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13-06-2005, 00:22
A couple of years back I saw a short 3D film of an Avatar fighting a Warlock. I belive it was on ifilm.com, but I cannot find it anymore.

Anyone seen it or know where I can download it? It was very well done and the music was great.

13-06-2005, 01:22
Damn! I remember that...Hmm chances are against you in finding it. have you tried a P2P program like KaZaa ?

13-06-2005, 12:25
I tossed it up on my site for you:

No idea how old it is, I found it some time around 2001 IIRC. It's a bit too wuxia to fit into 40k, but it's very well made.

13-06-2005, 12:34
http://www.drunkdwarves.com/pages/galrandommedia.html Go down and download '3D Dreadnought Movie'. A really cool piece of animation. Reminds of of some movie from C&C...

13-06-2005, 12:51
Anyone know why the Farseer is fighting the Avatar? Shouldn't they be allies?

Salty :)

13-06-2005, 13:13
Maybe it's a rite of passage for new warlocks? Hold your own against the avatar for at least 3 mins. If you survive, you are a warlock. :D

Hmm...sounds a little unfair! Chosen of Ulthwe meet bloody hand of khaine...


13-06-2005, 13:40
I think it's mostly a "hey, look at this cool animation we made". The backdrop isn't even in the 41:st millenium ;) Subway trains... Can you say Matrix?

13-06-2005, 14:07
Iirc the guy who made it dosn't play the game and don't know anything about the background it is just that he had seen some eldar models or atwork and like the look and was so inspired to make a movie.

13-06-2005, 15:21
Thanks Eversor and peeps....made my day :)

13-06-2005, 19:07
Anyone know why the Farseer is fighting the Avatar? Shouldn't they be allies?

Salty :)

No wonder they are dying race :p

13-06-2005, 19:28
Let it be known that AngryGrot will give his left nut for a decent ( DOW intro style ) 40k movie.

13-06-2005, 19:42
I too liked that short film. But why were thye fighting at an underground station?

Does anyone have a link to a higher quality copy of this film - it would be great to see it full screen without pixelating!

13-06-2005, 19:42
Man it's been a long time since I've seen that. Thanks for that link :D

13-06-2005, 19:50
Avatar: I expected you to be better.
Warlock: I expected you to be taller.

Well I did anyway... A very nice movie. We must track down this artist and chain him to a computer until he has completed a 40k movie. Though we'd best hunt down someone familiar with the universe to write the script...

*goes off to grab his mancatcher kit*

13-06-2005, 19:53
Now I remember when Portent started there was a link to some company that was had done some film clip of a Land Raider. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember the short clip being a taster of a film that this company was working on.

Anyone else remember or was it just a weird dream??

13-06-2005, 19:58
Weird dream just like that "blood-quest" movie.

13-06-2005, 20:06
Ahh, I remember more now - it was a Blood Angels Land Raider and the animation sort of showed the tank traversing undulating terrain. Whatever happened to this film?

13-06-2005, 21:31
I think the company went bust - or else GW pulled the plug.

13-06-2005, 23:02
The site for the Bloodquest movie is still up, at http://www.exile-films.com/, including three test videos.

As for the eldar video: perhaps craftwolds have subway trains. You know; wraithbone ones... :p

14-06-2005, 15:40
Wow I haven't seen that in forever. Didn't it come out in like 98'?

14-06-2005, 17:56
Many thanks for the link Verm1s.

Brings back memories of when Portent was alive and merely a rumour site .......

14-06-2005, 18:00
I'm still trying to decide if that's a really small avatar or a really big warlock

14-06-2005, 18:05
@ Brandir, I also recall that some of the guys at the old EldarOnline were working on something movie-like. I don't recall the link, but it can't be that hard to find...

14-06-2005, 18:09
Wasn't there some attempt to make a Druchii based film as well. Some German students if I remember correctly. I vaguely remember seeing some excellent looking stills of Druchii, but the rest is rather hazy (I'm getting old you see ...) and my grasp of German is not quite what is should be.