View Full Version : What is your fav GW set Chapter?

18-06-2006, 21:05
There are many chapters within the space marines. i was starting to think that there must be a number one favourite chapter within the warhammer universe. tell me your favourite and why!

(p.s please don't be Ultramarines!!!)

18-06-2006, 21:10
Where the hell are space wolves?

18-06-2006, 21:16
yeah dude youre missing space wolves. not too late to start over though...
ALSO: I meant to press blood angels (daunte is the man), i hit imp. fists. Take this into account when calculating.
ALSO: why not ultramarines?

18-06-2006, 21:18
I would love to vote UM, but I voted fists. Mainly because I'm using my Fists army at the moment.

Blue is not so fashionable at the moment around my way.

18-06-2006, 21:25
Sorry about missing good old space wolves(if u like them please just vote other).the reason i don't like the ultramarines is that they are to common. have looked properly at the codex! it should be called codex Ultramarine and not codex space marines. most of the art work is ultramarines and there are sections which are only dedicated to ultramarines. no other chapter actualy have there on pages(let alone page) in the book

18-06-2006, 21:26
Ultramarines are dead sexy!

18-06-2006, 21:45
Remember 2nd edition? We magnanamously gave a few of the other chapters their own pictures. Why, th eImperial Fists even got a whole two pages!

18-06-2006, 21:54
Whats wrong with Raven Guard?(currently no votes)Shrike is probaly one of the coolest models in the entire 40k universe!!(currently converting him into an assault marine sergent)

18-06-2006, 21:54
Imperial fists have an unlikely scenario, along with raven guard/wing (forgot name) and, again, magneuscalgar of the ultramarines. I keep thinking the same thing when I see the phrase "The tau put up a good fight, but in the end the Raven Guard were unstoppable"

18-06-2006, 22:07
Space Wolves....without a shade of a doubt!

Why...because they're the only Chapter that has a sense of humour about them. Plus the Wolves appeal to my battle strategy of 'CHARGE!'

18-06-2006, 22:11
Blue is not so fashionable at the moment around my way.

You gotta explain this one.

Johnny Bravo
18-06-2006, 22:18
Dark Angels, all the way. Realistically, the Black Templars are more my style since they're closer to my true love, the Ordo Hereticus, but there's just something incredibly cool about the whole Inner Circle/secrets-within-secrets aspect of the Dark Angels.

18-06-2006, 22:47
Blood Angels all the way. Come on vampires, crazy death obsessed loonies, blood. Whats not to love...


18-06-2006, 23:36
Voting for Blood Ravens myself. The only GW chapter I've ever been tempted to do.

18-06-2006, 23:55
Whats wrong with Raven Guard?(currently no votes)Shrike is probaly one of the coolest models in the entire 40k universe!!(currently converting him into an assault marine sergent)

Uhm...Questionable theory.

Anyway, I voted for Blood Angels, just for the gay old days they gave little sigur when he started ("What, red Space Marines on the box cover? They are SO cool!!! And Blood Angels is really cool name too."). And still, I like the historical/mythic figure of Sanguinius much.

19-06-2006, 06:15
:) Dark Angels all the way you cannot knock them because some of their chapter fell to chaos and the are currently raging a vicious war against them and they are secretive who doesnt love well kept secrets?:)

Grand Warlord
19-06-2006, 06:17
Dark Angels ... Xhalax ... care for an honor duel sometime?

19-06-2006, 06:19
I voted other, I'm a Salamander guy. Cuz they're green and don't wear dresses.

19-06-2006, 06:30
black templars are my favorite set chapter

19-06-2006, 07:00
Blood Angels!
They have everything you could ever want/need. Vampires! Angels! Genetically engineered super soldiers! Assault cannon Predators!

Luna de hierro
19-06-2006, 07:42
What about the Space wolves???

You just entered in my black list... :p

19-06-2006, 07:45
where are the iron hands....you should have put all first founding chapters in the poll....

19-06-2006, 07:46
Oh, come on. Anyone that takes lil doggies to battle shouldn't be allowed to be taken as a favorite chapter. Cruelty to animals!!

19-06-2006, 07:53
Voting for Blood Ravens myself. The only GW chapter I've ever been tempted to do.

Except they're not a GW chapter, they're a Relic chapter and only added to the 4th ed SM codex due to being in DoW.

Myself I chose Other due to my choice of the Relictors, after that would naturally be the iron hands.

19-06-2006, 08:08
are there rules for the relictors? They've always seemed cool, but not as cool as super-angelic-vampires-with-assault-cannons.

19-06-2006, 08:12
Yeap there be rules. To find out more info feel free to pop over to www.relictors.com and check things out.
Basically they're noble warriors sacrificing their integrity to use chaos against itself.

19-06-2006, 08:14
I'm going with Dark Angels, the embodiment of the warrior monk side of the Astartes. When I think of Space Marines in 40K, that heavy, brooding feel is what comes to mind first. Plus they have probably the closest ties to the Horus Heresy, the defining event in 40K history. I think the shame the Dark Angels feel should to an extend be present in all Chapters, seeing as all Space Marines were brothers.

That said, I like the flavour of the old Blood Angels too, that whole tragic beauty thing they had going. I think the bloodlust and vampirism became too prominent though and made the Chapter feel rather bland.

19-06-2006, 09:17
Today is a Dark Angels day...I have difficulties picking between Space Wolves and Dark Angels. So it goes from day to day.

I agree there should have been the original founding Loyalist chapters and then "other" in the list...

19-06-2006, 10:54
Hmm, I like the Blood Ravens.

19-06-2006, 10:57
Altough I find the rules of the 4. ed. incarnation of the Raven Guard stupid, I voted for them. Two things: black armour AND raven as chapter symbol.

Altough I own an Ultramarine army, think about making 13. co or SW, and wait for the release of the DA codex.

Btw: The Shrike model isn't that good. But that's personal taste. As almost everything.

19-06-2006, 11:00
Imperial Fist all the way.

19-06-2006, 11:10
Voted UltraMarines for one reason.

Years ago GW painted up the entire Chapter, and last I saw (2000 Winter Open Day at Nottingham) they still have the entire Chapter painted and on display.

OK it was a bit heavy on the Land Raiders (20 for the first company), and Rhinos (seventy or so). It was also short on RazorBacks, Vindicators, Whirlwinds, Rapiers, and Tarantulas (three of each); Dreadnoughts (6 for the chapter); and other items.

It was the closest GW has come to representing an entire Chapter, better than the Chapter Organizational charts.

The boyz
19-06-2006, 11:21
My favourite Chapter has to be Blood Angels, I just really like their fluff and they where my first ever 40K army I ever collected. I am also a big fan of the Imperial Fists, mainly because I just like look of them though.

19-06-2006, 12:04
Fists, of the Crimson variety.

19-06-2006, 12:31
Blood Angels, Then Space Wolves

Grand Master Raziel
19-06-2006, 13:41
Well, I voted for the Raven Guard. Their 3rd ed. incarnation was much cooler than their Traitified 4th ed incarnation, but the background material is really cool. Personally, I think they could have been a popular chapter if GW had ever published their rules in a publication that stayed on the shelves. It really got my goat when they didn't make it into one of the Index Astartes books but the Black Templars did, and you could still find Codex Armageddon on the store shelves.

Anyhow, second favorite: Dark Angels.

19-06-2006, 14:31
I voted Blood Angels, in remembrance of the good old days when they were not just imperial berserkers...

19-06-2006, 15:56
Salamanders, how could anyone play anything else? :p

19-06-2006, 16:03
I think my favs might still be Space Wolves. There are so many cool though, I also like the Black Templars and the Blood Angels..