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Dawn of the Dogs
20-06-2006, 16:22
so. my local GW just got an overhaul, and that means a bigger store and more gaming tables, plus, i got a greenlight from the manager for bloodbowl and i need some ideas/suggestions/assistance.

im going to be using MDF as the material for the board, and im thinking of making it 3 pieces in total. that is, one piece for the field, and 2 seperate pieces for the turn/reroll markers and dugouts.

but here are a few things im missing.

1. dimensions. what do you think would be a good size for the field. since movement is measured in squares, that wont be an issue. but i want to make this look good and attract players. at the moment, im thinking 3 x 3cm sqaures.

2. making a grassy field. i want to use the grass flock for the field, but i also want the lines drawn on the field as well (in black). any ideas on how i could achieve this?

thats all i can think of for now for the board.

as for the league, does anyone have any ideas on how i can attract more players? at the moment, we have a potential player number of 4. me, another regualar and 2 staffers. alot of the other customers never played BB before, so what could i do to encourage them to join?

feedback = good!

time wizard
20-06-2006, 18:33
Try this link;


See what you think. HTH!

21-06-2006, 08:59
on the squares wont affect things front, be sure to check out the passing ruler, cos that will have to be scaled up/down accordingly (not that GW bothered with the new pitch. play on the old 3 part astrogranite ones, you get an extra square or so out of your long bomb :P)

i've seen pins nailed into the board at the corner of each squares, with white paint along the wide zones, end zones,etc. they also static grassed the whole board(quite thinly though). i've also seen a crazy board before, which was metal, folded into its own case, and had magnetic turn/score counters, and 3d dugouts. was very impressive!

21-06-2006, 09:14
You want to get a pitch, measure out the squares and range rulers etc, and use those dimensions - it shouldn't be too hard.

Dawn of the Dogs
22-06-2006, 08:28
thanks for the input. and yes, the passing strip will need to be scaled accordingly.

and thank you for the link time wizard, it was most helpful.