our first example game (well, part of it) in pictures.

TRIAL RUN: The Expected Journey

Esmyralda, Knight Errant of Bretonnia to her own words, but actually a runaway noble daughter gone adventuring (knight), Boris of the World's Pain Brotherhood (monk) and Oric Ironhead (dwarf) continue towards their goal, the ruined dwarf-home at the borders of Loren. They depart from the inn where they met each other, and sally off into the forest. The innkeeper looks after the distancing group, shaking his head. Poor buggers...

204050 204051 204052

TURN 1: We are using a bit modded moving system here. The characters are moving with a roll of 1d6 in the wilderness. If they follow the road, they may advance one stone slab (despite their small difference in size) for each dot. If they move off-road, they can advance half an inch for each dot rolled. Orric takes lead (6) and scouts for the group, while Esmyralda (3) and Boris (1) walk with a slower pace. Random roll reveals no random encounters for the first two tiles.

TURN 2: Esmyralda (2) and Boris (2) keep moving behind, while Oric (4) scouts ahead. Our dwarf searches the environment, finding some gold coins from an old boot. No encounters.

TURN 3: Boris (4) and Esmyralda (5) have apparently decided that they need to catch up with the dwarf. Good thing, too, for Oric Ironhead is the pathfinder of the group: he at least claims to know where he is going in Loren. This works just like the torch-bearer rule in WHQ. If at any time, any character is farther than 10 steps (or 10 inches) away from the pathfinder, he is LOST into the woods. (There is a random roll that defines what happens to him and when or if he catches up with the rest of the group. Anyway, Oric advances with a steady pace ahead of the group (3).

204053 204054 204055

TURN 4: Boris (6) and Esmyralda (3) move along the third tile, while Oric (5) scouts the fourth. This tile reveals a forked path. The group decides the check the path leading to west first. No encounters.

TURN 5: Oric is apparently confused by the fork, for his advance slows (1). Boris catches up with him (4), while Esmyralda guards the rear (3).

TURN 6: Our Iron-headed dwarf moves to the fifth tile first (4). Boris (3) and Esmyralda (2) are still on the fourth. Encounter triggers on the fifth tile. Two wolves appear from the woods, appearing from a randomly defined corner. They prepare to attack the travelers. Oh, the excitement.

204056 204057 204058 204059

What happens to our brave fellows? Will they loot phearsome treasures or end up in wolf-bellies? To be continued!

04-12-2014, 19:15
Thanks Nychthemeron loved the whole feel of the enchanted forest, understand how you are using the tiles now; good idea. :) Interesting to have movement random, could certainly lead to situations where the party are more separate and open to ambush. I like the idea of the party split. Means players have to think differently/creatively about how they cope with appearing monsters. Cheers for ideas :)

22-01-2015, 11:56
I don't usually post in threads with "little tiny pictures" because I'm too damn lazy to click through to see the big versions... but your awesome terrain has forced my hand. Great work! I love all the details.

Shas'El Tael
25-01-2015, 23:58
Really liking the tiled forest idea, was wondering how to tackle outdoors stuff for awhile. Was thinking of variations on Dungeon layouts in WHQst, but reinventing it as such certainly would be easier and treat it as a unique environment all its own. :)

27-01-2015, 00:42
Thanks, guys. Quite the compliment for the humble project. Glad it inspires, though! Maybe I will continue it with a piece or a few some time again. Been busy with a bigger building and these beer-infused bearded fellows (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?404710-Project-Dwarf-Gunnar-Kegfellow-s-Tankard-Guard)...

03-02-2015, 19:25
Yep :)

Excellent, makes me want to do some sceneries again.
You make my day :)

02-05-2015, 10:40
Hey, everyone! Although I haven't really continued the Enchanted Forest anymore, here is something pretty close to it. This is a 1/4 of a coffee table -sized Warhammer board (or just a display board on its own) I recently made. I was looking at pieces of natural bark fallen to the ground when snows melted, and I was wondering what kind of rocky terrain they would make.

So, this is supposed to be rocky tundra in the highlands somewhere. It is early winter, and winds move the fresh snows circularly around the plains.

Phase 1: Bark, sand and glue

Phase 2: Black undercoat applied by brush

Phase 3: Drybrushing rock and frozen mud

Phase 4: Applying and adminstrating snow.



Attendum: Spare Citadel Woods base painted and snowed to match the terrain

03-05-2015, 07:34
Don't get me wrong ... it is magnificent ... but if you had just included a few stepping stones. :D

05-05-2015, 22:37
Heh, I suppose I could have. :D One thing that I may still do to make this compatible with the Enchanted Forest is to include a uniting piece between the forest and the plains. Partially snow-covered rocky pass or something...

25-07-2015, 12:21
Hi Nychthemeron, was wondering how you will control movement in your tundra waste? Will the characters just move the equivalent of 4 ish squares or have you got another method? I tried a wilderness game once and the characters just took themselves through the middle of a 2 foot wide board to get to the next section, it felt like they needed some route to follow, but how do you create that in wilderness or tundra?
Love the boards by the way, they do look really good, keep it up fella :-)

25-07-2015, 13:27
Hard to believe that thing is just made up of rocks and sand... looks like a professional battle board. And the huge pics make it easy to see all the glorious detail!

How can I buy one?! :)

25-07-2015, 20:58
Hi Nychthemeron, was wondering how you will control movement in your tundra waste? Will the characters just move the equivalent of 4 ish squares or have you got another method? I tried a wilderness game once and the characters just took themselves through the middle of a 2 foot wide board to get to the next section, it felt like they needed some route to follow, but how do you create that in wilderness or tundra?
Love the boards by the way, they do look really good, keep it up fella :-)

If it was used in Quest, I think standard 4-or-so square movement would be the best. Or if one wants a more gameplayish element, perhaps 1d6 (+1 or +2 with the right class or equiptment) squares? Keep in mind this wasn't originally made for the Enchanted Forest set, but for a Warhammer or display board. Thanks for the comment!

Hard to believe that thing is just made up of rocks and sand... looks like a professional battle board. And the huge pics make it easy to see all the glorious detail!

How can I buy one?! :)

Sand and tree bark, my friend. They're dried tree bark, the cliff pieces, not rocks. Thank you for the all too kind comment. When the board is ready, it will probably be for sale, in Finland. But I have the feeling it wouldn't take international shipping too well. :D

26-07-2015, 07:27
Cheers fella, its a smashing board, looks good for whatever you use it for :-) (I need to read more carefully :-))

20-11-2015, 10:47
Being out of storage space in my current appartment, I've decided to END the Enchanted Forest project here and I'm selling it to the highest bidder. Maybe I will build a new one some day, when I have more room for stuff like this. But for now, something has to go.

If you are interested in this forest set, give me a private message. I'm unsure of how good idea it is to send such a big package overseas, but I'm happy to check the shipment prices for you.

The sold set includes 8 15x15 cm forest pieaces, 6 of them with a road, 4 river pieces, one of them with the bridge, 2 objective room pieces (rocky hill and dungeon entrance). The set comes with 3 standard Citadel Woods trees, 3 scratch-build stone piles that can be used in place of a tree, and I even include one unpainted Citadel Woods base plus a pile of unpainted leaves and branches. Two styrofoam cliffs/mountain sides you've seen in the pictures also come with it. I can e-mail you the pictures, but all can be found from this thread as well.

As the concluding thoughts of the Enchanted Forest: I felt that it was a project successfully pulled off. Forest can be made a great environment for dungeon crawl -type games, and this thematic change can bring a sense of freshness to dungeon games, even though the mechanics stay the same. While making the set, I got tons of ideas for different scenarios and rules variants.

Thanks for the support and comments to all who have posted here. See you around in other threads and plogs!

21-11-2015, 14:41
Sorry to hear this Nychthemeron your work was really great to watch grow. Wish you the best in future projects.

21-11-2015, 15:30
Sad news indeed. I really liked your outdoor whq idea and the stuff you were making

21-11-2015, 18:03
Here here a great loss to the community, I have been intrigued by your forest Quest stuff.

24-11-2015, 09:22
Thank you, everyone. And do not despair; I promise to consider forest quest 2.0 once I have more room for hobby stuffs. Don't know when that will be, though.

If someone wants to own this particular and one-of-its-kind set (despite it being a storage-space eating monster), bidding is still open with a private message! I'd hope it to see some good use in someone's shelf or gaming table.

24-11-2015, 11:35
A shame to hear you have to sell the enchanted forest, though I am sure somebody will be willing to take it over from you, because it is simply stunning! Your new board looks great too. Would work really well for Frostgrave, a game that takes up very little space and is a lot of fun to boot! :D

26-11-2015, 13:01
Way ahead of you with that thought, Daniel! Frostgrave is likely where I'm trying my hand next, and indeed by expanding that wintry board a bit. Nothing as big or complex as my Mordheim board, but a little atmospheric Frostgrave platform would be nice. I'm pretty excited about it.

And yep, guys - this forest modular is still on sale (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?415287-Terrain-Enchanted-Forest-set-%28WHQ-skirmish-games-etc-%29). Go grab it before I have to list it in e-bay!

26-11-2015, 14:09
Good! Frostgrave is making quite a splash and the more players are investing in it, the quicker we get more of the official (and absolutely FANTASTIC) miniatures! :D