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23-05-2014, 18:46
Which models have your favourite feet? I quite like beastmen feet because you can leave them black, plus they look cool.

Ultimate Life Form
23-05-2014, 18:50
Skaven, because I like variety in species.

Lord Dan
23-05-2014, 18:58
I like the feet on the 6th edition Empire soldier models.

Because unlike with the current plastics, you didn't see them.

23-05-2014, 19:04
Foot of Gork ?

Ultimate Life Form
23-05-2014, 20:30
Urgh... that one's smelly!

Karak Norn Clansman
23-05-2014, 20:34
I like the feet on the 6th edition Empire soldier models.

Because unlike with the current plastics, you didn't see them.

Brilliant comment. :D

23-05-2014, 20:38
I quite like the Beastmen feet, but my favourite would be any leather boot with fur trimming.

23-05-2014, 21:12
The Giant's feet, you can see that his nails are unkept, you can choose how many toes he has on each foot, just as with the rest of the pack there is just so much variation.

23-05-2014, 22:46
I like... Elf feet.

(Now there's an obscure reference!)

23-05-2014, 23:52
Do any models in Fantasy rival Lilith Hesperax for the full on feet in your face (not literally, though I'm sure some out there regret this) experience?

24-05-2014, 00:07
This thread isn't nearly as kinky as I thought it would be.

On Topic: Squigg feet are pretty cool looking.

24-05-2014, 03:05
I came here thinking you just misspelled feat, and i was go on a hear some cool stories.

But i guess the empire griphon has some nice feet

24-05-2014, 06:27
I like the wardancer LE model that's flipping over her spear. great sense of movement with 2 of the 3 of those guys.

24-05-2014, 08:24
I thought it was some kind of typo, but you really want to know our favourite feet, huh...
Well, I am with Lord Dan.

24-05-2014, 09:28
Witch Elves hands down (or should we say feet!) for core rank & file models - then that Lilieth (or whatever the name is) from Dark Eldar in 40k.

I've also been a big fan of how they sculpt Giant's feet, Squig feet (as someone else mentioned), and Goblin feet!

24-05-2014, 18:16
This is possibly one of the strangest threads I have ever seen.

24-05-2014, 18:47
I like the great unlean one's feet.

Disposable Hero
24-05-2014, 20:48
Feet? Uhm...

Have no clue, will work for food.

26-05-2014, 16:16
Is the OP quintin tarantino?

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26-05-2014, 16:27
Any model that isn't standing on a rock that won't snap from its slotta-base since the move to Finecast. ie - Not Isabella Von Carstein.