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20-05-2014, 14:32
Im planning on making a Kislev themed Empire army.
Since i wasnt around when Kislev was around can you guys help me in the right direction?

Some questions:
- Demi's should be bear riders i gues? any idea on minies?
- What Knights to use?
- What footfolk to use?
- Conversion ideas for Hurricanum and Steam tank?

Thanks in advance :)

Eddie Chaos
20-05-2014, 15:23
I would convert the space wolf thunderwolves into bears, new head and lose the tail. You could look for a third party bear mini.

Some of the war machines could be replaced with ice magic stuff

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20-05-2014, 15:54
You should look for third party bear/wolves for Demis. I dont know how you buy the old Kiselv GW models but they are almost exactly like the style of army found in medieval russia and poland. There are tons of miniature sites that make minis based on historic armies and factions. you could definitely paint them up, based on warhammer bases, and call it kislev. Itd be very interesting!

Knights: Look up Winged Hussars. Polish cavalry with the feather wing thing that kislev does. If you find appropriate models theyd be perfect as Inner Circle or Reiksguard.

Greatswords: Definitely anyone who looks elite with two handed weapons.

State troops: probably (realistically) stick to swordsmen (maybe axemen or guys with morning stars/hammers) or spearmen. Realistically stick with crossbows or Archers.

You COULD use some sort of mounted cavalry as pistoliers but that would be sort of weird as your bows would be s4 and armor piercing..... maybe best to find alternate rules for that. Kislev's theme goes well with the steppe horse archer thing.

You could have a character riding a bear, too small to be a griffin, and it doesnt fly so thats weird. Maybe find old release rules for some special character that rides one or something.

I think this could look amazing but it requires almost entirely non GW models and lots of coversion. could be a lot of work but if you pull it off it would look amazing!

20-05-2014, 16:37
When Kislev was around it was a small list of allies you could attach to a handful of main armies, and was before the monstrous cavalry/giant contraption spam of current Warhammer. For example, there was only one bear-rider and that was one of the character choices, the Red Tzar Boris Ursus. Nevertheless, if you want to proxy a Kislev army...

I would convert the space wolf thunderwolves into bears, new head and lose the tail.

I'd take umbrage on behalf of all urs-kind. Reaper dire bear (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/dire%20bear/sku-down/02878): that's the biz.

AFAIK the Kislev humans were based on medieval/renaissance Polish and nearby nationalities. Can't say I know too much about the available historical miniatures; but Warlord Games' winged hussars (http://store.warlordgames.com/collections/thirty-years-war-1618-1648/products/polish-winged-hussars-boxed-set) would be a decent starting point for the search, at least for Kislev winged lancers and gryphon legion - even though they're a bit more 'advanced' than the Kislev cav.

20-05-2014, 17:25
Also note that the warlord range is 28 mm which means they match exactly to GW in size. I think those winged Hussars Look amazing!! you could do an all cav empire list with those and it would be beautiful!!!

wow.. might steal that idea.

The only thing is that GW models are slightly higher quality that those. Not by much but somewhat noticeably.

20-05-2014, 18:21
I think you could splice it there is a dwarf bear rider from mantic was it? Make that as an allied force, sort of like old imperial dwarfs.
Troops arent to hard, stick current empire weapons on kislevite minis.
For pistoliers you could go for big crossbows.
Steam tank could be covered in a giant bear fur.
Huricanum go for ice crystals.
Thats my general idea

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