View Full Version : Immortals or Deathmarks

Shadow Reaper
24-05-2014, 14:20
I like both on paper but never used either. I bought a box and am leaning towards the immortals with Tesla cannons.
Would like to hear some opinions from u guys.

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24-05-2014, 14:28
Immortals are a sound choice, I use the gauss as I like the flexibility it offers able to damage flesh and mech equally, tesla is a very good weapon though for clearing infantry every 6 giving another 2 potential kills isn't to be sniffed at after all the best way to kill high save troops is forcing them to make lots of rolls.

I've never used deathmarks but I've heard good things about them they just didn't fit what I was going for.

Shadow Reaper
24-05-2014, 14:48
Good point about the gauss weapons, I figure with the amount of warriors I'm running I got the mech part covered (could be wrong though) so was looking for more infantry/battlesuit killiness, lol

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24-05-2014, 14:53
Well 7th hasn't impacted warriors ability to strip hull points so you have no worries there.

24-05-2014, 17:34
Given the changes to vehicles in 7th, I'd strongly lean towards the Gauss.

I'm sure Deathmarks can be good; but mine mostly show up, do nothing and die over the next turn or two.