View Full Version : Whatever happened to scouts on bikes

20-06-2006, 12:28
Probably means nothing as usual but You cannot order scout bike squadrons on the uk online store any more. Also having tried to order them from and independant online retailer, they cannot order them from GW as part of their stock order either. Now okay I realise that nobody uses or buys said figures as a general rule but it seems intruiging none the less

Bit miffed too. The first time I want any in 8 years since thier creation and I cant get them. I only wanted them for arbites bikers. POOT!!!

I can only hope that they are going to replace them with some lantern jawed plastic version in say... 2012

20-06-2006, 14:04
It's because (as far as I know) they're equipped with options that you can't use, i.e the shotguns. The codex doesn't allow them to have them.

20-06-2006, 14:05
They're timed for a release with the fabled "steppes of death" expansion, due out in Summer 20XX.
Also due out around that time are the vaunted Codex: Exodites and the now legendary plastic Squiggoth Kit (modular of course).

20-06-2006, 14:06
cant you phone them up and mail order them?

20-06-2006, 14:15
it might have something to do with the DA release, perhaps plastic scout bikers will be released then.

20-06-2006, 14:18
The new Scouts with Sniper Rifles boxed set used the same part code as the Scout Bikers boxed set. Perhaps a mistake, or perhaps they're re-releasing the Scout Bikers.

I'm guessing it's a mistake.

Captain Brown
20-06-2006, 16:43
Just moving the Thread over to General Discussion rather than rumours.


20-06-2006, 23:29
I wasn't aware that they are off of my retail order form, but then again, I haven't sold a box of scout bikes in something like 2 years, and this is at a store that sells about 150 tactical squads a year. If their popularity at my shop is mirrored in the rest of the world, then it's good they are gone. If you still need them, im sure that you can order them as bits from mailorder/special order catalogs at the GW stores, and some independent retailers.

The Emperor
20-06-2006, 23:50
I'm gonna get some, eventually, as I'm fond of the Scouts special rule that they gave them. Although I'm gonna have to bitz order a couple of the chainsword arms from GW, as that's the only arm that's even remotely legal for them to have, anymore (Yeah, they can't have a chainsword, either, but it's just one close combat weapon, and doesn't affect their fighting capability in the slightest).

26-06-2006, 10:03
It never worried me that they were equipped illegally. I love the models, and they work well in the game.

All the components are still available.

26-06-2006, 11:43
my friend gave me the scout biker bodies and arms so might have to use em as neophyte bikers (im a black templar player), guess i can't use the shotgun arm though?

26-06-2006, 12:57
Just checked the GW CDN mail order site. Their still there. Maybe its a glich in the UK system?