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20-06-2006, 09:06
im looking for the rules for the Arch Lector of Sigmar.

Can they only be found in WD or are there online rules also?

21-06-2006, 11:09
Hey, i wasnt sure myself but i found this....


Q. Where can I find the rules for the Lord level character, the Arch-
Lector of Sigmar?

A. In White Dwarf Magazine.
S. White Dwarf Magazine (US March 2005 Issue #302)/ UK April 2005
Issue #304)

21-06-2006, 15:49
Too bad. I'd have liked to find the rules online too. I hate looking for my WD's with the right stuff when I need it.

23-06-2006, 08:42
So do i - i'm considering, after strict orders from my Gf, cutting all the bits out and making a scrap-book.

23-06-2006, 08:44
Jedi152, I would rather recommend making photocopies of the appropriate pages and sticking those into a folder, rather than cutting up the poor magazines.

23-06-2006, 08:47
I thought so too, or scanning them and putting them all on a disc, but the orders i got from Michelle were something along the lines of "cut the bits you want out of those magazine and throw the rest in the bin - or i will!".


23-06-2006, 08:58
"cut the bits you want out of those magazine and throw the rest in the bin"

Now, I am aware that there have been some major issues with the quality of content in WD lately, but that goes a bit too far. :rolleyes: